Sifl & Olly Triumphantly Return, Review Fake Video Games

Back in 1999 I was surfing through cable channels in the middle of the night and ran across a show on MTV with a cast entirely made up of sock puppets. I fell in love instantly. I recorded every episode on VHS tape, and played them until VHS was no longer a going thing. And now they are back, and they are reviewing video games, sort of.

My mother used to speak with me using sock puppets on a daily basis — perhaps that's why I love The Sifl and Olly Show so much. Musicians Liam Lynch and Matt Crocco created the show, which ran for two seasons on MTV. A third was recorded, but never shown, though clips have appeared in episodes of Lynch's podcast, Lynchland.

But that's not important right now. What's important is that Sifl is back. Olly is back. Precious Roy is back, suckers! And be greatest sock puppet of them all, Chester, is back.

Somebody get me a VHS tape.


    Wow, haven't seen Sifl & Olly in far too long. Still hilarious though.

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