Report: Ace Attorney 5 Is Coming To The West

No objections here. The folks at Pocket Gamer say Capcom has told them Ace Attorney 5, recently confirmed by Famitsu as a 3DS release starring Phoenix Wright himself, is indeed getting an English release.

Pocket Gamer is a British site, of course, and there's no confirmation that "West" necessarily means U.S. But if the upcoming lawyer sim is getting an English translation, chances are we'll see it here too.


    Now how about that there Prof Layton crossover?

    Here's hoping that "the West" does indeed mean the UK region, because the region locking means we won't be able to import it otherwise.

      Yeah, I'm still not getting excited until a local PAL release is announced. Also gimme dat Layton vs. Phoenix game!

    I still want that second Edgeworth game...

      Yes. I am in the same boat as you

    Party! Now translate investigations 2, and i will marry Capcom.

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