Surprise Ending Of The World Ends With You Remake Teases Sequel

Looks like we might be getting a sequel to The World Ends With You after all. A new teaser image at the end of the iOS version, sent in by Kotaku reader Michael, hints that the franchise could continue soon, and translator Brian grey confirmed its legitimacy on his Twitter account today.

The past few weeks have been one hell of a rollercoaster ride for The World Ends With You fans. First Square Enix released a teaser countdown for The World Ends With You, getting all of our hopes up. Then we found out it was just an iOS port. A good port, but still a port. Hopes dashed.

So here's another high. Let's hope it doesn't crash.

(BTW, if you want to play or replay this great game, the iPad version really is fantastic. It kept me entertained for an entire six-hour flight from New York to Seattle yesterday.)



      I really want to play this remake, despite being disappointed of it being only a remake, anyone got a spare iPad 2?


    That's actual Shiki, isn't it? Like, not her friend's body? It's been awhile since I played.

      No, actual Shiki wore glasses and has short black hair.

        Oh yeah.

        Then who is this person!

          OH WAIT, It's Mr. Mew on the bottom right. I only just saw that. Now I'm confused -_-

            Maybe Shiki succeeds at her designer goals and Mr. Mew becomes a cult favourite. Good old pig/cat.

    I'll be out for blood if the sequel is iOS exclusive.

      it works so well on the ipad i would actually be really pleased personally. though I do own one haha no barrier for me

        The TWEWY game style would actually work perfectly on Vita, seeing as you have so many control options - front and back touch, buttons, gyro etc.
        TWEWY 2 would totally make a Vita purchase worthwhile

          ^ This definately. Though it would mean I have to buy a vita. . .

    Come on I already mentioned it when they first announced it. It was 100% confirmed equal when they release a final mix

    Actually you know what? It's probably some form of DLC. I really hope not. But "New 7 days" really sounds like an add-on :/

      I'm clinging to the thought that DLC would probably be "Yet Another Day" or something similar... I hope.

      I don't want to miss out on TWEWY goodness. I'm not buying an iPad for this shit though.

      what dies DLC mean? What does dlc mean

    Any significance to riffing on the 109 building in Shibuya?

      In short, yeah. The game's set in Shibuya, and as for the '104'... it's an early game spoiler, although it's not hard to work out what the significance is if you're familiar with Japanese culture.

        To do with the death significance of the number 4?

    Headphones + Mr. Mew.
    Neku and Shiki's daughter.
    You saw it first here folks.

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