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    Morning all.

      I mean...ahem...good morning.

      *straightens tie*

        At first I was confused, then I read your other comment. Perhapes the first time TAY has made more sense when reading up the page instead of down.

          .nuf eb nac sdrawkcab gnidaer

    Brand new TAY! \o/

    Hi everyone,
    I'm back. You may commence fleeing in terror.

      Shanasaurus! You have been missed.
      On the flip side, I am sure you will be missed at home today though.

        Kind of nice, the feeling that no matter where I am, someone is missing me :)

      Dear Shane,


      Sir Loops

      PS. How are you?

        I'm back at work, so not 100%. Better than expected though. How are you?

    D.C. and Sughly! What are your favourite adventure games?

    Oh yeah, and happy Monday everyone.

      Ooooooh tough question. Okay I'll rattle off the first ones that come to mind...

      Monkey Island 3, and 1 and 2, Syberia 1-2 (really its one long game anyway), Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Father, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle, Broken sword 1 and 2. Those are definately the top ones.

      I have a huge weak spot for all the Kings Quests/Police Quests/Leisure Suit Larrys, but thats probably more nostalgia than anything else :D

        *Furiously takes notes*

          *copies off Shanes's notes*

            *sits in the back chewing gum nonchalantly*

            I'll steal your notes after class.

              *doesn't even turn up, only to deeply regret it years later when he's homeless and giving handies to EA execs behind McDonalds just to make games meet*

        Yeah, I played the hell out of Kings Quest 1-4 while growing up but I doubt I'll ever be able to go back and play them again. I still remember the death tune though. :D

        I always wanted to play Gabriel Knight: SotF but never got around to it, did that date well? If I grabbed it now would it still be playable?

        I'm stuck right near the start of Syberia, I'll have to do the walk of shame to a walkthrough, I think. :(

          Sins of the Father might be the finest story ever told in adventure to this day. Probably one of Sierra's best designed adventures. No plot holes or dead ends. Play it, Strange. Play it. :D

            Yeah this. It really did date well, waaaaaaay better than the other Gabriel Knight games hahaha! No I really really love Sins of the father, I play it at least once a year. Really compelling story and puzzle design.

              The third game is my favourite actually, but I agree, the graphics were never pretty to begin with. The design is still solid, though.

        A man of good taste! (Although I found Syberia to be a little sterile. I loved the world, but felt so empty. Just having Kate comment from time-to-time at her surrounds would've made all the difference.)

          GAAAASP! No waaaays! No but youre not the first person to say so. I just never understood that though, I REALLY love the way they treat her character over the game. I find so many of the story threads and characters so well done, especially the whole segment around the opera singer. The overall story with the mammoths is just heartbreakingly awesome

            Oh, don't get me wrong. I liked it. Sokal games are an acquired taste, though. :P

      Morning, Strange. I've always been a fan of darker, mystery adventure games. So many good ones!

      My favourites are the Gabriel Knight series by Jane Jensen. (Who's working on a new Kickstarter game called Moebius.) The Tex Murphy games are incredibly good too. You basically play as a P.I. who lives in the mutant district of a post-apocalyptic San Francisco. Pulpy sci-fi stuff, but incredibly fun. The best in the series is probably The Pandora Directive. (There's a new Kickstarter adventure coming out soon as well. Man, I love Kickstarter. :P) Then there's The Longest Journey. I remember buying that game when I was in grade 11, rushing home from school every day to see what would happen next. I liked the sequel Dreamfall too, not many others do. Then there's the LucasArts ones: Grim Fandango, Full Throttle, Day of the Tentacle. (You've opened a Pandora's Box, Strange. Can't contain my fanboy ramblings. :P)

      In recent years my favourite stuff has been from Quantic Dream. Fahrenheit blew my mind when I first played the demo. So much atmosphere. (It might've jumped the shark towards the end, alas.) Heavy Rain took that to the next level. Haven't felt that kind of connection to a game in a long time. Saying I can't wait for Beyond: Two Souls would be an understatement for the ages. I was amazed that L.A. Noire was an adventure game in disguise too. Adventure game fans are currently involved in a civil war over what's classified an adventure. I'm firmly in the category that these are, damn it. (Care to disagree, Sughly? :P)

      In the '90s it was all about Sierra for me. Space Quest, Police Quest, Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist. Most of 'em haven't aged well, though. :(

      So to answer your question: All of them. :P

        I forgot to mention Sanitarium. Only played it a few years back, but still so good.

        I'll shut up now. :S

          I got Sanitarium free from GOG a few years ago. Never managed to finish it though. I still have no idea what the hell was going on. :P

            lol! Yeah its a pretty weird game. Good... but... weird. I dont think it dated well.

              I think I just liked the tone and Baldur's Gate style visuals to be honest. :P

        What about the Zork games? Oh wait, they're under "All of them". :P

          Ah, Kotaku keeps eating my post.

          I've only played Return to Zork but was probably too young. Only thing I remember was the "Want some Rye? Cause you do!" quote.

          Adventure Gamers posted a Top 100 list in December. Can't say I agree with the order, but still a damn good reason. I've tried posting the link several times, but it won't let me. So you'll have to google it. :(


            Ah, man. I should go back to bed. Today is not going to be good.

        Officially disagreed! Haha. Far out, Farenheit... starts out good, then just drops into ridiculous sci fi territory. I think Quantic Dream have the right idea in some places, but their ability to develop and maintain interesting stries and characters... is failing miserably in my opinion and letting them down.

          Whole heartedly agreed.
          Their ideas are pretty solid, the ideas they have in regard to storytelling are nearly revolutionary in the world of video games; books and movies have used switching perspective for a long time now. It would be really nice for QD to turn out a polished product - I think Heavy Rain still felt far too rough, too many variables meant that some endings didn't quite match up to the story that had preceded them - but I get the feeling that they'll pass off "realistic" looking facial animations and "emotion" as progressive, when they could have just made sure they didn't write huge plot holes.

            Yeah, there's no defense for the plot wholes. Two games in a row.

            I think I'm a little more forgiving on David Cage because he's trying new things. Criticisms are valid, though, for sure.

              I never cared about "plot holes" in Heavy Rain. The experience was way more important than that. The game took me on a journey.

                Felt like I was punched in the gut after that opening. I felt so sad for Ethan. :'(

                Sughly and my disagreements on this particular game pre-dates, TAY. Just re-read an old Adventure Gamers thread for Heavy Rain's lauch week and read our exchange. Made me laugh. :D

                Oh, I was fine with Heavy Rain right up to the ending.
                There was a bit of Deus Ex Machina that really I found really grating, and there was a piece of information that Ethan referenced that had never popped up in the game for me - the only reason I understood it was a friend had told me about it from his play-through.

                It was like someone buying really high quality ingredients to bake a cake, then throwing them all into the same bowl and serving it up straight away. If they'd just pieced everything together properly, and taken a little bit more time, it would have been awesome. Unfortunately, to me, it was an eggy, floury mess.

        What about Telltale games? Do they rate?

          I actually... kind of dont care for telltale. Every time I give them a go they just feel like they are hand holding games. Feels like such a watered down approach to adventure games for me.

            Agreed. They seem content with releasing 'good' games and never strive for great. (Though I hear Walking Dead might change that...)

      No one has mentioned Fate of Atlantis. How does that rate?

        That one goes without saying, Shane. :P

        I've...never heard of it. Are you guys going to shun me now? :(

          Yeaaaah I'm kind of in the muinority here. I think its good, but not as great as everyone makes it out to be. It didnt leave the greatest impression on me. Enjoyed Last Crusade as a game way more. Oh its Indiana Jones if you didnt get that Strange :)

      Also The Dig is WAAAAAY better than most people make it out to be. Such a good story. Its just... the puzzles take some perseverence :/

        Yeah, I agree. Finally played that in Shameless Gaming Month. So good. I want more hard science, exploring adventures!

      There's a bunch of new 'old school' adventures too. Resonance and Gemini Rue are particularly good, although a lot of that comes down to nostalgia visually. (Though they're genuinely great games too.)

      I thought about doing a live streaming play through of Tex Murphy: The Pandora Directive. Haha. I'll post a link if that ever eventuates. Any way, I'll shut up now. I get the feeling I'm coming across as a douche bag/excited puppy hybrid. :P

        No no. Don't shut up. I asked for this, remember? Besides, any post now, we'll be on page two and we can continue discussing adventure games here without anybody else noticing! :P

          To tell you the truth I was not going to post today at all, I'm dreading the statistics thing that's coming real fast. :S You found my weakness, though. Adventure games!

          What are some of your favourites?

          I hear there's something awesome coming up soon called Anna's Quest. :P

            Hahaha! Yeaaaah part one should be out by the weekend at the earliest, but more likely early next week. Its freakin delay after delay with this game XD

            But yep, agreed - Resonance, Gemini Rue, and the Blackwell series - all REALLY solid and enjoyable games. The AGS community are really talented peoples, really love seeing what everyones coming up with in there. And oh MAN you should see some of the stuff currently in development, some of it just looks mindblowingly good.

              Next week - awesome. Can't wait.

                Thanks mang! And thanks DC :D

                It'll be $5, I'll be sure to pimp the heck out of it when it's ready. Initially just through my own store I'll have up when the game is done, but hopefully in some other download portals in time, like gaersgate and Adventure Shop, etc (if I can)

                  $5?! Wat! You should charge $10. That's kind of the going rate for indie adventure games, isn't it?

              Oh, cool! How much will Anna's Quest cost, man? Looking forward to it!

              Here's a few in production worth looking forward to that I remember from the top of my head, looking around the forums...


                Nice! Deadly Sunset and The Journey of Iesir in particular.

            Pffft! Paying attention to the postcounts is for people who feel like their amount of posts are inadequate! :P
            Please don't deprive us of the cool things you post about just because you fear being on top of TABTOL, I'm fairly certain that's not what Batguy and Fled want.

            Most of my favourite adventure games have been mentioned. The first game I ever played was a text-based adventure game called 'Down The Mine' way back on the Amstrad. I loved it...until I encountered a game-breaking bug. :P But it was enough to get me hooked. I loved drawing maps of the adventure games I was playing so I could easily keep track of where I'd been and what I'd found.

            Some of the games that haven't yet been mentioned specifically that really stood out for me were King's Quest IV: The Perils of Rosella, Zork: Nemesis and Zork:Grand Inquisitor. My sister and I still quote Zork:GI to each other. :D

              I never actually played the Zork games - dont judge me! D:

              But yeah I lve drawing maps! Man, I love that a game can bring out the pencil and paper, and REALLY wanted to incorporate that into some later Anna's Quest puzzles, but after doing a lot of reading around I find that the vast majority dont really like it :(

                I've got a hand written, thousand word stategy guide for Monkey Kombat for Escape from Monkey Island hidden around here somewhere. It was only after I finished that someone told me it was randomized every time. I love looking at my crazy notes after an adventure, though. Looks like the scribblings of a mental patiant to be honest. :D

                Strange: You're kind to say, but I often feel like my posts here are disposible and worthless. Haha.

                  After you meet me, you'll realise that if I don't mean it, I won't say it. So stop feeling like that, because I know I'm not the only one who enjoys your posts. For example, just look at all the people saying they've bought Sleeping Dogs and/or Spec Ops because of you. So yeah, stop being a doofus. Because I said so. And I'm the First Lady. So there. :P

              Kings Quest 6 is actually co-designed by the Gabriel Knight creator! *random trivia*

              I even wrote Jane Jensen a letter when I was a teenager. Haha. Shameful. :P

                I now imagine you having a pic of Jane hanging on your wall, gazing longingly at you

    Morning Fronds!

    I hope we all had an awesome weekend. Bunnies TAYble-top meat was awesome and I thank Christ we don't plan the train lines. Also no one ate the pie I brought, AGAIN. All the hats!

      I had the best train line!

      Next meat we are both at, I promise I will eat your pie!

      Awwww I was gonna ask how board games ngiht went. We still having one this week?

        Sunday at my place.

        We'll start a bit earlier this time. 1pm. I assume most people will be late anyhow.

      Hey man we'd still have a better rail system than Australia! Because we WOULD go places with it!

        Damn right!

        Might not be the places you want to go, or the most direct route but you will get somewhere!

    The TAYbletop Meat was a success and a failure on the weekend.

    A success because towards the end of the last game of Munchkin, everyone finally learned that the aim is not to win (or to screw me over) but to screw everyone over. So much joy.

    My absurd train track in Ticket to Ride was also pretty good. That game was a lot more fun than you'd expect but if you want to get from Winnipeg to Calgary, you just need to go via Oklahoma.

    It was a failure because we didn't eat Nob's pie. Which is good news for this Sunday's board game meat, because there's an apple pie sitting in my fridge, waiting to be eaten.

    Also a failure because Eagle Boys managed to give us 1 out of 4 pizzas as ordered. The Supreme without capsicum had capsicum, the butcher's block was just an ordinary meatlovers and the vegetarian one was a hawaiian.

    They did get the pepperoni pizza right. So well done them.

      Oh yes. Great times in Munchkin.

      I somehow ended up as an Elf with a magic tuba and boots of running away. So I had +6 on my run away rolls and got to nab a treasure every time I successfully ran.

      You need to roll 5+ on a standard die to run away normally. I needed to roll > -1. It was glorious.

      Aside from the bit where I had to keep running away and couldn't level up to win.

        Half halfling/half dwarven thiefcleric supermunchkin is best munchkin :D

          In one game I ended up being a female dwarf wizard. Totally makes sense!

    Morning all!

    Big thanks to Greenius for tracking me down through my weekendly hermit ways to tell me to buy the Borderlands 2 Season Pass. And then Tales of Graces.
    But, no more! That's probably it for me buying games this year.

    I'm up to Smough and Ornstein. Even though they've smashed me a half-dozen times, I know I can beat them, there's just a five-second windo w in each battle where I get a bit unlucky and get instakilled by a combo attack :P

      Oh man, they are pretty difficult. I remember having so much trouble with them.

      I am not looking forward to those guys.
      Mr. Strange tried and failed so many times I think I've memorised the path from the bonfire to them. He'd reverse the hollowing so he could summon help but someone would always invade and ruin everything. In the end he went away and did things like going back to the Asylum and when he came back he didn't need to summon any help.

        I play offline so that doesn't happen. There's a summon point for a NPC right near the fog gate. I've already wasted four humanity though... :P

    So due to it being Mr. Strange's birthday on Saturday and Father's Day yesterday I had to do a whole lot of cooking and baking on the weekend. So pretty much every dish/bowl/measuring cup/spatula/baking tray in my kitchen is dirty.

    Today will be either "clean up the kitchen and finish my sister's due-any-second-now baby's quilt day" or "sit around being lazy and playing all the games day". I haven't decided which yet. :P

    P.S. 'spatula' is a pretty cool word.

      Is the quilt due any second now, or the baby? You gotta time these things just right, Strange!

        Heh...the baby's due any second.
        I'm already late with the quilt though because my sister lives in the UK so I'll need to post it when I'm done. I just need to find a few free hours where my son is not being a monster so I can put the binding around the edges and then it's finished.

      How close is the kitchen to the TV?
      You could wash during loading screens!?!?

        Heh...that could actually work. I'd get a lot of exercise running back and forth between rooms, too. :P


    So thanks to the keen eye (and subsequent advice) of Greenius, I now have a Bioshock 2 code for anyone that hasn't picked it up yet.
    Hit me up here, or on the tweets if you're interested :D

      Ooh, interesting... I've been meaning to get it. Can you play it with a gamepad on PC?

        I... uhh, if I say yes and it turns out you can't, will you forgive me?
        If so,

          I shouldn't be adding to my pile of shame, but I'll take it if nobody else NEEDS it ;D

    Mornin' TAY!
    Had a great time playing with Swapnote with various people over the weekend. I'm so glad that it was brought to my attention! My only issue now is attempting to delete crap I don't want. Problem is, everything I've received is gold! Well...except the crap from Nikki. She's the worst.

      Nikki was my only valentines :'(

      But she was also others! What a whore.

      I'm glad you're enjoying them, because I felt like I was spamming. I won't be offended if anybody tells me to stop! ;)

      Nikki is so smug. Flaunting her excellent handwriting over me.

    Good morning everyone! :D
    I've done enough procrastinating, so this week is all about WORK (I hope).

      Ewwwww, work. likes to send me an email every day asking me "have you considered these members?"

    Shockingly, I have not. Should really get around to closing that account so that I stop getting the spam emails from them.

      They just want you to be happy, they are like my grandmother who keeps asking me if i have a special someone and I say no and then she is like, i want great grandchildren before i die. Then i laugh and walk off into my room to cry at my lonliness. But its K cause i have tear stained comics.

        I'm pretty happy without the spam.

          Whenever i get a email even if it is spam, i am like at least someone cares.

        Tell her she probably has great grandchildren out there, you're just too busy sowing your wild oats to introduce her to them.

          I am not sexing up plants frey frey,

            Maybe you should. If a doctor recommends it, it must be a good idea.

              She says a lot of things, i am sure that she isn't always right.

                But doctors are always right, unless you have an apple. There is a rumor that apples are a doctor's kryptonite.

            Not even Poison Ivy?

            I just wanted to jump in on the comic book talk going on.

            I was suggesting you plant plants, not sex them. What is wrong with you.

        As long as it's only tears... i know how some of those women are drawn and nothing is worse than pages sticking together.


        Also, Bunny - maybe copy their template and start emailing them with "have you considered these games?"

      You should consider them. That was you can say yes to your emails.

        But I don't want to!

        I could just lie and say that I've considered them but I don't want to be the only person out there who lies on the internet. That would be wrong.

      'Have you considered doing something about your lonely, miserable sad life yet? Huh? HUH? You should give us money to help you out with that void you're feeling...'

    Also forgot to mention I finally got to play some Dark Souls on PC. I think the fact that it just came out on PC means it is super active in the online section. I helped like 3 people with the Gargoyles at the bell tower area. Being part of the "Sun Bro" (warrior of sunlight) covenant is awesome. Mostly because I learn the "\o/" emote and when I get summoned I make that emote. GOTY!

      I've never experienced multiplayer on Dark Souls. I've been dead the entire time and it always feels like there's no point reverse hollowing since I'll be dead again pretty soon. I wish they'd let the undead team up together.

    Hey guys... guess what...


    Holy crud, the box set looks soooo amazing! :D

      I can't wait for mine to arrive...
      That being said - i tried painting over the weekend (after about 4-5 years without touching a brush) and it didn't turn out too well.
      I'm yet to decide if I like GW's new paints...

        Apparently the new GW paints flow a lot better...

        Although, I don't use their rip-off paints anymore, i've switched to Vallejo Game Colour range.
        I get them dirt cheap from NZ,
        You should also check out their facebook - lots of helpful stuff and a new special every day! :D

          Thanks loops. I'll have a look.
          As for flowing better - I haven't done any exhausting tests yet but from what I've seen so far I'm not impressed. Seems to me that it used to be a lot easier to get good, even coverage with the old paints.
          These new ones (even the "base" ones) don't seem to cover well at all.

    Sleeping Dogs has THE best karaoke selection.

      Talkin' away, I don't know what I'm to say I'll say it any way...

      I might've laughed hysterically for a minute or so when Wei hit the high notes.

    Good morning humans and other creatures. I got into GW2 over the weekend. I'm quickly falling in love with the Charr and their lands. Everything just looks gorgeous. The controls could take some getting used to though, same with the optimisation that needs some fixing up I think. Regardless, I'm really enjoying the game so far, and it really motivates me to do my GW1 character epilogues :)

      How are you controlling the game? Also, what server, what class and what's your character's name so I can add you to the guild.

        You can see my details on TAYnames, I'm using the WASD controls to move with the number hotkeys to fight with, it gets a little awkward, especially with dodging (May need to turn off the free-view camera). I'm playing as a charr engineer with a monocle eye patch, using rifles and pistols, not a fan of the shield though

          Double tap dodging isn't very responsive in GW2, just use V to dodge. Also, set your A and D keys to strafe left and right and use that in combination with your mouse to move your character. Rather than just sticking to the number keys you should also consider assigning Q, E and R to attacks.

            Cool thanks for the tips I'll try that out later tonight

    *waves* mornin' all. How was all the fathers of TAYs day yesterday? My old man was touched I thought to get him some proper beer glasses for his homebrew that hold a head properly, I also cooked & did other stuff for him & mum.

    Also I was just started laughin my arse off at one of the neighbours. The morons that no one in the street likes (yeah the usual one I bitch about=P) one of them is out there just standing there with the hose on full blast spraying our colorbond fence right and all of a sudden the daughter of our other neighbour comes out side and yells "I WILL FUCKING SHOVE THAT HOSE UP YOUR ARSE IF YOU DON'T STOP!!" Oh man I lost it, that was great XD

    Brisbane TAYbies! Who's interested in bowling this weekend or next weekend?

      I think my response got eaten before.

      This weekend doesn't work so well for me but next weekend might just work. Don't forget, board games at my place on Sunday afternoon.

    Happy Monday, TAY!
    It's been a while since I've been able to post first thing at the start of the week.
    Had a too short weekend, but I'm feeling pretty good anyway.

    Freyr! I love your responses to our comic series. 'I thought this thing was for games but apparently...COMICS!'

    It's a little scary how accurate that is for me right now. :P

      ___ friends are online!

      Oooo I wonder what games they're playing. "Nintendo Letter Box" :D

      I still send my pics to the usual people who opted in but I'm not sure if others want. I also get the feeling it's getting spammy :P

      I like that I am the grumpy one when Bishfrond is also part of it all :p


        Some of us have been drawing comics on the 3DS all weekend because who uses these things for gaming really. :P

          I use mine to give my desk a nice little rectangle that is free from dust. It's been damned successful at it too.

            The comics bit is actually kind of fun. You should try actually using the thing you've paid good money for :p

              Wait I dont think I have you no my friends list D:

                I added you but apparently you hate me and didn't add me back.

    So, if for some weird reason you weren't awake and on twitters at 1230 this morning and missed this, here it is again:

    Guys guys guys you can preorder Dishonored from Green Mang Gaming for $45 if you use GMG25-LABOR-DAYGO at the checkout. Go go go go!

    Hey guys - i forgot to mention i saw this - but have a MASSIVE sale on pre-owned games - all $10 each with a $5 shipping cap :)

      Also, it expires at 12pm today :s

      Disney Sing It: HSM3 and Get Fit with Mel B only $15 each? What a bargain!

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