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    Yay virus is 68km from toowoomba! Also other Tay does not load on this mobile browser =(

      Blame Blaghs for that :P
      It's seriously impressive!

        It did look impressive :P

      Hi Virus!

      You're mising out on other TAY's Blaghtacular Blaghness.
      It is indeed something to behold!

        I saw some of it that was the bit where my phone was a NOPE none for you!


      1/10 Shiggys.

      I'd vote higher, but apparently you don't want me to.

      I voted, and have yet to receive my ice cream.




          I did an artist's rendering of the event. With ketchup from mcdonalds onto a serviette. and mailed it to you.

      Nah I voted for Bruce Campbell kn the weekend sorry bro.

    Went with my dad and sister to this house my grandma owns that's a couple hours away and near the beach for the weekend so I didn't get much gaming done. Mainly played some Pokemon White on my DS and some Super Mario World since our old SNES is down at that house.

    When I got home late Sunday afternoon I jumped on GW2 and saw I had a message from Blaghs (blargs, blahgs, blorgs, bloogs?) asking to promote some TAYbies up to Officer rank within the guild. Tried doing that but it seems I can't rank people up who are offline. I left this in the guild message, but if anyone wants me to promote them to officer just message me when I'm online and I'll promote you.

      One day I went to my gram's house and she was all WHERE'S MY PUDDING? THAT'S MY PUDDING I'M PRETTY SURE. She had 3 servings of pudding and then wandered around in the backyard for 30 minutes before accusing me of collusion with marxist loyalists and falling asleep on the couch.

      Pretty sure she was crazy.

      theres a kotaku guild?!

        It's more of a TAY guild than a general Kotaku AU guild, but if any non TAYbies want to join I'd be happy to invite them if that's okay with the other guild members. Knights of the Thorny Oar. Just whisper me, character name is Synria, or just message any of the other GW2 players on this list:
        I'll probably end up promoting most of them to Officers so they can invite people to the guild.

      Super Mario World is the best kind of Mario World...

      My gawd how i loved that game

    I took a sledgehammer to the face on Friday.* How was everyone esle's weekends?

    *Don't worry, I'm fine. Nothing's broken :)

      Wwwwwhhhhhhaaaaaaaattttttttttt O_O

      Definitely going to need some backstory on that one

      D: that sounds painful. Good to know you are alright though. Try to he a little safer next time (i know it's silly to tell lambo to be safe but it's the thought that counts right?).

      I managed to squeeze in about 45 hours of sleep, and managed two days/nights of excess in between.
      I may be going to Thailand with people for Xmas/NYE period too. It was a decent weekend, spent with wonderful people :D

      I imagine that's the type of thing you say in real life with the most casual voice ever.

      "Oh, you know. Went out. Had a drink or two." *sip* "got hit in the face with a sledgehammer."


      Glad to hear nothing's broken.
      But you can't just drop that here and not tell us the story!

      Rambo! How on earth did you manage that?! Glad you're okay, but ouch.

      Okay, story time.
      My brother and I were outside hammering in stakes for a fence. My brother was hammering one in using a small sledge hammer. He'd put the big sledgehammer on top of a small garden shed beside the post he was hammering. He hit the stake, the stake hit the shed, and the big sledgehammer fell off on top of me. It hit me just under my right eye and just missed my nose. I'm really surprised I'm not seriously injured. My face is barely even bruised, which is somewhat disappointing. No one can tell it even happened to me :P
      Oh, the sledgehammer also hit my chest on the way down, and that's more sore than my face is. Don't think anything's broken there either though.
      I think I must be Wolverine :P

        Well your skull is harder than your chest, I believe.

        We're gonna have to jazz the story up for the public though. While hammering in stakes for a fence.. a shark's nest was disturbed.. so you picked up a sledgehammer and threw it with such strength that it rebounded off the mighty shark and into your face.

        Awesome. I can see no wrong with this story.

          I like this except while he was fighting a swarm of sharks, one tried to eat the princess so Lambo dived in front of her and the shark broke his jaw on lambo's head.

          Entirely plausible series of events, I see Shark's nests laying around the place all the time. You should totally tell people this is what happened.

          I think i can beat this one..... So he discovered Thors hammer, saved the universe from a Space Shark Invasion from the Space Marine galaxy, but unfortunately crash landed upon his return to Earth... He's only had 48Hrs to learn how to fly!

        It's like the increadible machine!!!

        ...only painful!!!!

        This is my favorite story of the week so far.
        Glad you're ok, buddy :)

    Played a good chunk of Fall of Cybertron multiplayer this weekend.
    It's awesome, especially escalation. Epic :D

      I saw that and meant to join, but my SKYRIM! addiction hit a high level this weekend and I spent about 20-25 hours on it.
      I am ashamed to admit I still haven't even finished the campaign on FoC.

        Holy crud, man!! how long have you been playing that thing for?!?!

          Almost 400 hours and still going strong.
          Though I think I may have played a little to much, as I have developed the SKYRIM! shakes and every 5 minutes I start daydreaming about it.
          Like how I have to finish of the Thane quests in Dawnstar so I can get another housecarl for my new property there, oh and I have to order some more lumber and transfer some iron from my other home, plus I need to go to Mehrunes shrine so I can get some more daedric hearts and I still have to get grimsever as I forgot to pick that up and I think I may need to get a new horse as I think the last dragon attack may have killed my current one and I haven't been back to visit the family in a while, so I should probably get the kids some toys and on my way there there is that bandit leader that needs some killing, plus I want to pick up some more soul gems as I want to boost my enchanting and... um... well you get the idea.

            Holy crap... are you playing Skyrim or Second Life? lol

              Next they will release skyrim farmville DLC and then we'll lose Hugo forever!

    Morning FRONDS!

    Had a pretty cool weekend. Friday night went and had dinner with extended family (aunties, uncles cousins, etc...). Saturday night had dinner with my brother (he's been traveling around Europe for a bit more then a month) and then had Bunny's meat Sunday.

    The meat was pretty cool, some jerk beat bunny by 1 point in ticket to ride. ALSO, MY PIE WAS EATEN!!! (Please refer to my 3DS letter for more details). Then I found 10 messages.

      I was going to yell "NOB'S PIE IS BEST PIE!" in response to this but then I realised how many jokes would would be made so I didn't.

        Strange! Your cake was best cake!

          Yay! I liked it so much I'm gonna make another one this week so I can eat more. :P

            :D I wish I could have more.

            Yeah for reals, it was pretty damn good

      I drew you an empty pie tin =D

        I saw that! :D We didn't get to eat all of it but bunny PROMISED me he would it it all after we left, PROMISED!

          PROMISED! =D
          That means he has to do it

          I did no such thing.

      Forgot to mention, Strange brought a birthday cake for bunny. We sang happy birthday to him,Sughly was main vocalist and strange and I were backup. It was glorious!

        We were the backup gigglers. :D

          How could we not giggle with Sughly's heavenly singing voice :P

            I would prefer swooning, but will settle for giggles

    Hi... 'sup?

    Just in case Scree didn't see this on previousTAY,

    @Scree, i am pretty much confirmed to go to Mr. Splicer's Meatacular Meat....
    Which means i will be driving... which means i have room in the car... which means- aaahh you get the rest...

    sooo... i don't start till 11 today \o/ which means i get a little TAY time \o/
    Finally gave in an traded in my DS XL for a 3DS XL.... got myself Mario 3D Land (LOVE IT) and Ocarina of Time (Because i missed out on the original, and ZOMG I LOVE IT)... so not much other gaming time but lots of hand held \o/...

    what did everyone else get up to huh? HUH?

      \o/ That's all I really need to say


      I mean, Hi Pixel!

        FROND CODE: 2793 - 1925 - 9092

          I will \o/

          But I need to wait until I get home /o\

            I didnt know you had a 3DS!? :O



          Also, Hello.

      Who cares about buying 3DS games? GET ON LETTER BOX!

        I am helping with this now!

        Frond code?

          TAY names man, someone who is bot lazy can probably link it for you.

          TAY names man, someone who is not lazy can probably link it for you.

            O.O not too lazy to double post apparently.

            So many people seem to have forgotten about TAYnames...LIKE PIXEL.


      *engulfs Pixel a spleen squeezing, lung lacerating, barbarian bear hug*
      What's the happy hap?

        *gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasp*too... much... air...need

        yeah stuff's good :D
        looks like work is promoting me soon, so that good.
        Missus has hurt her hip, so she can't walk and I am pretty much doing everything (cause you know, she can't) which makes for a busy Pixel.
        but that's a longer story, for another time...
        and how are you my dear Barbarian? how's clubby?

          Mmm "too… much… air…need" this sounds like
          Too much air, need tighter hug! Rightio then
          *squeezes harder*
          response to comment
          Busy /o\
          Stuff good \o/
          Promotion \o/
          Missus hurt /o\
          Busy /o\

          As for myself, my dear furry sea going warrior, I am nervous as hell, as the department is going through a restructure and I have to apply for my job and have an interview.

          After appearing in Doc What's movie, Clubby is thinking of moving to Hollywood and trying for stardom. Although a long distance friendship will be hard for the both of us, career wise, I think this is a good move for him.

      Awwww... mannn... I'm still not sure as to whether or not i'll make it - sounds like this is shaping up to be an all sorts of awesome meat!
      My family are trying to arrange for us to head to Ballarat to see my Grandfather, so it all hinges on that.

    If you have an Xbox, you NEED to get Mark of the Ninja. Or at the very least, get the trial, regardless of how you feel about stealth games (despite them being the best).

      I'll try and get the trial once I decide that I'll turn it on...eventually

      I saw that on the weekend, might give it a try, however my stealth tactic is to normally run up to someone screaming my lungs out while waving a giant sword/gun/swordgun/Clubby.

      *mutter* stupid red ring *mutter*

    Morning everyone.

    If you're bored or have time want to give the demo of Eryi's action a go?
    That's all I really have to say =P

      1. Download & Play Eyri's Action.
      2. Breakdown and cry manly tears of manlyness.
      3. ???
      4. Profit

        Yeah, i didn't cry, but I nearly broke something.
        It's not the game for me.

          When I got to like -30 lives I started getting mad so I stopped playing :P

            I think I got to -46 or something.
            It was the death at the end of the level that got me.

              Arghhhh that end part. So frustrating!

          Hey, hey, if I can clear it, anyone can :P Plus, the Boss at Nyu Media cleared it in less than a week (talk about iron will!).

          I like to imagine it's a cute version of Dark Souls where instead of killer knights lurking at every corner and placed on purpose on areas where you are at a low level, there are cute little birds and crazy little enemies trying to kill you :P Of course I had my fair share of smashing the keyboard and died 300+ times to finish it. The ending is ironically the easiest part, heh.

      i broke rule #1 but i persevered... -56 BE DAMNED... now how do you jump? XD

        You press up or the Z key IIRC. :P I ended up recording a run on the demo. Died three times in the process, haha!

        I think it's space. I can't remember.

          LOL I was way off XD

            Here, watch me dying in the first level!


    So the warego highway is rather boring..

      Oh jeez we just passed the area where dad said he saw household appilances in the trees last tone he came up here.

    Blaghspam! <3

    Although I'm disappointed he mentioned "penis" or "penii" all those times but didn't once mention "penicl" (unless I missed it). :P Also, you should watch the Sarah Jane Adventures, Blaghs. It's actually not bad.

    Addendum to my meat report in old TAY: there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth because D.C. didn't attend. Why you make me cry, D.C.? :'(

      Oh also...I saw Sughly's 3DSXL and now I have 3DS envy.

        You called it a CHILD'S TOY! Unforgiveable >:(

      I always read penicl as either pencil or pinnacle.

      Take solace in the fact I was probably alone in the dark crying at the exact same time some where else. :P

    Forgive me if you've seen this one before...

      I've seen it before but it's always great to return to it again. Poor Henri :-)

    So I played a bit more Spec Ops last night. It's a great game. A little above my skill level (I'm terrible at gaems, 'specially shooters)
    I got "damned if you do'. Kinda curious to see what everyone else did there.

      I'm thinking it's the best idea to get it on either the PS3 or the 360.
      Most likely PS3 as I'm still holding a grudge against 360

        PC is my platform of choice :D SO GOOOOOOD!

          Well, there's the issue of simulation sickness on PC. However, is it FPS?

            It's third-person, think Gears of War style over-the-shoulder shooter.
            FOV shouldn't have too much of an effect with that in mind, as you're not 'seeing through their eyes' as it were.

              Dammit, it seems to be the 3rd person shooters that effect me, rather then the first person shooters.
              I even tried changing the POV on Alan Wake American Nightmare but it did barely anything. =(

      I did the "damned if you don't" option.

      Be really interested to see what you think when you finish it!

      I got Damned if you Don't, I...

      ... ershfrq gb cynl Xbaenq'f tnzr naq fubg ng gur favcref.

        I did that too but it was pretty tough - I kept dying.

        Also later on I got the "A line... held" achievement.

          Me too. That was a pretty harrowing experience, huh?

    So a pretty great weekend overall. Also have some big news for the futurrreeee...

    Firstly, Bee and I took care of her little brother and sister on saturday night and went laser skirmishing at Galactic Circus. First round was average, scoring a total of ~6000 points due to mainly just running around aimlessly. Second round, though. Oh dear lordy. We had the four of us and two strangers, a father an son, on our team. I pretty much ordered everyone to take the base in the back corner and throughout the game we held up a defense that was worth of the art of war. It was GLORIOUS. We mounted a concentraed effort that not only took our team to glorious victory, but also netted me a INSANE 16,000 odd points!
    Truly i must be a primarch - Surely the Emperor shall arrive soon to take me away so that i might lead my own legion of astartes to victory in countless galaxies!
    They shall be called "The Sons of Loops" and they shall be glorious.

    It also helped that one of the opposing teams in the second round were made up of girls that were probably 12 years old. Regardless i showed them no mercy and purged the battlefield of their filth. Mannn those girls really didn't like me at the end either. In fact, at the end one pointed at me and said "Him, that's the one that kept shooting me!!!"
    Little girl, i shot everyone. I am the great extinguisher of hope.

    On a more serious note - the big super-secret news!
    Bee and I are headed to Noosa in November. Bee's dad was down in geelong with me while she was at work on saturday.
    So while i had some rare time with him, i asked his blessing for me to propose to Bee while we are away. He said yes, naturally. He probably sensed my deftness with a laser gun and decided it would be wiser to make me a long term ally.
    But yes.. so in just over 2 months time, it looks like i'll be popping the question... so now all that is left to do is put together the biggest surprise possible for Bee....

    Oh goodness me...

      I won't say gratz yet cos you haven't popped the question but thats seriously awesome dude :)

        Mann i hope i don't roll a One... lol

      Been years since I've played laser skirmish/tag/whatever. I never knew what I was doing in those sorts of game. Am I just supposed to walk around shooting people or are their objectives? When I get shot am I supposed to stop moving and shooting cause I'm dead or what? It never made any sense to me.

      Congratulations on the blessing, forthcoming proposal and hopefully marriage.

        I found the best thing to do was to take it all way too seriously! lol
        Cheers man.

      Wow! Good on you mate!

      Now you have 2 months to plan your YouTube-musical-spectacular-on-ice-once-in-a-lifetime-totally-spontanious-amazefest! With unicycles!

        On ice? Man, that's gonna be one tweaked out wedding :S
        Not to mention expensive!

          I know, hey...
          And the unicycles in combination with the Ice?? man... that's asking for trouble.

          Although, i have to wonder that if you take Ice before proposing, would you freak out more or less?

          *Calls Mythbusters*

            Who needs Mythbusters? FIND OUT FOR YOURSELF, DAMMIT.

            Just... no unicycles. I can handle a wedding full of people smacked out of their heads, but no unicycles :S

              but... but.. could you imagine those guys off their head and playing with a warehouse full of gunpowder? Surely that would be more excitement?!?

              Why all the unicycle hate?

              grumble grumble all those years of practice grumble grumble and all for nothing grumble grumble.

      ...I don't think I've ever played laser tag.

      Awesome that you've got Bee's father's blessing man, go for it!
      I like the "Oh look, I'm dea-SURPRISE!!!" tactic, myself.

        Hahahaha, awesome place for that link.

          hahaha yeah i saw that... man if i did that, it would NOT end well at all!

      Oh man, that's awesome! Good luck in the future!

        YAY! FUTURE LUCK!!!
        Sooo much more useful than that stupid past-luck stuff!

      Go Loops. Just pray that Bee doesn't come looking here and spoil the surprise.
      Massive congrats though - fantastic news :)

        This is one of the few places she never comes snooping. Thank goodness for that. She just has no interest in me "being gay with games and random people"..

        Ahhh women*, dey crazy, amirite?

        *Taybie women excluded

      get her a chain sword... girls love chainswords

        You spelled 'Bitches' wrong.

        Ahh memes... how wonderful and completely inappropriately disrespectful you are...

        Maybe, if she says yes, she'll let me dress like a Space Marine for the ceremony?

        ...yeah.. no...

      CONGRATU- wait, should I wait to congratulate you? I should, shouldn't I?
      Awesome news anyway.
      Don't worry about the little girl, she was just jealous of your mad skills.

        You can semi congratulate me? lol
        I really have no idea to be honest.

        Also, maybe i should have pistol whipped them? PISTOL WHIPS FOR EVERYONE!!!

          I think that it may have caused more trouble. Just if you see her again, target her specifically. =D

          Semi-congratulations! And good luck as well.

      You better hope she doesn't read TAY =P
      Congrats mate! It's a big step.

      Also I think "Loops Guard" or "Loops Angels" sounds better.... Your not Horus.

    So Cakemang and I went into the city on Friday to buy comics. Then we found #35 in a bar and hung out with him for the rest of the night. I don't think Cakemang paid for a single drink that night...
    Moral of the story: impromptu meats are awesome. Also Jordi was supposed to be there at some point but I left before she showed up. D:

      Scumbag cakemang, goes to bar with friends, doesn't pay for a drink cause people like him.

      Did you guys find Crossed?!?!?!

        Crossed is the most fked up comic I have ever read.
        If you've got the stomach for extreme violence, then yeah, read it. Its a good / very grim take on the zombie / 28 Days later style apocalypse.

          VERY fucked up... but i think the way it was done was absolutely brilliant and i have a lot of respect for it.

            well, anything Garth Ennis touches is brilliant (in a messed-up way).
            You read Preacher? Probably prefer it to Crossed honestly, coz its got a bit of (incredibly) dark humour to it.
            Also, I recently picked up The Darkness compendium, which he was involved with. Pretty keen on getting started on that one...

              You and me both #35, you and me both :)

      Jordi turned up about midnight. We went to some other shit bar & had a beer then got disappointing kebabs.
      Worth it though.

    So, guys, I'm kinda of back. Having put over 35 hours into Dark Souls: Prepare to Durante Edition, I can safely say DS certainly lived up to the hype despite the abysmal job on the port. And I keep dying. Like, a lot. Constantly. Also, Havel I hate you so much for 1-hit killing me. Y I CAN'T BACKSTAB U!!! (I keep trying but after one try I get so pummelled, argh.)

    Suffering through Sen's Fortress on my way to Anor Londo.

      Dark Souls RULES!!! Also there is a mod that let's you inscreaea the resolution of the game. It makes the game look awesome, I'll see if I can find it. Also Sen's Fortress is horrible.

        Here's the link man.
        I have this bookmarked because he updates the patch every couple of days.

          Ah, I was looking for this link, as I commented in my post, I'm playing the "Durante Edition" :P (The user who "fixed/saved" the PC version of DarK Souls alright.)

          YES, Sen's Fortress is horrible and From is horrible for putting those horrible snake men in there. And they are even worse for making me died at the fake chest and now the chest doesn't spawn so I don't have the spear to kill them :(

            Ahhh yes the fake chest. Sen's Fortress does teach you an important lesson :P

              Hell yeah. You know, I'm attacking every single chest I see from now on! Oh, another one stuck in Anor Londo. That place sounds like HELL!!!

      A lot of people hate Havel... I think I was lucky to beat him first try.
      Stuck in Anor Londo right now, you nearly caught up to me.

    Howdy Tayberinos!

    Spent a chunk of the weekend getting back into MGS4 (Metal Gear!) because I got it cheap.

    Also, got Broken Sword 1 for my tablet, which is just as good as I remember. So A Monday Morning Question: What oldschool game (Adventure Game or otherwise) really needs to make a jump to tablet? For me, it's no question: Grim Fandango.

      My first thought was Star Fox/Wing. Motion control flying, spin your tablet to do a barrel roll. My second thought was, do tablets even have motion control? Probably not. They're just touchscreen, aren't they. I have no idea what tablets can do.

        Most tablets have some sort of accelerometer- I can steer driving games with mine

      Heroes of Might and Magic 2. It'd even work brilliantly with touch controls.

      I'm just biding my time till Baldur's Gate come out. Very excited to sink many many hours into that again.

      Still yet to play any of the MGS games :(
      I am a bad, bad person.

      Monkey Island threeeeeee!

      Not really old school, but would look oh so nice on de tablets

      Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers. (Although I reckon tablets are the perfect home to old school adventures. As long as there's no dodgy hot spots it works amazingly!)

    Cocktails in Bali are rather on the strong side as I discovered last night. I probably shouldnt have started with the Long Island but Rp 35,000 of course I was going to. Current me now has a burning passionate hate for Past me but. Head home tonight. Rather crappy flight. Leave at midnight and get to Sydney about 6 then fly to Brisbane about 4 hours later.

    And \o/ woo huzzah and all other types l awesomeness for you Loops. I remember asking Mrs Freeze's old man for permission. I don't think I've ever seen anyone so shocked.

      My FiL was flustered and confused, and then decided that he'd won some sort of victory because I'd come to him for his blessing (I didn't ask for his permission, just his blessing).

        Man, i was shaking for like 20 minutes afterwards.. it was pretty massive. So full-on. lol.

        Also, Past-Me's are always absolute buttholes. I remember past me once drank almost a whole bottle of straight cougar which caused violent vomiting for a long period and public crying. What a dick.

        If I ever got married, which I can't ever see myself doing (foreveralone.jpg), I don't think I'd ask her parents for permission or their blessing. I mean, I'd want them to like me enough that they'd be fine with us getting married, but I wouldn't go to them before hand and ask.

          I think it's more the old-fashioned and brownie-points approach.
          It's also about respect as well, i guess..

            This, especially the respect thing.

            I get that, but I think that if I found myself wanting to propose to a woman that my mind would think that by respecting her parents by asking for their permission and/or blessing before talking to her that I'd be disrespecting her by thinking that she somehow belongs to her parents and isn't her own, free person and ultimately I'd be more concerned with showing her respect than her parents so I wouldn't ask them.

            That's just how my mind works though and I certainly see how others minds would work differently on this matter, and who knows, if I ever do find myself in that situation I may indeed talk to her parents first.

            I'm a bit concerned that this is sort of making me sound like a huge a-hole who's judging you or something. I just want to make it clear that that's not my intention here. I really am happy for you.

      Honestly I can't remember asking for permission.
      I think they knew I was going to do it on our NZ trip, but I don't think I asked.
      I guess it helps when the in-laws like you already. I just didn't feel like I needed to ask.

    Just woke up. Am now reheating some of Strange's pretzels to have for breakfast. Best breakfast.

      I had Malteasers. Tempted to eat the kinder surprise as well.

        Kinder Surprise! I have had one of them in atleast 10 years. I have wasted my life /o\

          The surprise inside is actually the regret you've built up for the past 10 years.

            The surprise is actually when you look at the toy and think "wth is this crap?"

              Oh man, I remember when I use to get the "pre-built" toy. I felt so ripped off.

                My last two were pre-built toys. I did feel ripped off

                  Jerks =(

      Did you finish my pie!?


          This is because I beat you by 1 point in ticket to ride, isn't it?

            You jerk.

            I shouldnt have been so intimidated by your trains, I was so much closer than I realised!

    Well I did the 4 weeks of using a standing desk like I planned and I've decided to stick with it. It has helped me with back pain and weight loss, as well as being more productive because it's harder to zombie-out when standing.

    I think I'll buy/build a bigger desk though rather than use the one I cobbled together out of things I found in the shed, as well as getting a fatigue mat and a decent stool for when I want to rest.

      I was just wondering how a standing desk would work. I've tried kneeling at my desk, but it just causes knee pain.

      Wow. Good to hear.

      A lot of good news for TAYbies recently.

      An anti-fatigue mat will make a huge difference.
      Make sure you get one big enough that wherever you stand at your desk you never have one foot half off it. Standing with a foot half on/half off the mat is worse than no mat at all.

    Morning, TAY.
    so, TTT2 is out this week...
    I'll have to guard my wallet.
    Also, go Andy Murray for tomorrow.

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