Seven Years Later, Deadly Plague Returns To World Of Warcraft

Late last night, reports WoW Insider, Death Knights in World of Warcraft contracted a bug which allowed them to cast plagues upon friendly targets. The afflicted death knights, as per their namesake, went apeshit with this newfound power, laying waste to Azeroth's population in a way not seen since the infamous "Corrupted Blood" plague — which celebrated its seventh anniversary on Thursday.

The Death Knight bug was patched out very early this morning, WoW Insider said, but what makes it different is the fact this plague couldn't spread by itself. It required action by the knights themselves. It still was the worst epidemic seen since Corrupted Blood, a 2005 incident later studied by epidemiologists.

Here's an image from the outbreak, via WoW Insider; there are four more at the link.

Death knight plague epidemic strikes Azeroth [WoW Insider]


    Mages and locks could also do this, so yeah good to see journo's checking all relevant facts, like the 24hr suspensions people got for doing this as well.

    Eugh, so many deadshits in Orgrimmar doing it last night thinking it's "hilarious" not funny when you're trying to post auctions or just do something quick.

    Wow dude. Im so glad you stopped by to vent your "expertise" at these scrub journalists. How dare they talk about a bug affecting death knights by referring to death knights. What a bunch of noobs for not realising locks and mages could do the same thing.

    And the 24 hr suspension people received is completely pertinent to the story of the bug about a disease. It isnt you showing off your mad skills as well. I'm impressed you managed to post this from in the game.

    The game is 8 years old , Death Knights came out in the Lich King Expansion.
    Death Knights were not in the game 7 years ago.

    The Corrupted Blood Plague refers to a debuff from the original Zul'Gurub instance. A hunter would let their pet become infected, then recall/dismiss the pet before the plague ran out. The infected pet was then called in a friendly city where the plague infected (and killed) huge numbers of low level characters.

      Nobody said that the Corrupted Blood plague had anything to do with Death Knights, so I don't know why you felt the need to point that out. Maybe read the article next time.

        It's implied at least in the title - the use of the word "returns" implies that the "deadly plague" in question is the same as the Corrupted Blood event.

        Maybe I should have also pointed out that the "zombie event" in 2008 was actually a much deadlier plague - eventually infecting most NPCs in major cities and rendering the game unplayable for many.

    Why would they ban people for this, considering they themselves brought in the Great Zombie Plague of '08, in the lead up to a previous expansion??

    Why don't they just do perma-death, so WoW players can get back to RL.

      I guess they should perma-ban everyone on Kotaku to get them back to real life, as well? Glad you're not in control of things.

    Pity I wasn't around for it. I play a DK and would laughed heartily as I applied plagues left right and centre. :D

    I did this multiple times to quite a lot of lowbies, never received said 24 hour ban.

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