Simogo's Last Games Were Cute As Heck, But This One Looks Scary As Hell

The last thing I was expecting from the creators behind cutesy platformer Bumpy Road and funky rhythm/stealth hybrid Beat Sneak Bandit was a gothic scare-fest. But it sure looks like that what their next game is going to be.

Due out next year from indie dev studio Simogo, Year Walk is a first-person iOS game takes on an ancient Swedish tradition where people went out for long walks to find out These vision quests often had specific prerequisites — like not seeing light for at least one day before year-walking or not eating for a day before. From the looks of this teaser, players will get the crap scared out of them by hollow-eyed girl characters and possibly talk to frightening but well-dressed horse-headed abominations. I don't know. Maybe. And there will be goats, too. And human fetuses? Whatever the game plays like, it looks like a marked departure from Simogo's previous efforts. Good for them and probably great for players. I'm going to watch the trailer 30 more times and then lie down for some lunchtime nightmares.


    "where people went out for long walks to find out" please finish this sentence, I am interested. find out how that sentence ends, I'd wager.

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