Report: G4 As We Know It Is As Good As Gone

According to a report on Variety, G4 — one of the only TV stations in the world with a "geek" mandate — will be "rebranded" early next year, resulting in a change of focus and possibly a change of name as well.

In other words, it'll be an almost entirely new/different channel.

NBCU, the station's owners, are reportedly looking at turning it into a TV version of GQ, ditching the nerd focus in favour of something more "modern male".

Beginning in 2002 as a purely video game-oriented channel, G4 slowly evolved into a more general "young male tech/geek/game" site, with its most popular shows at the moment being Attack of the Show! - which in recent years lost both its popular hosts, Kevin Pereira and Olivia Munn - and American Ninja Warrior.

There's no details on just what a "modern male" rebranding would entail, but I'd bet you could expect a lot more coverage of micro-breweries, indie bands, expensive loafers and designer laptop bags.

NBCU eyes upscale makeover for G4 [Variety]


    Can't imagine too many Aussies know about this channel.

    My favourite channel in the US! I get to watch it when I stay at my (wife's) Grandparents' house while visiting. (It's NM, what else am I going to do??)

      apprently now adays its just endless reruns of Cops and Cheaters until attack of the show comes on

        :( That makes me sad, I really liked the idea of a "Geek Channel", and was hoping it would come out to Aus at some point too.

      You can watch Attack of the Show and X-Play on Fuel TV out of all channels..

        Seems like an odd choice to put it on Fuel, although I don't mind the women in bikinis popping up in the corner every now and then, pointing out what channel I am watching.

    Oh no! My favourite show on TV is Attack of the Show! and I watch it almost religiously. Although it has lost a lot when Kevin Pereira left at end of May 2012. The only reason I subscribe to Foxtel Sports is so that I can get FuelTV to watch AOTS. It will be sad to see it go next year.

    meh...i stopped visiting that site when Adam Sessler got kicked out. Soapbox was the only decent thing on there, sometimes the feedback podcast but thats gone too.

    It all went downhill when they canned TechTv. Biggest mistake there. Screensavers and Call for Help were the best shows on there. Big fan of AOTS so just a shame to see it go.


    I dunno about the ratings of AOTS now that Kevin's gone but hasn't it always been their most popular show on the channel? I don't necessarily think that means AOTS is going.

    Plus I thought the modern man was just a geek :P

    It was a pretty weak channel, yeah it had some good thing but it's like they lost touch with the main viewer base. Seriously if I owned a channel ever man and his dog would be watching it. I know what people want to watch.

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