Square Enix's New RPG For iOS And Android Gets Released Today

Just in case you were worried that Square Enix hasn't released enough pricey mobile games over the past few weeks, here's another!

Above is a trailer for Drakerider, a new RPG for iOS and Android. You can download the first chapter for free today, then buy chapters two through five for about $8 each or the whole thing for about $22.

Here's Square Enix's description of the game:

You play as Aran Lawson, on a quest to save the world from destruction by the Dread, after stumbling into a pact with a dragon in the course of your regular work.

Ride into battle on your dragon's back, keeping the mighty steed under control with reins of steel.

Loosen your grip to let it find its full attack potential, but know that this is a brutal creature - given too much slack, it will attack its master, and your adventure will meet a hasty, premature end.

It's kill or be killed, as you forge a tale with the world's most lethal partner.

What do you think? Look interesting?


    Looks kind of cool. Some of the characters seem to have strong similarities to various other characters I've seen, but whatever.

    I wonder if SE are trying to set a precedent that high production games can be on iOS and actually be worth a standard amount that is more than 1$.

    That combat looks bad. Characters look cool though.

    But $22 isn't that bad a price, really. Angry Birds pricing was never going to be sustainable, and I pay $5 for a Kairosoft game every month. DivineMonkey may be right.

      I'm still yet to get more than 10 minutes at a time into Chaos Rings for iPad. I kind of regret the purchase, it's just too easy to put down. I could have treated myself to home cooked salmon dinner for that price and I think I would have enjoyed it more.

      Kairosoft has set a happy medium. I don't mind paying their prices. There have been a couple of their games that I haven't really played since first getting, but it's not like it was a lot money to lose. These SE games, I'm not willing to drop that much money on a whim.

    SE Should stop making iOS games already it's getting annoying now.
    iOS shouldnt be a platform *shakes fist at apple*

      Its a platform with hundreds of millions of people and devices that developers like me get 100% of their income from - what exactly is your problem with it?

    Kotaku AU, you are OBSESSED with the price square enix are setting their games at, indicated that they are expensive - what makes 22 dollars expensive for a new game? (even then, a game you can pay 8 bucks for then decide if you want to buy the rest? Sure wish I could have paid 30 bucks for the first 3rd of Mass Effect then decided if I wanted to pay 60 for the rest!)

      This is a US article.

        Ah so it is, the Schriebs!

      What makes it expensive is that the consumer is getting an iOS game for 22 dollars how else does that need be explained? Mobile gaming is the only form of gaming that has fair value for money. Handheld gaming is overpriced and so is console gaming. SE jsut want to force the same in the mobile market. 10-15 dollars would be more appropiate maximum and would also increase the market of those that will purchase the game.

        What on earth does the platform have to do with the value of the game? I'd quite happily pay the same amount for plants vs zombies, bastion or drakerider as I would if they were on PS3, DS, PC or any other platform. Agreed that in Australia, game pricing is annoyingly high - but unless I actually stop buying games, who am I to say they should change it?

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