Take A Close Look At All Of StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm’s New Units

Take A Close Look At All Of StarCraft II: Heart Of The Swarm’s New Units

Not in the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm beta? Wish you were? We can’t help you there. But we can give you a peek at what’s in store for StarCraft II‘s next expansion pack.

Here’s a close look at every new unit in the multi-player mode of Blizzard’s upcoming RTS.

For more on Heart of the Swarm, check out some gameplay footage, read about some of the new features, or learn how to improve your game.


  • So pretty much terran are even more OP, viper and swarm host is good for zerg but they are still way underpowered and protoss have lost their carriers…. 🙁 If you let someone build 20 carriers you deserve to lose…

    • I love how this far in, people are still bitching about OP despite Z being the dominant race in progaming almost across the board and CreatorPrime makes that match-up look unfair. But sure, calling OP diffuses responsibility from your own deficiencies.

    • watched painkiller destroy a terran with roaches + vipers -> the vipers blocked all the siege tank damage. It was awesome.

  • Never did buy into starcraft 2 after seeing how blizzard keep a game alive with wow…
    All they do is continually alter game balance until people start leaving, then drop an xpack and start it all over again…

    • Gotta say, SC2 actually lives up to most the expectations of old Blizzard games. They do alter and change it but its generally for the better and balance. Not like what they have done to D3, nor how far they nerfed WoW from what it originally was into a very basic game..

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