Release The IPhone 5 And We'll Sue You, Warns Chinese Company

Um. OK. Deep breath. The folks behind the Goophone i5, the Android-powered iPhone 5 clone, are threatening to sue Apple if the California-based tech giant releases the iPhone 5 and if it looks like the Goophone i5. Or something.

This is probably a publicity stunt — one with a mind boggling YouTube video. The reason why Goophone says they can sue Apple is that their product was released before the iPhone 5, and if the iPhone 5 looks like the Goophone, then Apple is copying it. Try to follow that logic vapor trail. I dare you.

Goophone i5 Vows To Sue Apple if the Next iPhone Releases in China [MIC]

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    well done contributing to and aiding their publicity stunt

      LOL. "It's probably just a publicity stunt... so here's some free publicity!"

        this should be the other way around
        (apple suing goophone)

    I can see this happaning. I mean, Apple is sueing Samsung over CORRNERS. So, anything is posuble.

      No no, corners and scroll bumping...... 1. BILLION. DOLLARS!

    Iphone5 was out later, but what about Iphone4...?

      exactly, obvious publicity stunt is obvious

    Not sure if serious or just really stupid...

    I dunno about anyone else... but I want one of these GOD MACHINEs...

    lol Wouldnt Apple just sue them now for a design that is similar to the iPhone 4? They dont even need to wait until the iPhone 5 comes out; it looks like an iPhone 4.

    You know what...I drew an i-Phone/i-pad that looks a lot like all these i-phones and i-pads back in the early 90s when I got my mac Plus and realized the future was obviously something like a mac tablet with little iconography you could interact with by touch (given I had just done some work experience out of high-school with a water sample company who had a touchscreen PC by Hewlett Packard.

    I own all the IP on this if I see anything other than a boxy tabletop PC or Toshiba laptop i'm gonna sue.

      Good luck with that. Make sure to let us all know how that goes wont you

    This viral campaign is absolutely appalling. If anything, it leaves HK and the rest of China looking pathetic.

    Well, my days of not taking China seriously are certainly coming to a middle.

    I really wish I could get hold of one of those phones.

    gonna be so many butthurt apple fanboys

    If you can't sue China for all the copies they make, then they can't do the same outwards. The whole "outside of jurisdiction" thing works both ways.

    I dont think this is a stunt considering China's past.

    And if it is a stunt then Apple wont care at all since the Goophone I5 has copied the Iphone 4.

    And If they do sue apple then they are in for a heck of a fight.

    For starters Apple can ask for all profits from the Goophone I5 since it has copied the iPhone 4 from top to bottom with a few minor differences.
    They will sue apple but Apple will win and will rip the Goophone company to shreds.

    These big companies like Apple are getting sik of these poor bastards trying to cash in on others success so i dont think apple will settle this one outta court. Not to mention Goophone company having to pay all the legal fees for apple aswell which could actually end up being lots and lots of money.

    But it could be a publicity stunt so will have to wait and see.

    I hope they do it :D

      and win!

        As much as I would like to see this happen, it will never work. Two different countries, different laws, can't sue.

    lol nice try china, seems like they built a phone to ressemble the leaked iphone 5 pictures in hope that if it does look the same they can sue apple, the only problem is that the iphones all look similar so I don't think they'll win, even in china.

    best (worst?) that can happen is the iphone 5 can't be sold in China. And looking at China's history with copyright I'd say they might just get it

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