Rez Creator Leaves Games Development

Sad news for fans of games like Rez, Lumines and Space Channel: Q Entertainments Tetsuya Mizuguchi (pictured) has stepped away from active game development.

Seems since the release of Child of Eden in 2011, he's been pursuing studies, and while he's still employed at the studio he helped found, Q's entertainment director Nobuhiko Shimizu says, "he's now more of a spokesperson".

Shame! After getting his big break on the Sega Rally series, he's spent the last decade or so pioneering music video games, while also getting heavily involved in his musical side-project Genki Rockets.

No word on when he'll be back, if he'll be back at all, but here's hoping he's not away too long. The move won't affect Q, by the way, who will keep on churning out games in his absence.

Mizuguchi moves away from game production [Eurogamer]


    What the... I was just at the game masters interview and I don't remember him saying anything like this.

    Yeah I was at the same interview, and he didn't give any indication he was going anywhere soon.

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