Sorry Father Grigori, Half-Life Has Never Been Scarier Than This Mod

It's been a good run for true horror games lately. Amnesia scared people's socks off, Slender is doing much the same, and now we've got an update to Cry of Fear, one of the 10 lucky games to have been "greenlit" by Steam earlier today.

Cry of Fear is a total conversion mod for the original Half-Life, which replaces absolutely everything in Valve's game with new content. While the age of the engine means some aspects of the game are a little janky, the developers have still done a great job with things like lighting and music to make Cry of Fear genuinely tense.

An update for the game was released last week. You can grab it from the link below.

Cry of Fear [ModDB]


    I take it you never played cry of fear then. Its got a few jump scares but its not especially scarey past the opening sequence. It also features quite a few bad design decisions in its later parts including: badly handling jumping puzzles, limited inventory with multiple inventory slots getting taken by puzzles items. An enemy type that instant kills you if you fire a weapon during half of its animations.

    Its good for a mod, but scarier then amensia? come off it!

      I agree with Cryters. I think it is really just piggybacking on the popularity of horror games lately. The inventory, puzzles and map layout were pretty poor.

        @ Grant, CoF has been in development since 2008 as a long-awaited follow up to Afraid of Monsters. Hasn't exactly been sitting at the heels of Amnesia or other contemporary horror games.

      In defence of the Plunk, he never actually says it's scarier than amnesia, he only insinuates that it's scarier than Ravenholm.

    I just enjoy that creative, fun gaming can still be squeezed out of the half life 1 engine.

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