R18+ Legislation Now Passed In NSW

Now that legislation has been passed at a federal level, it's now up to the individual states and territories to pass their own individual legislation in order to bring an R18+ classification for video games into being. ACT was the first to the post, but it looks as though NSW has just passed their own legislation last night.

This decision comes in the wake of the finalised guidelines, released late last week.

At this stage it's simply a case of waiting for the remaining states and territories to pass their own legislation, but each Attorney-General has committed to passing said legislation before the end of the year, in order to make an adult classification for video games a reality early in the new year.

We're in contact, with NSW Attorney-General Greg Smith and should have some sort of statement from him soon.

New R18+ rating for computer games [SMH]


    no it hasnt, dont lie

    By R18+ are we referring to rebranded M15 version 2.0?

      It won't fix everything but the R18+ rating means we won't get crap like the whole Left 4 Dead 2 incident anymore.
      The funny thing is it doesn't make a huge difference anymore, with importing games often significantly cheaper anyway. It does level the playing field for Aussie retailers though.

      All good!

        Wasn't the whole reason that Left 4 Dead 2 got banned was because you could shoot zombie police? Not due to extreme gore and whatnot?

          It got banned because you could cut arms etc off and the bodies would stay on the ground. so they removed half of the blood and made the bodies disappear and that version passed. Funny thing was L4D original was just as bad and it was passed.

    Do we have any idea where the other states are at with their own legislation?

    I hope QLD one will get it done soon. I just hope they write the legislation up since its Liberal Party and not Labor. Since Labor was the one that supported the classification and Liberal prob gonna be slow about it and want to know more details before deciding.

    Problem is if they dont support or do anething then QLD will be left out and that will be dissapointing for Gamers in QLD...

    Thank god this is almost over. i'm so sick of hearing about this R18+ shit.

    Don't hold your breath for QLD. Can Do Campbell is too busy sacking everyone and building casinos

      Im sorry but when you have $72billion of debt which is unsustainable at QLDs revenue something has to be done. You guys are not even at AAA credit rating level in terms of Net financial liabilities to revenue ratio. Your interest expense per year is something like 2 billion which would otherwise be going into services. If he didnt cut services QLD would be stuffed.
      I'm from NSW so i have nothing invested in the political parties there. Sorry to get all political but the truth is the truth.

        Not to get all political either but..

        If they can have Mortal Kombat 9, then we fucking deserve it too

    It's already been agreed to. It's going ahead. Simple as that.

    Under the new rules, how would bioshock rate? Would it now be considered R

    This has been a long time in the pipeline and will hopefully allow more mature videogame content focused towards adults to get released. I wonder what will be the first Australian title to bear the R18+ label?

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