Potaku... It's BACK

I think this video adequately expresses everyone’s reaction to our glorious return.

Welcome to Season 2 of Potaku! It’s been a good break with a lot of brainstorming, dicking around and making sure we come back bigger, better and beardier than before!

On this episode we’re talking all things Zelda, with 4 dudes that love the crap out of the series. Out guests this week are the delivery man Sughly and the coolest dude I haven’t met and should have met and everyone else has met him, Mawt!

Now we don’t have any community playdates lined up this week, because I want feedback on the matter! We also want to hear or see any feedback, ideas, suggestions, naked pictures*, love letters, injunctions, paternity results due to ear love and the like from you all!

We’ve also had two eps in our time off as well, so if you haven’t had a listen to those, go back and get ready to have your ears sexed up by some smooth voices.

Send an email or contact either myself or Doc What on Twitter! Also don’t forget to follow the Official Potaku Twitter too!

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You can listen to the show on either Podbean or iTunes! Don’t forget to rate, subscribe and share! Every bit helps and is very much appreciated!

Again, welcome back to Potaku, we’re glad to be back and ready to fun. We have a kick ass season full of awesome ideas and we hope you can join us for the ride! *Shiggy accepts any and all naked pictures.


    I liked the part where they talked about Zelda. Blink and you'll miss it, though. :P

    Jeez all you guys do is talking about Nintendo.

    Nintendo this, Nintendo that. My god guys.

      We'd start our own Nintendo site, but after seeing some OTHER Nintendo site, we didn't want to completely overshadow it.

        Other Nintendo site? You mean Nintendo.co.jp? Buncha amateurs.

    Great Podcast as usual guys! But there was a distinct lack of conversation about Majora's Mask!

      I guess it's neither loved nor hated by the four of us.
      I was waiting for someone else to bring it up and no-one did; I thought it was interesting that out of four very distinctly different Zelda fans, none of us mentioned it in anything more than passing (Doc liked the music).

      I think MM is a great game, albiet a little overrated. The Groundhog Day mechanic is unique, and I think it worked as intended for the most part, so I'd really like to see it in some other adventure/rpg/action games.

      I wonder if in some Bizzaro universe Majora's Mask was released first and Ocarina of Time was released as a follow up to the smash hit, just how the games would be perceived differently.

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