Sony's Registered A Bunch Of Domains For Something Called 'Console Wars'

History is written by the victors, as the saying goes. And victory can be as simple as registering a crap load of domain names before your competitors. While domains aren't damning evidence of planned activities, one does have to wonder what Sony Pictures would want with URLs playing on the words "console", "war" and "movie".

Joystiq spotted the registrations last week and it, along with Fusible, aren't entirely convinced they're being reserved for a future movie about the ins and outs of living room gaming hardware.

However, entertainment writer Kris Tapley tweeted the following on August 29:

"Social Network of video gaming"? They'll have to see if Aaron Sorkin is willing to do the screenplay then.

Here's a list of some of the names Sony Pictures purchased, courtesy of SlashFilm:

If it is indeed a Social Network-like take on the rise of gaming consoles, will we get an objective view? It goes without saying that it would be highly dramatised, but seeing as it's Sony Pictures behind the registrations, how would it not want to take the opportunity to portray itself in the best light?

Sufficed to say, it probably won't look anything like this.

'Console war movie' domain names registered by Sony Pictures [Joystiq]

Is Sony Planning a Movie About the Video Game Console Wars? [SlashFlim]

Image: Columbia Pictures


    This sounds like the worst idea for anything, ever.

      I'd agree, except for the part where we don't know what any of this is for. Purely speculation at this point.

    That header image is seriously adorable. The movie idea sounds kind of dumb. I am sure it will be a fair and even expose on the most recent console generation.

      Yeah where is the source of that pic? i love it, as for a console war movie/doco, it could be intresting, maybe if it covered all console wars, dating back to Nintendo and Sega's 16 bit console war and even the first/2nd generation of consoles that predated the NES.

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