Potaku And The Lame Game Marathon

Three brave souls, in just under a weeks time, will enter the sacred arena of lame games and for 24 hours, will subject their minds and bodies to help those who truly need it. Are their bodies ready? We discuss to find out.

Welcome to Episode 13 of Potaku! If you haven’t gathered, we’re talking about the upcoming Lame Game Marathon with DanMazkin and Puppylicks! Klutar was too busy preparing himself...we think. We talk about why they’ve gone for round 2, where you can donate (HERE!) and some of the best and worst lame games.

We have LittleBigPlanet 2 for PS3 this week as the community playdate at 8:30PM EST this Tuesday. Grab patches, updates and PSN ID’s.

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    Ummm...I forgot
    to post the link. HERE IT IS INSTEAD. http://www.lamegamemarathon.com/

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