Someone's Already Trying To Sell A Wii U On EBay. For $900.

Remember when the Wii came out? What were those things going for on the grey market, like $US700 or something? Actually, yeah — Fahey did this analysis after the 2006 holidays and found the price, for a pre-order listing on eBay, spiked at $US707, almost three times its MSRP. (That's not counting this jackhole, trying to sell one plus a PS3 for six grand. God, those were dumb days.)

Well, anyway, as preorders are now being taken for its successor, Wii U, and retailers are one-by-one selling out the deluxe-o model, speculators are already on eBay trying to recapture that magic from six years ago. This guy's offering his preorder for $US900, which is only two-and-a-half times the MSRP of $US349. You won't get it day of release, of course, because he's got to pick it up and mail it to you all the way from Alabama. But hey, since he listed it at $US900, it qualifies for 18 months financing with Bill Me Later, so there's that.

Nintendo Wii U 32GB Deluxe Set (Pre-Order) - Release Date: 11/18/12 [eBay via NeoGAF.]


    Are people really that stupid?

      You would seriously be amazed dude...

        Yeah well people have payed $250 for digital items in diablo 3, they do exist.

      Not stupid, Greedy.

        ... or people with a lot of disposable income.

    Then the winner of the ebay auction should put it in another auction.

    Once he buys it from the guy who is buying it from the shop, you can buy it from him.

      It shall become the most expensive Wii U never played.

      However, even though ebay hasnt instituted this yet. When they were selling preorders for the original wii and ps3 the seller had to have at least 10 reviews and 100% feedback. Not to mention you needed to post the original reciept.

    I'll buy them both. To support idiots, so one day america can have an ex wrestler for a president and can try to water their crops with sports drink

      lol .. what a great movie

        But like all his movies, they begin to become stale two thirds the way through the movie...

    New Nintendo hardware sells out everytime, and this is moving faster than anyone suspected, plus numbers were short to start with due to the complicated nature of the gamepad... it'll be sold out in Australia midweek at best... never underestimate the power of NIntendo fanboys (and girls)

    There's going to be someone idiotic enough to buy it without trying to pre-order it from the hundreds of stores where he/she/it lives. Why would you buy it on launch and not down the road with a price drop and some -quality- AAA titles are released?

    Parents trying to buy little Johnny or Jenny a new Wii U for christmas won't have a clue about Pre-ordering and when the stores are out, some jerk on E-Bay is all that will be left.

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