Potaku: Go West! (Or East Depending On Your Preferences)

An epic battle, endlessly fought. Two combatants enter the ring...and a bunch of guys spent their Friday discussing which side is truly the best or worst something or other. WE DISCUSS GAMES OK.

Welcome to Potaku! On this episode we have East vs West, Eastern Game Development against Western Game Development, talking about what we love, hate and the problems of these two different styles. This time around we have NegativeZero and the Barry White of the Kotaku Community, Effluvium Boy.

We have one community playdate this week, for all things, the Wii! This Tuesday at 8:30PM we’re gonna play some goddamn Mario Kart Wii. Friend Codes are required, so trade and share and prepare the blue shells of war.

If you got any feedback, suggestions, ideas or anything else, don’t hesitate to email or tweet us!

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Thanks for listening! Don’t forget to watch the ski!



    Trolled within the first 60 seconds, must be a new record for ya Doc :D

      IT WAS SO QUIET ON MY PC! I'mma just make it super quiet in episode 13 :/

        Haha man I thought you were seriously trolling, just after you say you'll make the music quieter it kicks in and then the volume RAMPS RIGHT UP.
        I must admit , it made me laugh.

        Unintentional troll is successful?

    Man, Potaku 11 is gonna have some mad hits. Shame no one will listen to Potaku 12 :P

    Nicely done! Listened to it on the weekend! Only criticism would be wildly varied lengths between episodes, otherwise keep on keepin' on.

    I listened to the last one and enjoyed it, so I'll be listening every week from now on :) Feel free to go back to talking about Zelda though every week for 5 hours :P

      I'm pretty sure we would have NO problem doing this.

    I should dust off Mario Kart for Tuesday, I guess.

      Make sure you sign in early to download any updates. Oh wait!

      I'm looking forward to it as well. :D Great episode, guys.

    I dont think there is enough facial hair on Potaku. You should do an all bearded episode.

      Came pretty close with Zelda?
      Doc, Shiggy and Mawt have respectable growths. Maybe Sughly went unshaven for a while too.

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