PS2 Killzone Will Get HD Upgrade For PS3

Sony will release a boxed set of all three console Killzone games on October 23 for $US40, the company revealed today, saying the first one, which was made for the PlayStation 2, will be getting a 720p upgrade.

This is just the latest in PS3 bundles. Previously, Sony has sold God of War, Ratchet & Clank, Team Ico, Sly Cooper and Jak and Daxter collections, bringing a whole lot of PS2 and even some PSP games to PS3 on disc (and for download). Most of these games are not playable on Sony's current console which dropped back-compatibility support several models ago.

The up-rezzed original Killzone will also be sold as a standalone game, according to the series' official Twitter feed. It will include Trophies.

Killzone Trilogy joins PlayStation Collection on October 23rd [PlayStation Blog]


    I've been secretly hoping they'd remake the original Killzone using the absolutely delicious Killzone 2/3 engine. But I guess an HD remaster is the next best thing. That really was a very underrated game. I enjoyed the demo but didn't buy the game because so many people bagged it when it came out. I eventually bought it when it was going cheap and ended up loving it. Loved the heavy, chunky feel of it all. And the idea of being able to play as 3 different characters with each taking slightly varying routes through the game was a good one that sadly got dropped from the sequels.

    Oar Some

    Never got to play Killzone (I was the guy who didn't have a PS2) so I'll be getting this baby for sure.

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