President Obama Returns To Madden—Through In-Game Advertising

President Obama may not be in Madden NFL 13's Super Bowl celebration ceremony but that doesn't mean POTUS can't buy his way back into the game. Ads for his re-election campaign are popping up in the game's multiplayer menu, but only in targeted states.

Ohio, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa, New Hampshire and Virginia are the battlegrounds getting hit with the political messaging, which means my home state of North Carolina, unlike 2008, isn't seen by that campaign to be in play. Four years ago, Obama's campaign hit Burnout Paradise and Need For Speed with in-game billboards targeted to voters in N.C., plus Ohio, Florida, Iowa, Colorado, Indiana, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada and Wisconsin.

AdWeek reports that Madden isn't the only EA game where Obama has bought ad space, though it didn't name any others. GamePolitics asked EA if it was accepting ad buys from any other campaign, and a company spokesman said the publisher was for "credible political candidates, similar to a TV, radio or online channel."

Obama Taps Video Games for Early Voting [AdWeek via GamePolitics]


    And now there is conclusive evidence that the government owns EA. No wonder Bioware games are no longer Bioware games.

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