PlayStation Plus Comes To Vita

Sony just announced at its TGS press conference that PlayStation Plus will also be coming to the Vita, at no extra cost to existing users. It'll be out in November.

The service will work similarly to how it operates on the PS3, with Vita owners able to play free games and get discounts. It'll cost $US18/€15 for 30 day's subscription, or $US50/€50 for 12 months.


    Woah woah woah...
    wait a minute...

    Does this mean i need to have TWO subscriptions?!?!?

      No extra cost apparently.

        Sorry yeah, i skim read over the intro as they usually don't have much substance. haha.
        The second paragraph makes it sound like it's seperate.

        Teach me not to read things through properly

    Well it says "no extra cost to existing users", so I'd read that to mean that if you already have PS+ for your PS3 then you don't need an extra subscription to use it on your Vita. Assuming you use the same account on your Vita that you do on your PS3, that is.

    im curious to see what they will offer for free. The vita doesn't exactly have a huge catalogue of games yet unlike ps3.

    perhaps it will be psp or psone games for free, which dont excite me as much as they dont have trophies LOL

    This entices me to get one a bit more now. Just need the mem cards to not be a huge expense on top of the unit for me to finally jump.
    Vita is worth the money but add a decent mem card and you end up having spent ALOT.

    Don't they already give plus subscribers free stuff? I could have sworn a friend of mine got some free early access to a game at launch because he was plus. Also could have sworn I've seen the plus logo before while on the Vita PSN page? How's this different?

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