Play Pac-Man With A Portal Gun And Never Get Trapped By Blinky And Clyde Again

In Pac-Man if you were trapped by two ghosts, all you could do was jiggle the joystick and hope the pattern backed one off at the last minute. In PacMan Portal, you can just fire at the wall, slip through, and get back to chompin'.

Created by Russian programmer Dj_smart, the game was updated about a month ago and is available for free at this link. It works only on Windows machines (sorry, Mac gamers), but testimonials say PacMan Portal pulls off the concept very well. Keyboard arrows move Pac, the mouse aims his portal gun, and the two mouse buttons select whether he fires red or blue.

Freeware Game Pick: PacMan Portal (Dj_smart) [IndieGames]


    Music is terrabad, as are the sound effects. Cool idea, but the twisting map and the inability to shoot portals anywhere make it more of a novelty than a decent game.

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