See Knuckles The Echidna's Collected Comics Adventures Right Here

Sure, Sega's blue mascot has had a long run of comics of his own from Archie Comics. But his frenemy Knuckles saw action on his own too, with exploits that unfurled an oddly touching interpretation of the animal-verse. A new collection of Knuckles comics hits stores next week. Here's a first look at the continued story of Sonic's rival.

Official description follows:


The epic adventure of Sonic's original "friendly nemesis" continues in the next exciting instalment of the Knuckles Archives series! Knuckles and the Chaotix find themselves divided across the world! Knuckles is summoned by the mysterious Athair to help the weary Lost Tribe finish their age-old exodus. But when the Days of Fury threaten to tear Mobius apart, can Knuckles save them all? Collecting Knuckles the Echidna #10-15!

Script & Art: Various

Cover: Patrick "SPAZ" Spaziante


    Yeah, I've had to toss out all my old Sonic, and Knuckles comics that were basically being eaten by rats. This will be a purchase of mine. Loved the Knuckles comics.

    I have every single Knuckles comic sitting in a box in my room. Was devastated when it ended just after issue 25, was far better written then sonic.

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