Tactical Shooters Live: First Look At Takedown

Six months ago, gamers helped veteran game developer Christian Allen meet his small team's $US200,000 Kickstarter goal, a goal he hoped would enable them to create a throwback to the wonderful, super-realistic, tactical, plan-or-be-killed shooters of old. They would call their new game Takedown and want to make it into sort of a 21st century old-school Rainbow Six.

Six months later, Allen would like everyone to see the progress his team has made. Some of you funded it, so you deserve an update, right? He's sent Kotaku the first batch of screenshots from the game.

The shots are mainly from Takedown's prototype level but should begin to give you a sense of what the game will look like and the amount of skulking around that it will require.

Keep an eye on the development team's website for more info and updates about Takedown.


    Oh man, picture 2 is giving me SWAT 4 vibes. This is gonna be sweet!

    Bring it on! Such a shame the genre has been dead since Raven Shield and SWAT 4. Now where are my Rogue Spear discs?

    Can't wait.. its been many years for one of these genre to come by

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