Splinter Cell Blacklist Hasn't Abandoned Stealth. Take A Look

After Blacklist reared its head at this year's E3, many Splinter Cell fans feared that the renowned action game would be cutting back on its exacting stealth gameplay. There might be hope, guys.

This new playthrough of the same level shown at E3 shows a sneakier take on Sam Fisher's infiltration of a terrorist cell compound. So, while Michael Ironside may not be doing Sam's voice anymore, Blacklist could still have some of the signature experience that made Splinter Cell so awesome.


    Its at least a little reassuring to see, I'll miss Ironside but I'll give this new guy a chance
    my playthroughs in splinter cell and steath games in general are more assassination type
    sneaking through the level racking up the max amount of kills while remaining undetected

    Well at least they were kind enough to include this option this time.

    As for the voice actor, I wouldn't have minded it if this game was a prequel, at least that would explain why Sam looks younger then the previous game.

      I would prefer it if Sam had taken over Lamberts job and was giving orders to a new operative via the earpiece. It would make more goddamn sense than him aging backwards every game.

    It sounds like they know they fucked up and are in panic mode while STILL trying to sell the killing in motion bullshit. Hell they were making it sound disappointing to not being able to use the air strike, I mean come on. They are making stealth take a back seat and that's why this game will be good at all.

      Sorry I meant to say "no good at all"

      They fucked up

    Man I couldn't watch that, the commentator just ruined it for me. Just show me the damn game and I'll judge what I see.

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