Surely I'm Not The Only Person Excited About Sacred 3?

In the realm of Diablo clones there are few games I enjoy quite as much as Diablo itself. The Sacred series is right up there, and today we're getting our first look at Sacred 3.

The world of Ancaria is far from perfect but I love it, from the brutal difficulty of the first game to the general glitchiness of the second. In this third instalment, announced way back in 2010, the powerful Heart of Ancaria is up for grabs, and the player must stop the CW teen drama-named Zane Ashen, ruler of the corrupt Ashen Empire, from getting his hands on it. Oh that Zane. He's so... you know.

Up to four friends will be able to team up in the fight against Zane, competing and cooperating at the same time. It's one of the joys of Sacred — you want your companions to succeed; you just want to succeed more.

Sacred 3 is under development at Germany's Keen Games, the folks behind Legend of Kay and Anno 1701. It's planned for release in 2013 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. I shall be there when it arrives, ready to kick Zane's Ashen arse.


    You are.

      Yeah sorry, i loved Sacred 1, but 2 was horrible in such a disappointing way.

    Who are they making another one of these?

      Who? That should read "Why" you get the idea.

        Why not? Never played the first one, but the second one was okay. It had quite a few complex systems which lead to some pretty decent character development.
        Sure, there were a few bugs and whatnot, but I never came across anything game-breaking. I had a whole load more fun with Sacred 2 than I did with Diablo 3.

          Go play sacred 1 mate, 10000 times better than 2

    Looks interesting...enjoyed the first one immensely was a great game. Second one was bug ville i could not walk 10 feet without encountering a bug even ran into 2 game breaking bugs in which i had to wait for patches before i could continue. So im unsure whether im really excited for another one or just going to be disappointed by bugs again.

    I loved Sacred 2, it was good fun. Was dissapointed the dlc did not come to console. Looking forward to Sacred 3 for sure.

      Same goes, can't wait!

    I loved Sacred 2, so I'm looking forward to this one. I didn't even know they were making a new one. I encountered barely any bugs in Sacred 2. It took a bit of work just to get it to run, but after that it was mostly smooth other than an occasional crash to desktop.

    despite its issues i really enjoyed Sacred 2 (never played Sacred 1) so im looking forward to this. I can forgive a lot of issues with action rpgs provided theres a good loot and character development system.

    Sacred 2 was the biggest pile of pooh game ever bought out.

      You're the biggest piece of poop to ever be brought out xD, but in this era of dumbed down, linear, hold your hand and make sure you don't get killed type of games, we need games like Sacred and Dark Souls and the sort. I just hope with all these different new classes they bring back the difficulty of the 2nd. Never played the first and found out about the game 2 years too late so I never got to play with anyone online but still had hella fun on single and 2 player that it didn't matter, what matters to me is the customization, difficulty and gameplay of a game.

    And for the record, Diablo 3 blew monkey nuts it was so easy and the graphics sucked ass for being in the works for damn near 10 years, these screens look 10 times better, don't get it twisted I loved the art style they did but from 10 years of work you couldn't give a bit more effort, I love cell shade and pastel art but come on, can you be anymore lazy

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