Speak Up On Kotaku: What Is The Best Final Fantasy Sequel Ever?

Speak Up On Kotaku: What Is The Best Final Fantasy Sequel Ever?
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For years I’ve (Fahey) been going though the Speak Up and then TAY user forums, scouring them for gems to share with the class, like commenter CannibalTuna stepping up to admit that Final Fantasy X-2 was a pretty good game.

Am I the only one that really enjoyed Final Fantasy X-2? For years my friends told me not to play it because it wasn’t as good as 10 so I never got around to it but last month I decided to try it out and emulate my copy on my pc. I was pleasantly surprised. I liked the upbeat attitude throughout the game. I really liked the ATB/job system and the changing of clothes. It was very open even from the beginning, even to the point where I was lost at times.

It gets a lot of hate from people but I just can’t see it. I guess I’m just too easy going on FF. I loved 9, 10, 10-2, 12, 13, 13-2, and 14, and about to start 6 on my Vita. What do you guys think?


  • FF10-2 isn’t a bad game. I firmly believe that gameplay wise it is easily superior to FF10. I love the fact that beyond all the goofiness, there’s actually a very heartfelt story of a girl coming to terms with the death of her love a couple of years later. The soundtrack SUCKS (except for the title screen) but generally I prefer this game over the first one.

    FFIV: The After Years isn’t necessarily BAD, but it’s not good either. It’s just “meh.” And lazily made. Crisis Core is pretty damn cool, even though the battle system is average. You can tell it was made with a lot of love…

    And then there’s FFXIII-2. They took any kind of possible strategy out of the very clever battle system & made it so you could pretty much beat any battle in the game by mashing X. Eurgh

    • Haha, exactly right about the music. Reading your comment I was about to say “Hey, what about the title screen”, but you got that right too 😉

    • What really got to me about the soundtrack of FFX-2 is that they didn’t reprise any of it, not even “The Hymn of the Fayth”. I still like “1000 Words”, though.

      I always imagine that the main issue that people had with FFX-2 is that it pretended that it was fanservice but was actually just a sentimental retread. As someone who finished it twice, I can testify that it’s an okay game, even though it looks weak in a comparison with its forebear.

      • I actually liked some of the battle themes in there… Le Blancs battle theme especially.
        The whole pop star thing was horrid though. And the piano opening is amazing.
        Thunder plains, Gagazet Mountain and Besaid were also nice IIRC.

      • You just inspired ne to reattempt finishing this. On my last try I just got lazy and ripped the cut scenes with a program I found so I could watch them.

  • Your certainly right about the ATB/job system. Combat in that game was very good and well paced. I didn’t like the quest/mission system though (like with any quest based rpg) because I feel like it only serves to breakup the story. I guess it helps people who don’t want to sit down and play for hours, as you could “just do one quest”, but you could just as easily stick in save points and let people quit when they want to. I like FFs to be open for exploration and to have a driving story and I though it lacked the latter just a little.

    But actually, you’re right, it wasn’t as bad as all that. Just not as good as FFX. I like the battle system more though. Return to the ATB made me happy.

  • From what I’ve heard, the only sequel thats improved on the first is 13-2. Also, does the sequel to final fantasy 4 (the afteryears or something) count?

    Just wondering , doe s anyone else know where to get disgaea 3 for vita for cheap? Eb had it for $24, but they don’t deliver, and the stores that do have it are few and far between; not to mention, far away. I’ve checked with JB, and they’ve said they don’t have left in stock, and aren’t really ordering more in.

  • I actually really liked both x-2 and xiii-2. X-2 was definitely not as good as x, but I enjoyed it. My only complaint being that its ending (from memory only if you completed 100% of the game) ruined the beautifully bitter-sweet ending of x.

    Xiii-2 on the other hand, I enjoyed much much more than xiii. In fact I hated xiii. To me, xiii-2 felt more like ‘final fantasy’ than the original. Even if the ending sucked majorly.

  • Dirge of Cerberus. Yeah yeah I know blah blah blah. But I liked it, I liked Vincent Valentine and I liked that game! Plus it had Gackt.

    • I liked DOC too. Hopefully FFXIII-3 or whatever they call it does a similar thing, although they were saying it still had ATB elements so I’m only cautiously optimistic…

  • I really liked X-2 overall. I found the music cringe worthy (especially the yuna/popstar thing) but genuinely found the story engaging. I ended up playing it 3 times, after realising that the higher percentage equalled alternate endings. Each time I got to see a little bit more, and the final ending made it all worth while even if it was corny.

  • X-2 was a decent game. I love the story of FFX so it was beautiful return to Spira although the story lacked the same depth… still a good story though.
    I actually liked Dirge of Cerberus gameplay and wish they had dived a bit deeper with the storyline/gaming mechanics (or that they would use them again with different game…) I still need to play Crisis Core though…

  • FFXIII-2 reminded me so much of X-2, just with a different skin. The main character was looking for someone that disappeared at the end of the previous game, it had a fixed party (more or less), it had a mission system rather than the open world (well, FFXIII was more continuous rather than XIII-2’s time-skips), it had costume changes, etc. X-2 was alright though and held itself well, although I never really liked Yuna or Tidus, they were really weak characters.

    (*** Spoiler ***)

    Seriously, Tidus goes through everything in the game just to tell his Dad he hates him…

    • (***Spoiler Response***)
      Happy endings are overated. Although he said what he needed to they still had that important father son moment of connection together. Saying I hate you to a parent isn’t easy either. Especially when he’s been gone for so long.

  • All the sequels suck. They really really suck.

    Almost as much as XIII. That game is an abortion that has destroyed my previously unshakable faith in Square Enix.

  • My opinion, FFX-2 is a great game with an awful presentation. The presentation is enough to put people off without playing it, which is a shame, but understandable enough. The story is pretty bad, but nowhere near the worst I’ve come across in a JRPG. Overall though, I think the game is fine, and doesn’t deserve its horrible reputation.

    I don’t think I’ve played any of the other FF sequels/side games, so I don’t have anything else to add on the subject.

  • I really liked X-2 as well! Not as much as any of the main FFs but still a good game in its own right. The pop star fanservicy thing annoyed me a little, but it was fun and had a sense of humour about it, and there was a bittersweet story nestled in there too. I must have liked it because I played all the way to the very end of Via Infinito, there was some cool strategy with the dress spheres in battle.

    Wish they’d done a little more with the different ‘story arcs’ though – Baralai or Nooj didn’t make any real difference, kind of made that choice feel a bit pointless.

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