Some Of The Best Battlefield 3 Kills Of 2012

EA runs a competition called Only in Battlefield 3, which looks to collect the year's best Battlefield 3 videos and see which one is the coolest/most impressive/most insane.

This year's 10 finalists are up for voting on the game's site, and yeah, some of them just blow the mind.

Not as much as this thought though: these are the best movies, kills and moves captured on camera. How many countless better kills and moves were pulled off while nobody else was looking?

Only in Battlefield 3 [EA]


    This one has to be my favourite of all time for BF3

      Nah this is the best

    How about a mapping competition EA? Something of benefit instead of YouTube videos which people crank out anyway.

    that top one is brilliant. Tip to chopper pilots, don't fly too close to the ground.

      Shooting down helicopter with a tank? happens all the time. I thought the 2nd one was more interesting.

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