Some of you guys got close — Arky and Batguy were almost there — but Friday's Scribbletaku was actually The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap on the GBA. A pretty interesting little Zelda game that a lot of people have forgotten.

Today's ScribbleTaku comes from Unicron! Have at it my ScribbleTaku brethren!

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game on a sticky note, and it’s your job to guess what it is! Come back every day at noon for a new ScribbleTaku! Feel like sending one in? Shoot me an email here.



    Looks a lot like Xevious to me, but there are a lot of vertical scrolling shooters to choose from.

    DANG IT!!! Im sorta playing Minish Cap at the moment.... I blame the artist! Its not me dang it!

      Finish it if you get the chance, its a rather good zelda game, regardless of the minish cap itself, and tinkle....

    Hmm. I've played plenty of games that that could be. I've got a nagging feeling that I've played one with a ship that looked just like that, but let's go with Tyrian 2000 for a start.

      Ooh. Xevious. That's what I was thinking of...

        Although on closer inspection that's not a perfect match. Might be it, might not.


    It's not any of the one's mentioned. Not quite a main stream shooter but was at quite a few of the arcades i frequented as a young punk meddling kid.

    It had a cool combo system in the gameplay that i thought set it apart from the rest at that time.

      I thought it was the one where your ship had extra bits attaching to the main ship as you passed/entered numbered bays through the levels. I cannot for the life of me remember the name though.

    Shoot em up construction kit on c64?

    Ah, found what I was thinking... not sure if it is right but I'll say Terra Cresta.

      I'm glad you remembered the name, was bugging me after you mentioned power-up bays.
      Looks close, but can't remember if it had a combo system.

        I think it's right, the combo system is the way you can use the extra ship parts either in combined or in separate forms, to give different weapon properties. Definitely one of the arcade games I used to have fun with.

          Very, very close.

            Ah, it's Ufo Robo Dangar.

              props to DrCurlytek

    I will say Action Fighter, because it was the first Sega game I ever played.

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