Street Fighter II's Vintage Art Book Is A Thing Of Beauty

A <a href="Janne">dedicated Capcom fan has a copy of the Street Fighter II Special Champion Edition poster book. I swear I had a copy of this too, given away with a British Mega Drive magazine, and for the pre-internet Street Fighter fan, it was like gold.

I'm not sure about the more promotional images, like the poster, but the rest appear to be the work of Akira "Akiman" Yasuda, a Capcom legend and one of the key men responsible for the look of the Street Fighter series as we know it today.

Scans from the SFII Championship Edition art booklet reminds of awesome old-school Capcom art [Capcom]


    Damn I'm old. I had the Ryu and guile poster on my wall when I was a kid

      Heh, as a kid I had the Ryu one and the Ken one. I couldn't figure out how to use Guile for years *shrug* just my uncoordinated timing at play lol.

      Ever hear of the urban myth cheat with Guile where he could supposedly use a gun and kill the opponent? haha. It was crap of course, didn't actually exist, but hear of that or any others?

    Most of that character artwork was used as a set of trading cards back in the day... I think I even have a few in an old storage box somewhere.

      I also remember that myth of Sheng long bursting out of the golden bell from Bisons stage. And Guile can apperantly pickup the rock from Sagats stage and throwing it at his opponents. Damn I miss the SNES days.

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