Sony Didn't Drop The Price Of The PS3 So As Not To Upset You

Usually, when a new form factor existing video game hardware debuts, there's a corresponding change in the asking price. But the upcoming re-design of the PlayStation 3 seem to buck that trend, with the 250 GB bundle announced this week set to go for $US270. Prices on older models — a 160 GB version starts at $US250 and a 320 GB sibling at $US300 — aren't moving either. Sony's explanation says that consumers don't want a price change. Say what?

In an interview with Engadget, Sony exec John Koller cites that consumer feedback as the reason they're holding fast on the MSRPs for the PS3:

"There's no price drop formally, but the thing that's been happening in the market over the last year or so is that there's been so many retail price promotions, and so many different gift card offers and all those things, being done by all of us (Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony), that we've heard from our consumer, 'Enough with all these weird price moves. What we really want is content and games and value.'"

Ok, which one of you guys said that they didn't want any kind of "weird price moves"? Raise your hand. No? No one? That's what we thought.

Sony explains missing PlayStation 3 price drop on old models, EU exclusivity of Flash memory version [Engadget]


    One of most stupid things i have seen an exec say. Who were their data pool to arrive at the conclusion of price moves are bad? 99 genetically cloned Kevin Butlers demanding more moniez?

    Honestly, this is maybe what happens when there are enough loudmouths on the internet that anything and everything is complained about, loudly, visibly.

    I think they're going with the idea that people are more likely to 'upgrade' if the new version is more expensive than the old version.

    Why do you journalists listen to such dickheads like is this truth?

    The exec at Sony want to make MONEY. He doesn't want the consumers to get the best deal, he wants more MONEY.

    True story.

    My bets this came from sales survay. People who are already buying something don't care about the price once they've decided it can be afforded. Rather once they have it they say they want more content and etc.

    He's a fucking liar.

    Smaller and cheaper to produce hardware that they can sell at the same price will give them a big profit margin on the sku.

    What a load of crap. how does

    "price promotions, and so many different gift card offers and all those things"

    even translate into not wanting a cheaper price. It sounds like they are sick of promotions at all (doubtful), then it's the gimmicky ones that they are frustrated with where you aren't getting a straight up discount.

    ^You chums really that easy to 'buy' into the hate? C'mon it doesn't take even half a brain to see this:

    12gb PS3 new slim- $298
    160gb PS3 Old slim - $348

    You telling me you can't get a 160gb HDD yourself for under $50, let alone a 320gb one? Now I don't give 2 tosses about even buying one of these myself, but the lack of independent thinking into even seeing that the new slim is more expensive is beyond belief.

      I think you just redefined the term 'fanboy.'

        So I'm a fanboy because I recognise $298< $348...ah you got me I'm a fanboy.


    Sheesh, I guess we should all work harder to afford this six year old cutting edge hardware!

    Man, I just hate it when shit is cheap. Thanks, Sony!

    How am I supposed to believe something's the same as it was six years ago if the price changes? Value Depreciation is a myth of the liberal media, like Bigfoot! and Static Electricty!!

    Id rather more content than a price drop, the're already pretty cheap anyway. 270 aint exactly a bad deal. Price drop isnt gunna mean much if theres fuck all to do on it

    What a load of bollocks, I cannot believe what I am reading.
    More proof that Sony is finished.

    The notion of paying less for technology that's over six years old is really upsetting...

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