Reddit Reader Finds The One EB In Australia That's Not Having A Sale

If you've been to any EB in Australia, you know the drill: every single square metre of the store is drenched in posters, a red sea of fonts screaming SALE SALE SALE. You have to dip your head underneath the posters just to get through the bloody door, before ruffling through enormous bargain bins in a vain attempt to find the game you're after. If you're lucky, in one tiny shelf tucked in the corner you might be find new releases, next to three shelves of empty boxes for games that aren't coming out until November — PRE-ORDER NOW! This is the EB shopping experience — but this particular store is different. Believe it or not, this EB is not having a sale.

I know, crazy right. Australian Redditor Andrew was so blown away that he had to post a pic of the place just so others wouldn't point and laugh when he said that, yes, people — I have found the last EB in Australia that isn't having a sale...

I can't imagine how Andrew must have felt when he stumbled upon this rare artifact of a retail age long past. It must have been like Indiana Jones staring at the Ark of the Covenant for the first time, or Howard Carter when he first found the steps to the tomb of Tutankhamun. It's incredible, I know. And nigh on impossible to believe, but it exists. It is real.

And this image is completely going off on Reddit. Over 100 comments and counting. You should go and check it out.


    This guy may have just gotten a particular EB Games manager fired.

      Yep, it's great how these people don't give a second thought to the fact some poor bastard making a shit arse wage who is potentially overworked is gonna get fired over this.

      Though he could also just be a lazy sob, there are plenty of those running stores too.

        Oh, I just realised that this is a nothing article anyway, EB isn't even in any of their major sales atm, so the store is setup exactly like every other store would be...I guess that means that at least no one is gonna get in shi.

    That looks like TTP. They'ev done the same at Elizabeth, taken down the banners and put all the scratch card stuff up. It seems like it's moving at least statewide.

      That's not ttp, it may be the one in the Southern Cross arcade in town though... assuming it is in South Australia at all.

    My local EB currently doesn't have any sale stuff up either. Bit of a worry. Consipracy time for big push for Wii U starting shortly? ;)

    I really don't like the idea of posting photos of shopping mall stores.

    One worker is in shot - and like Dan Mazkin mentions - maybe the manager is to fault here
    Plus the shoppers faces are in shot (including a child). What about peoples privacy?

      OMFG - Close down the internet! Ban all cameras! Make people wear bags over there heads for privacy!

      considering its public space, I'd say their privacy means dick.

        Shopping centres, being privately owned, are not actually public spaces. So no, their privacy does not mean dick...

          Privately owned but still a public space as far as my understanding goes. If somewhere is open to and used by the public then it's considered a public space even if it's privately owned. Otherwise I could run though a shopping center naked and take a big dump in the food court and not be arrested for public indecency.

            You should do that.

            You should do that.

            Just to let you know, Gorzilla, you're wrong on both counts. There's no such thing as a "public space" - only private property to which there is a 'general acceptance of public entry' - which can be withdrawn to any person, for any reason at any time - and you can be done for public indecency in any location where you don't have a "reasonable expectation of privacy".

      Nobody gives a damn who those people are, nobody cares who the workers are and nobody cares where the store is.

      Tell us how and why you think there's been an intrusion of privacy here, please.

        Hardy, if this is shot inside a shopping mall, which it most likely is, then it is not a public space. It's a common misconception, but shopping malls/centres (when inside the building or owned land) are private property.

      Is this the first time you've seen a candid shot of something on the internet before?

      None of these people are identifiable, they're just random people in a random place. You don't even know where it is.

      LMFAO, I really hope this was a troll

      Oh f*** off! Really!
      Youre being a wanker!

        Oh, and that was for Tom and his whole "oh noes privacy, waaa" comment.

    Hate to spoil everyone's fun, but the table at the front is actually a "2 for $44" table.

    The front table actually has "2 for $44" sale items on it. :P

    I like to imagine those people in the photo are part of a growing crowd who have come to stare in awe at the EB that's not having a sale.

    There is a sale going on there. See the posters hainging from the roof, thats their sale. Every month bar October there is a sale at EB.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      Get over it? I've never been to an EB that doesn't have 100 sale signs on the entrance alone, anytime of the year.
      At the mid year sale they just put more sale sings up, fyi.

      "If he room 2 seconds to stop fapping over his own self proclaimed greatness"


        Sometimes I wish Kotaku had an "upvote" system.

          There have been a literal shit pile of times I have wanted to upvote a comment.

        This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

          Nah honestly man, I can take it. Comes with the territory. I just thought this was a little ridiculous. I don't think I overuse commas though -- but I definitely overuse m-dashes!

          As for not reviewing games -- I think I've gone over that enough times. I have my reasons for that and it's nothing to do with not understanding games or not wanting to write about them.

            I'm instiling my own upvote system.
            +1 for you.

            They're actually called em-dashes.

          This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

            Never understand the folks who feel the need to post this kind of hate. Plenty of other sites on the web that might suit you better. Please go and find one of those.

            " I thought this was a news website not personal blog"


            I don't see anything here even alluding to Kotaku being a news site. Not to mention 90% of the articles here have opinions or some humorous quip so I don't know where you are getting your impressions from. Sorry if I sound like a “butthurt fanboy” but I actually like Kotaku as it is. Mark is definitely my favourite games writer across the board. I really don’t understand how anyone can hate on the guy, he comes across as extremely personable, inoffensive and his articles are charismatic.

              oh i guess the header to the article which clearly states "News" must have thrown me. my bad.

              How can Mark be one of your favourite games journalist? Go back through his articles and re-think that comment.

              jour·nal·ist /ˈjərnl-ist/Noun: A person who writes for newspapers or magazines or prepares news to be broadcast on radio or television.

            Literally no one but you is responsible for clicking a link. You're not forced to read everything.

        You kick his puppy, Mark?

        I hope you've learned your lesson!

      Horse poo makes great fertiliser. Are you saying Kotaku is like mind fertiliser? :P

      I'm afraid I have to give your post a D-. You lost a lot of points for overuse of and overly long ellipses, and your grammar and sentence structure are just awful. On the upside, your spelling is excellent, and for that you may have first pick from the toybox right after nap time.

      Wow... Tim with another shining comment. If he room 2 seconds to stop fapping over his self proclaimed commenting, he would realise that Serrels writes a lot of in depth articles, as well as editing Kotaku AU, with some filler in between...... I remember when Tim's comments used to be good. Now it's just a serve of this biased horse poo mixed with angry comments about Mark, with a side of angry at angry ex EB employees. Seriously, get over it.....

        I used to come here just to read Tim's hard hitting journalism, you know the stuff he used to do 'back in the day' but now all Tim does is complain about Kotaku. How the mighty have fallen.

      Maybe you should START fapping (more than you do now) as clearly you have some built up angst. Let it out bro! let loose the dribble from something other than your key board!
      ...but only if can "room 2 seconds to stop"

      I never get why Mark of all people gets the hate sometimes.

        Everyone gets hate, and it's stupid. They're just doing their job, if you don't like the website then leave. Every single article isn't going to be massive, and some will be better than others. People like Tim are dumb.

      I wish I could room 2 seconds to stop fapping over myself

      A shinning example?

      "You've got the Shinning."
      "You mean "Shining"."
      "Shh! You want us to get sued!?"

      New term coined: "Shinning"
      Definition: Not in depth but pretty amusing. Not everyone will get it.

      Congrats on your shinning journalism, Mark!

        I think if Mark could room 2 seconds, he might be nominated for an (irreverent) award, like the Wonkley award for Personal Blog and Jizzing.

        For what it's worth, it seems that quite a few people have outed themselves as EB employees. If Tim, George and EddardStark can leave their store numbers in this thread that would make it much easier to contact your AM's so they can discuss the online behaviour and social network expectations as explained in the terms of your employment.

      This sounds like the usual shit out of the mouth of bad EB Games employees. You know, the brain washed, corporate solider ones.

      So most of them.

        Why do people think that anyone criticising this article is an EB Games employee? Wouldn't it be the other way around? It's free advertising for them. I work for an ISP by the way.

    I find EB sales to be racist towards the tall. I can't see you product up here chocking on plastic like a sea turtle!

    Im by the. Newsagent below max brenner near the ticket stands ATM.

      Rofl. That was Kent to be a text

        I'm looking but I can't see you anywhere!

    I agree with CJ!
    The goddamn 'overhead' advertising really reinforces their target audience/market - little kids. I have to bend down to navigate the bloody store, then the tables are about the height of my ballsack, overall it feels like I'm visiting a kindergarten. I am also by the newsagent below max brenner near the ticket stands.

      I find the use of the terms "kindergarten" and "my ballsack" in conjunction with your name somewhat... disturbing.

        made my day

    I don't understand how this is actually an article? EBgames has two big sales a year one mid year and one at the end of the year, that's when they are told to go crazy with sales plastic. But every month they have a different sale, which is not as big and isn't supposed to be spastic plastic. If you walk to any eb store they should be all set up mostly the same...

    This isn't journalism, this is advertising. Aren't there laws against this kind of thing?

    What is this? This is how EB Games stores have looked for weeks, at least around my area.. Am I missing something?

    I apologize for giving this another view.

    This article offends me because it is about EB, which offends me.

      Hear Hear!

    EB isn't having a sale now. Every EB looks like this.

    Fail article is fail. EB stores are only drenched in plastic twice a year. Mid year sale and Christmas. The rest of the year they look like this photo. So much senseless hate on EB on this website.

      My EBs are drenched in plastic at least eight months of the year. Could be two four-month stretches for each of the sales you mentioned, I haven't really tried to figure it out.

      I don't hate EB (except their prices), but they do use a lot of very bright SALE plastic.

    Sorry to burst that bubble people....
    If you could zoom in, enhance, zoom in then change angle on that front table, you'll see it has games with a round black sticker saying "2 for $44"
    It is Eb's 2 for $44 dollar sale on selected games.

    I stopped shopping at EB because of that annoying screaming guy with the really uneducated sounding accent that SCREAMS about their promotions, getting trapped within their white plastic sheets, and the fact that every single new release game that isn't an empty box is priced $20-40 more than my local JB HiFi

    Screw eb, their second hand games cost more than the same game brand new from jb!!

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