Sony’s Been ‘Working Closely’ With Bethesda To Get Skyrim DLC Working On PS3

Sony’s Been ‘Working Closely’ With Bethesda To Get Skyrim DLC Working On PS3

People who bought Skyrim for the PS3 are pissed. And you can’t necessarily blame them.

First, they get a version of Bethesda’s hit action/RPG release that became increasingly unplayable. Then, PS3 owners had to endure news that they may not even get the Dawnguard DLC that Xbox 360 users got back at the end of June. The Dawnguard troubles make it all too easy to believe that Hearthfire’s home-building features may never make it to the PS3 either.

So, yeah, if you’re a PS3 who wants all that Skyrim magic on your console, you might feel cursed. Sony VP Adam Boyes feels your pain.

Boyes handles publisher relations for Sony, which means he interfaces with third-party developers. He’s new there, having arrived about three, four months ago. But he knew all about the Skyrim woes when I asked him about the game after he spoke at the New York Gaming Conference this week. He took a deep breath before replying.

“We work with all of our partners to try and solve their problems,” Boyes answered. “We have a big, broad dev support team that works closely with Bethesda — and with all of our partners — to work with them to solve that any sort of issues they have along the way.”

“Of course, I always want everything to work always for everyone. I can’t promise any kind of resolution or timeline but can say that everyone involved is trying their best to get this stuff working.”


  • Man, I bought skyrim on the pc (still havent got dawnguard, too exy at 25, waiting for steamsales), and I really think the ps3 people have been unfairly kicked in the nuts repeatedly over this… sucks majorly.

      • I haven’t played it yet and I do wanna know, is 19 dollars worth it for the content it has? From what I heard 15 sounds about right. Shivering Isles was fantastic for sure for oblivion but this just doesn’t scream that quality to me. What did you think of DG?

        • Dawnguard is pretty good, there’s a bit of filler in some of the Quests though. Overall you’ll get a few days of extra gameplay, if you take your time, and there is some beautifull new areas to explore. Still, not as Epic as Shivering Isles was though it really depends on how much you are hankering for new content. If your not that eager though, wait for a sale.

  • Just give Naughty Dog a call; they seem know how to code for the PS3 quite well indeed. Although, I wonder how they would fair with an open world game, rather than their linear flagship titles.

    • Just cos a game is linear doesn’t mean it takes less to run it or that the game world is designed any differently, it’s just a different way of telling a story. Instead of being extremely focused and driven, its more open and the player has some choice and can do things at their pacing. The actual engine that runs the game wouldn’t make that much of a difference its the same reason unreal engine can run Arkham City and Gears of War. Besides, Jak 2 and 3 were open world 😛

      • When I say ‘linear’ I didn’t mean it in a derogatory way towards the devs — as some people seem to do — but just as a way of describing the style of gameplay; in fact, the Uncharted trilogy

      • When I say ‘linear’ I didn’t mean it in a derogatory way towards the devs — as some people seem to do — but just as a way of describing the style of gameplay; in fact, the Uncharted trilogy(I refuse to the term ‘franchise’)is one off, if not, my favourite off all time. I was just wondering –because I have very little knowledge of this — if was possible in this generation of gaming, to achieve Uncharted/The last of us, like visuals and detail in a behim

        • As far as i’m aware, it wouldn’t be possible to have Uncharted/The Last of Us visuals and detail within an open world RPG such as Skyrim (this gen anyway), due to the sheer amount of processing and calculations that need to occur. Skyrim’s problem was mostly poor coding and the fact it had to calculate positions of everything all the time, which as you play along, will increase and you will notice slowdown and lag. BF3 for the ps3 and 360 has reduced numbers of players online compared to pc as i think a lot of it was due to the lack of power the consoles had to run the engine and maintain 30 fps. I know for the ps3, BF3 is prone to freezing online if too many explosions occur at the one time.
          I’m no expert on pc hardware, but i would think in order to achieve Uncharted visuals on a game like Skyrim, you’d need hardware towards the higher end of PCs available today

  • Eh fuck em. All the 1st party titles run great, developers are just too damn conservative to start learning how to utilise different tech.

    I own both consoles, so I don’t really give a fuck, but it’s the truth. 1st party titles are usually clean and clear. No bullshit like this.

  • I hope the next set of consoles use hardware similar to standard PC’s so we don’t have to suffer through this kind of thing any more.

  • I wanted to send my game to back to them with a letter of disapointment. So I contacted them with the following question:

    I am just wondering to who I should send my PS3 copy of Skyrim along with a
    letter of disappointment? Someone who cares about the PS3 users and not the
    company who is trying to make us forget..

    There response

    It’s been a few weeks, and we wanted to make sure everyone knows where we’re at with Dawnguard. Skyrim is a massive and dynamic game that requires a lot of resources, and things get much more complex when you’re talking about sizable content like Dawnguard. We have tried a number of things, but none of them solve the issue enough to make Dawnguard good for everyone. The PS3 is a powerful system, and we’re working hard to deliver the content you guys want. Dawnguard is obviously not the only DLC we’ve been working on either, so the issues of adding content get even more complicated. This is not a problem we’re positive we can solve, but we are working together with Sony to try to bring you this content.

    We wish we had a more definitive answer right now. We understand the frustration when the same content is not available on all platforms. When we have an update, we will certainly let you know. We deeply appreciate all the time and support you have given us, and we’ll keep doing our best to return that.”

    Best regards,
    Greg A.

    Hmm extremely disappointed.!!!

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