I think I have the blueprint to fool most of you ScribbleTaku regulars: pick the most obscure Spectrum game I can imagine, and watch you all squirm! It's a bit unfair, considering the Spectrum was never really that popular here in Australia, but still — desperate times!

Yesterday's game was Jocky Wilson's Compendium of Darts, on the Spectrum 48k. Oh man, I loved that game!

Today's ScribbleTaku comes from Benjamin Bonnici! Good luck folks!

ScribbleTaku is Kotaku’s newest lunchtime game. We give ourselves 30 seconds to draw an old game on a sticky note, and it’s your job to guess what it is! Come back every day at noon for a new ScribbleTaku! Feel like sending one in? Shoot me an email here.


    You didn't fool me, I worked out yesterday's eventually.

    And just to put you back in your place, today's is Berserk.

      Haha two minutes is better than one! Good work crotchdot.

        Nice old school choice.

        It normally would have taken me a lot longer to remember what that was but I actually typed "Berserk" into an image search engine just this morning cause I'm seeing the Berserk animated film this weekend and wanted a picture of it to send to a friend. That little guy was among the images.

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