Super Mario Bros. Level 1 Recreated On A...Mobius Strip?

Mobius strips are pretty neat on their own. You can cut them down the centre, and it'll just make it longer. You can perform multiple cuts, and it'll just create three Mobius strips, linked together. Fascinating stuff.

But this particular Mobius strip is a never-ending level of Super Mario Bros.. And as you turn it round and round, you can see every pipe, goomba and block in their respective proper placements. Check out the zoomed in picture for all the beautiful detail and textures on the raised surface, which creates neat little shadows, too.

I shall call him Marbius strip and he shall be mine.

Super Mario Mobius Strip [shapeways via it8bit]


    As soon as I saw this the Mario ground theme played in my head what have you done to me Nintendo.


    I can't help but think this concept would be better utilised using a sonic level since the the mobius strip so heavily inspired the games

    Where do I pay?!?!

    I see Mobius and all i can think about is Harry Keoh

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