Rumour: Zelda For The Wii U In 2014

This is an interesting report — Wii U Daily apparently has an inside source leaking information regarding Zelda on the Wii U. This source is claiming the game will most likely be released in 2014, and that a test Forest dungeon was bigger than the Hyrule Field in Ocarina of Time.

According to Wii U Daily, this source has been correct about other specifics before.

Apparently Zelda on the Wii U will be the biggest project Nintendo has ever worked on, with Director Eiji Aonuma assembling a massive team to complete the task. Some dungeons are said to be so large in scale they'll be split into three parts, and "take hours to complete".

Utilising the new Wii U gamepad is also a massive priority and it will maintain a similar art style to Skyward Sword.

Interesting story — keen to see how many of these details turn out to be correct. For now I'm remaining sceptical.

Wii U Zelda coming in 2014, will be biggest Zelda game ever [Wii U Daily]

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    I hope it has proper controls and not frustrating motion crap. Wanted to like Skyward Sword so much but the controls and constant hand-holding really made that hard.

      Why couldn't there have been a choice to remove the hand holding or was it to ingrained into the game too deep to just simply remove?

        It was baked into the design a lot of the time. Kept wanting to stop you and tell you what do do which was very frustrating if you'd ever played a game before, let alone a Zelda.

        Also had some extremely annoying gameplay elements aside from the motion controls, such as a stamina bar which appears right over Link and obstructs your vision, and its only function was to stop you running everywhere (Link moves way too slow normally) and to make you hurry when climbing walls (when you want to take your time).

        there really wasnt that much handholding...this is seriously a dumb complaint that ive seen in alot of places for some reason. Yes Fi will occasionally speak to you, but only in the VERY beginning. And it gives you the OPTION to get hints from her if you get stuck, from what I remember it does not pop up automatically or anything..

      It'll no doubt be geared towards a tablet / motion control setup, that's why the last truly great Zelda game is still Wind Waker.

        I thought Twilight Princess was pretty great.
        As was Skyward sword.
        And Phantom Hourglass.
        And Spirit Tracks.
        All a bit different in their own way, which is how I like my games to be.

    This, plus a Gamefreak Pokemon game would be enough to convince me to buy the Wii U.

      I'm still amazed they haven't made a big full 3d pokemon RPG in the same vein as the handheld games (unless there was one and I just didn't notice).

      Surely it'd be a giant cash cow they could keep beating (as people like I would keep handing them money for it).

        I know it's still baffles me that this has not been given the go ahead. It would be amazying and the online multiplayer battle potential would be great.

      There will be. :) POKEMON RUMBLE U. :D

        Not done by Gamefreak though... So it's one of those generic spinoff games... I've looked at the gameplay videos, it looks pretty craptastic.

    'For now I’m remaining sceptical.'

    Hahaha youre such a liar, stop kidding yourself XD

      Secretly, Mark is giggling with excitement.

    A Zelda game on a nintendo console...... i don't believe it. Good to know it's in the pipeline though. Finally we'll be getting a HD zelda!

    As I'm planning on getting a Wii U, and having never played a Zelda game on console before, I hope this news is true. I will say though, from the videos I've seen of it, I really disliked Skyward Sword's art style. Maybe it looks better when you're actually playing the game, but from the videos I've seen it always looked a bit off to me. I thought Zelda especially looked odd.

      Skyward Sword's art direction and visuals were stunning. You really need to see it in motion for yourself. On the Dolphin emulator at 2560x 1440 it's breathtaking.

        Or alternatively buy a wii and the game instead of ripping the bios and game image off. THEN use dolphin.

      Well the more important part of this is the 2014 date I guess, cos you'd think it would be later. But of course it could still be pushed back, even if the rumor is true..

    A forest dungeon bigger than Hyrule field... that would get really annoying if you forgot a key on the other side of the map.

      Hyrule field in Ocarina of Time. If you remember OoT and look back on it, the Hyrule field honestly wasn't THAT big. It was only a fraction the size of Twilight Princess's Hyrule field.

        Yeah, at the time it felt massive. But you're right -- not that big. Big for a dungeon though!

          Really? Having just played Ocarina on 3DS the entirety of Hyrule field seems right about the size of an average dungeon in any one of the newer Zelda games.. Remember each dungeons have alot of rooms, and rooms are sometimes pretty big (especially in twilight princess)

          Big for a dungeon, sure. Though I do remember some dungeons in Skyward Sword and Twilight Princess in particular being pretty darn big...especially the ones with 3-4 or more floors to them.

          I think it also helps that these days Link moves a little quicker than he did back then too (Skyward Sword even had a run button) so traversing large distances isn't so brutal.

    I think the biggest question is...will it have voice acting?


      I haven't played every Zelda game but as far as I know, there are no "real" Zelda games that have voice acting...You know the ones I'm talking about

        One of the biggest criticisms about Skyward Sword was that there was no voice acting in it. Is it time for Zelda games to actually have voice acting instead of just text bubbles? That's the question.

          I keep getting baffled by this demand. Why is that such a necessary thing? Why it's absence is apparently bad enough to count as a big point against the quality of a game? it's ridiculous. Are going to start demanding that our books read us aloud their words?

          Who gives half a shit about VA? It's an unnecessary lottery that half the times will get you a super-annoying/bored voice actor that will make you grit your teeth in hatred every time the character opens its pie hole.

            Hey, mate. You do realise that people will actually speak HYLIAN in the new Zelda Wii U, right? Well, guess what? Link MIGHT be getting voice acting, but not actual English, just his naive language. :)

    You usually can't proceed that far if you don't have a key you need....except Water Temple...

    Holy sh it. This is big. I wish I could have a play with that test dungeon right now.

    $10 says it will be delayed to 2015.

    Hopefully Miyamoto keeps his hands off this next game and so that he doesn't butcher Eiji Aonuma's vision like he did with Twilight Princess.
    But really, the Zelda franchise has been stale for the last decade. There are much better games on PS3 and PC. Well and truly over the same Zelda experience.

    I love Zelda, but launching this 18 months after the console is awful. That's assuming this doesn't slip.

      Um. There are 5 years between Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. Launching this by 2014 is a couple years earlier than I was expecting to begin with, I wouldn't complain.

    I wish the art style will be like the Zelda demo they showed demonstrating the Wii U's graphical potential.

    This will hurt console sales if true. 18 months for a 1st part title after release? Come on...people are sick of Mario, and there has been no mention of a new Metroid. Zelda was THE flagship title shown in the demos early on....I call shenanigans on the rumour.

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