Rayman Jungle Run Brings New Lush Cartooniness To Mobile In September

The visuals for last year's Rayman Origins were a feast for the eyes. Its soundtrack was super-awesome, too. Who could play something that fun, that pretty, that sonically inspired and not want more. Not me, dammit. So I'm excited that the limbless wonder will headlining an all-new mobile game that looks exactly like Origins.

Out in two weeks, Rayman Jungle Run looks like a classic side-scrolling platformer. Like Origins and upcoming Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends, Jungle Run is built on the UbiArt framework that lets drawings become in-game assets. Gonna be pretty, I bet. Look for it on the iTunes App Store and Google Play on September 20.


    Boom! Loved origins. I will definitely be purchasing this.


    It looks like it'll be like the treasure chest levels! Hopefully that'll mean only a jump button so there's no janky directional controls.

    Aw Yiss

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