Sony Won't Say How Many People Have PlayStation Plus, But They Will Share Other Plus Stats (And An October Surprise)

Microsoft refuses to say how many people subscribe to Xbox Live Gold, and Sony still won't say how many people use PlayStation Plus — the premium PS3 service I've said is far and away better than Gold.

Jack Buser, senior director of PlayStation Digital Platforms, declined to give that number during a brief phone chat with me yesterday, but waved me off from thinking it's a sign that the rather excellent Plus isn't drawing paying $US50-a-year users.

"We are extremely proud of the number," he said, before saying that, no, he wouldn't answer my question of whether the Plus subscriber count has seven figures or not. "We don't share that number."

So which numbers will Sony share?

  • 13 million: The number of hours of play-time that games in Plus' Instant Game Collection (the batch of free games offered to Plus subscribers) in the two months after the IGC was launched in early June.
  • 12 million: The number of Trophies players unlocked in Instant Game Collection games in those two months.
  • 93 per cent: The percentage of players who intend to renew the service, according to a Sony survey (as long you renew Plus, you keep access to the games in the IGC; if you cancel, you lose access).
  • 97 per cent: the percentage of Plus users who tell Sony's survey-takers that they're extremely happy with the survey (ticking one of the top two boxes, or options, when answering how happy they are with the service). Sony says this is up 50 per cent over a prior survey, from presumably before the IGC began.

The Instant Game Collection is no joke. It consists of games such as The Walking Dead Episodes 1 & 2, Infamous 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Saints Row 2 and Sideway. In September, Sony added the original Borderlands to the line-up.

Some games cycle out each month and therefore become ineligible for new subscribers. On October 2, Borderlands will drop out of the IGC, so any Plus members who want it for free should grab it now. In its place, Sony is adding NFL Blitz, free for all Plus subscribers. Plus subscribers will also be able to pick up Alex Kidd in Miracle World for a dollar (usually goes for $US5) and Spelunker HD for $US5 (instead of $US10; DLC discounted to $US1).

And what of Red Dead Redemption, which European Plus users got free access to recently? No news on that, Buser said. Still, the Instant Game Collection is pretty impressive. Los of free games for a service of unknown popularity but of definite quality.

Plus is also coming to PlayStation Vitas later this year at no added cost.

Read my comparison of Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus, comparing each offering, feature for feature.


    Oh Gee Another PlayStation plus advertisement! Thanks Kotaku!

      An article about a service provided by a company isn't an ad - just because the service is fantastic and what other companies should be following (and the article points that out) doesn't make it an ad either.

      Hell, with your logic, any article about any game or console is an ad.

        An Ad for a Damn fine service :D

          exactly - that's exactly what it is. that's what these pages are, that's how they make money. welcome to the real work jack

        A fantastic service? Free 2+ year old games that i already own and STILL a horrible multiplayer system that doesnt work 1/8th as well as the xbox system.
        No, I dont think for a second Xbox or Nintendo should follow this method at all. Shows people care more about 'free' than a working system.
        But hey, please all of you continue pimping out playstation plus Sony stooges. Im sure plenty of people believe the hype/paid for press.

          Im not a Sony stooge. I have both. Ps plus offers better value for money than live. Full stop. You have no argument - just tired regurgitated rhetoric. Tell us why stool collector? Why does gold offer better value or better multiplayer? Your initial post makes you look like an uneducated fool. You reply merely confirms it. Calling others stooges for offering educated opinion - yet in reply offering a ms fandom sticky hand BS. Great reply Todd.

            I payed $20 bucks a few days ago and I have Saints2, LBP2, RDR, Dbl Drgn Neon,some cute robot game and a bunch of dynamic themes the kids like... Did I mention it was $20 bucks? I must be a stooge.

              Oh, and Just Cause 2 and Lara Croft: Guardian of light also... like, $20 bucks... That is insane value. I will DEFINITELY renew my subscription if they keep up that standard. YES, there are things wrong with the console, and NO I am not a retarded fanboy for Xbox or Sony or Ninty - they are all crap in their ways and awesome in others, but calling people stooges for getting good value for money is just stupid. U mad bro?

    I've been thinking about getting PS +... I've heard you get a bunch of full games for free?
    Bloodrayne, double dragon neon, is this the case? how does it work.
    I see it's around 60 bucks a year, do you really get some free games?

    free games?

      45 games per year. Once you've attempted to download one, it's yours for as long as you sub. If you let it lapse and resub later, they're all still there.

      The 45 are released throughout a 12 month period and cycle in and out of availability each month.

      Check the AU PSN blog.

        Thanks a lot, I haven't had a ps for very long so it's still a bit new to me.

          If you've got a PS3 - especially if you just got it recently and don't have many games - then PS+ is just amazing value. You get enough free games (many of them top notch AAA games) and discounts that it pays for itself several times over.

            Im currently playing borderlands and just cause 2 from my plus subscription and the best part is that it works on both my active ps3 acounts, as im a plus member on one acount but all my trophies are on the other, so i found its amazing that it works on both :P

          No problems mate. The blog has AU specific details, which is why I recommend it. Also, strongly advise "starting" the DL if any/all free games available when you sign up, then pausing/cancelling. That's all that us needed to have them permanently - look into getting it ASAP for vest value.

      Google 'Playstation Plus' and do some of your own research. It's not exactly hard to find out what the service offers

      Don't remember bloodrayne bring offered. Double dragon Neon is available NOW!!!

    I've had PS+ for 2 years and amassed a ridiculous amount of games. Too many to play.
    Still haven't started Dead Space 2, Double Dragon Neon, Just Cause 2, Starhawk, Outland, Red Dead Redemption, Retro/Grade, Shank 2, Sly 1, Warhammer 40k - Space Marine, NFS Shift 2, Motostorm Apocolypse, Burnout Paradise..
    Those are just the games off the top of my head I can just play when I please and haven't even touched yet. I have like 122 PS3 games on my HDD and others i've finished and deleted.
    My PS3 certainly had paid for itself several times over.
    Best part of PS+ is that if your subscription runs out and you don't renew for ages and then you do again months later, you can play all those games again and the store just acts as if you own them/paid for them.

    I love it. Kinda abandoned XBL Gold. I'll hit it up again for Halo 4 but after that my 360 will go back to gathering dust =/

      3 years. 82 ps3 titles. 26 minis. 1 ps2. 21 ps1 and 2 neo geo - best value ever. Don't even touch my 360 since the updated psplus scheme rolled out.

      I think there is a limit of six months??? Between renewing and having your library 'wiped'. Maybe someone could clarify that.

    The only thing I would like Sony to do is to have an enforcement team like XBL does, where I can report cheaters directly to Sony. I know that some games allow you to do that already, but it's being looked after by that Vendor Partner. PS+ is a great value for money service, and this is the only area I feel that Sony fall down on, and would make their service great if they did this one thing.

      Oh, and roaming profiles too... would come in handy in my household.

    It isn't an ad its a review of a service and ps plus is great 11 pounds for three months and access to several new games each month as long as you have the connection for it its a good deal

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