Resident Evil 6 Has Broken Street Date

Resident Evil 6 was supposed to be released on October 2 — this coming Tuesday — but it looks as though EB Games has started selling the game early.

On its Facebook page EB Games has informed customers they can come and pick up the copy now in-store.

We're used to games breaking street date a day or two ahead of time, but this is pretty massive. Resident Evil 6 is due for release in four days.

Ah well, if you've pre-ordered the game, or feel like picking up a copy, you can head to the store now.


    Capcom be pissed. 2/10 was a worldwide date.

      ...and also the score i'm giving the demo. I think Capcom want this on the street before the reviews start rolling in, because if the demo is anything to go by, RE6 will be getting some pretty tough reviews.

        well actually from the very few reviews released so far they've been fairly positive. The lowest score so far is 80/100 so that isn't too bad, of course it's only about 6 reviews but so far good.

    Somewhere else already broke street date but Capcom cracked down on it.
    I doubt they will on this. EB seems to just be following the lead.

    Any reason why they broke street date?

      because they want more cash as there the only ones selling it they get all the cash for the next 4 days

        Anyone with stock will sell it now too. Eg JB is already selling it.

        Eb wouldnt be selling it without Capcom's permission. They are a very good relationship with publishers and they wouldnt want to ruin that.

          That's not really how street date breaks work.

            your point? im just telling you from my experience working at EB they wouldnt be selling it unless Capcom gave them permission to sell it. EB are very strict on street dates and all staff are always aware of a games street date and don't sell it unless an email comes through from head office giving them permission, and head office isn't going to give permission without talking to Capcom.

              I second that. Breaking an EB street date is a big ballz NO NO.

                Called an EB in Sydney CBD when I was scouting for a store and they said they were told they could as the hold was lifted. So there's the possibility that call came from higher up within either EB or Capcom.

          Just bought it from JB HiFi for $79.

            At the store level it has nothing to do with staff. Most likely Sonera hapless employee at Big W or something sold it without any idea of what a "street date" is. EB wouldn't be selling it without express permission from Capcom.

    I haven't received a message either but its only 7:45am in Perth so none of the EBs are open yet :(

    Also WHYYYYYY! I just got DOA5, and borderlands 2, and Guild Wars 2 and Pandaria /o\ too many games! D:

      Tell me about it - I'm in the middle of Borderlands 2 and Torchlight 2 right now.

      At least this is a different type of game entirely, so you can switch it up based on your mood

        So you'd say Torchlight 2 is a massive improvement over part 1 and a definite must buy?

    JB also!

    "come and pick up the copy now" - the copy? Huh

    Anyone know of a decent price going anywhere?

    I see JB is $79, but the extra merc maps are no longer available.

      Hey mang, most JB stores received extra copies of the Merc DLC so give your local a call and they will still most likely have some spare :D

    Any reviews of this floating about yet? Wasn't really sold on the demo

      Famitsu gave it 39/40 :P

        They ranked RE5 around that score too, and that game was shit.

          It's hip to hate on RE5 but I found it really entertaining. It was only annoying on the hardest difficulty (Pro).

    In all honestly, I think this is actually a good move if this was a decision by the local CAPCOM arm, whilst the original release date was bound around other countries, etc.

    It's school holidays and heading into a long weekend, perfect gaming weekend ahead and now CAPCOM don't miss out!

    I'd bet a million dollars Capcom did not authorise this

      Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if Capcom tipped the wink to EB, fully aware that this was a long weekend in school holidays: ideal shopping environment that they wanted to be involved in.

        Sounds like they would be competing with Borderlands 2, Fifa 13 and DOA 5 sounds like a pretty risky shopping enviroment?

          The Resident Evil name is still very big in the gaming savannah, despite the game evolving as much as it has.

          Of the list you mentioned, I'd only have FIFA in front of it in terms of sales, Borderlands has come along way and might edge in front by the end of this cycle, but RE is still massive. DOA will be DOA but just a whole other meaning! ;)

      EB Games are very strict about what and when they break street date. They will not do it without the permission of the vendor. That's what happened with Borderlands 2. A bunch of people got their hands on the game early, but because the vendors would not give permission to sell early, the rest of us had to wait.

    Why can't OZGS ever break street date lol

    I can confirm JB are selling it now for $79.00

    I tried the demo and enjoyed Leon's campaign but the others not so much, so I might wait for this to go in the bargain pile.

    BAH JB Armadale dont have stock yet!
    JB you've done it again!

    Still not worth the $88. I'm going to wait for the chrsitmas specials. It'll be half price within 3 months.

    All the Eb's around me are telling people that the street date has not broken. The two JB's around me are not selling yet.

    I have a feeling the wife wants this but I honestly have not been hyped. Maybe I'll go play my copy of RE5 I never got around to and see if it triggers anything.

      RE5 is really dissapointing. Too slow, unbalanced and shit compared to RE4. Hopefully 6 is different.

    Does anyone know if this game can use the Move controller on PS3? Google won't tell me.

      Supposedly not... maybe the "Gold Edition" might in the future.

    Stevorooni, RE6 is not compatible with the Move.

    I think this was Capcom's as at JB we were told yesterday to have it prepared for a possible early break. Sure enough first thing this morning HO told us to SELL IT NOW!! $79 and most stores have extras of the MERC maps DLC :D

      Capcom's move**

    yeah id like to know as well, i have re5 gold with move but it was poorly implimented.

    Guys in case yo uare unaware. Capcom is not setup in Australia. There is a third party distributor here. They would not have the rights to shit all over a worldwide release date that Capcom set just to get some cheap easy sales. It just wouldn't happen.

      Well, someone clearly caved because the street date broke. If EB are hardarses and Capcom are hardarses, there aren't too many suspects left... :P

      Finally someone knows what they are talking about... To everyone thinking Capcom distributed the game here, it was a third party. And not THQ as with some previous titles. All Interactive has the rights to the game in Aus, and as such no street date was attached to the product. Now go play!

    Glad I read this before I headed into Perth CBD for a a meeting, had time to go via JB after the meeting. Picked mine up from the underground JB at about 1030.
    Glad stock had reached Perth, as it has happened before on early street breaks that East Coasters can buy the item, but WA is still waiting for the stock to arrive.

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