Resident Evil's Theme Park Attraction Looks Surprisingly Awesome

This Friday, Universal Studios Japan will be overrun with zombies. The dead with walk the Earth, and Resident Evil will come to life.

Universal Studios is once again teaming with Capcom (previously the two did a live-sized Monster Hunter attraction) for "Halloween Horror Night". Until November 11, the theme park will turn into Resident Evil at night. So, the Terminator 2 Cyberdyne Systems building becomes the Umbrella Corporation and a walk through attraction, while the New York City area doubles as Raccoon City, thanks to some fancy projection mapping.

Those brave enough to participate can try to navigate their way through — which is overrun with zombies and the T-virus!

Besides the zombies and creatures, there will even be actors playing RE characters such as Jill Valentine and Clare Redfield.

Check out the event, including the amazing projection mapping, in the gallery above.


    Looks good, the Terminator ride was getting old.

    Jill and Clare will be played by men? An interesting choice.

    The theme park is probably full of Quick Time Events

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