Spammers And Gold Farmers Are Trying To Hack Into Guild Wars 2 Accounts

Hackers armed with email addresses and passwords stolen from other sources are probing Guild Wars 2 accounts to see if they can break in and use the accounts for botting or spamming gold sales, ArenaNet confirmed earlier today. The statement came after many users were notified of attempted logins to their account from locations in China.

"Hackers have lists of email addresses and passwords stolen from other games and web sites, and collected through spyware, and are systematically testing Guild Wars 2 looking for matching accounts", ArenaNet advised through the Guild Wars official wiki. "To protect yourself, use a strong, unique password for Guild Wars 2 that you've never used anywhere else!"

ArenaNet reminds users that a hacked account is banned and unusable until it can be returned to its rightful owner. "If you login and see the message: 'This account has been permanently banned for a violation of the User Agreement' and if you're not a gold seller, it's likely that your account was hacked." They ask affected account holders to contact customer service.

"If you see email authentication messages in your inbox asking you to approve a login that you didn't initiate and from someplace you don't recognise, that's a sign that a hacker knows your account name and password, and is only being prevented by the email authentication feature from accessing your account," the publisher continued. "You should immediately change your password to a new, unique password that you've never used anywhere else." (emphasis ours.)

Whether you've been hacked, threatened by a hack or not, this is as good reminder as any to use email authentication for your Guild Wars 2 account, and make sure your password is unique to that account.

Game Status Updates [Guild Wars Wiki; h/t reader N.P.]


    I love the automatic email confirmation thing, it's an awesome line of defence.

    After Wow i am sure there is a new standard in MMO security

    I got one of these emails asking to reset my password. I just giggled and deleted it. All my password is over 20 characters and all unique.

    Just block all connection attempts from china?

      And when they just start using proxys, then what?

      Plenty of legit players in China and the surrounding areas..

    Wow uses an authenticator does gw2?

    there are people that have been waiting over A WEEK for a response from customer services about their hack account ... Arenanet is handling this BADLY to say the least

      if you had learned how to read and followed instructions, your case would've already been handled right now. Fact is, a lot of people are lying about waiting a week for their ticket. Just like lots of people lied about not saying anything bad in chat or not using ridiculously offensive names. That's why so many of them refuse to give out their ticket numbers.

    As soon as I heard GW2 was being targetting by phishers and farmers, I changed my email and password to both be unique to the game, and complex.

    I feel pretty safe.

    Ha ha, Wow and D3 had this problem - I'm actually surprised they didn't anticipate something similar with GW2 from looking at other companies online games in the past.

    I got hit last week or so.
    laughed at their attempt and changed password.

    There's only 1 sure fire method Ive seen that makes it a lot harder and I wish more companies would adopt it.

    Conformation via sms to your phone.
    Gmail uses it.. banks use it.
    Why the hell cant game companies use it?

    Blizz still not using case sensitive logins ffs.
    So special chars in a password dont work with them.
    And they wonder why they're prone to attack.

      Case sensitivity is the least important part of a strong password, but you'd think they would allow it hey.

    4days since I've replyed to my Incident ticket and spoke to a GM, still locked out of my account...pretty damn slack really.
    Email authentication is a great idea, problem was it wasn't working for the first week.

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