Someone Has Already Hit Level 90 In World Of Warcraft

Wow. That didn't take long. World of Warcraft expansion Mists of Pandaria isn't even out yet for most people, but already it looks like we've got someone breaking through to hit the game's new ceiling of Level 90.

According to data-mining site Guildox, that someone is FS, from Ravencrest-EU, whose Night Elf Druid is showing, as you can see above in a cap from, Level 90.

FS [, via Guildox & WoW Insider]


    and i thought i had no life

      well i don't but still.

        Wouldn't this imply the opposite? Guy who does something it takes most people a few weeks to do = more efficient? Assuming the actual played time is less, which at what, a day? is surely the case?

      Well, if they play like this every day, sure. However, a lot of players do a sort of holiday event with new expansions - they'll play like mad for the first couple of days, then dial it back to normal(few hours or so). I recall reading(back late BC/early WotLK) that what happens in a lot of the top raiding guilds is a mad race at the start of a raid patch, then once they're done (24-48 hours), they hardly play at all - working out to about 3 hours a week on average, over the course of the patch.

      Hardly 'no life' if you think about things in context.

    Isn't it only 10 more levels...?

      Must be your new hero.

      only 5. Would not take long to do. But still... WTF?

    Ye but tons for exp say 10000000000

    They appear as level 87 now (5:17pm AEST).

    Proven to be an exploit. Farmed the same enemy non stop. Hope he enjoys his ban.

    Level 79, one toon. here FTW lol. I was thinking of getting back into wow to get level 80 and maybe further but seeing that made me realise why i quit.

    And this is why i play GW2, Not to rush but to ENJOY the content...

      Bit slow. Usually GW2 comes up within the first 5 posts. Pick up your game!

        that's because we're too busy playing GW2

    The person has already been rolled back for exploiting and Blizz hotfixed the spawn.

    There's nothing wrong with people who plan and play faster than others. Like raiders who tweak every bit if gear and parse all the possible gear, they are just putting real effort into their hobbies. That's admirable if they have balance and apply that work ethic to their lives.

    broken game is borken

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