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    So what's the possibility of me trading in my Wii to upgrade to the WiiU upon release, without stepping foot into the store? Would they be likely to accept a console mailed in, much the same as I would require a console to be mailed to me?

      I doubt it would happen, but it's worth asking a store, I guess.

      man if i were you, id sell on ebay... you'll get 3 time whatever they offer you... and sell the games separately..

    Howdy Gang! Haven't really been posting at all this week, or been on teamspeak so thought I'd pop in and see whats been crappening? As for me I've been getting into the Warmachine miniatures with a bunch of mates. I have only been playing start-pack games, but they have been incredibly fun and the variety of unorthodox tactics available makes for many laughs (I threw one of my own units at an enemy leader for a flukey win).

    Also for any other BT fans (Greenius), Dead Silence dropped this week. I'm still yet to sit down and really listen to it, but what I have listened to (the first half) I can deffinitely say that Viking Death March and Surprise Surprise rate up there with some of my favorite BT songs.

    Also I found 10$.

      Hey Steve-O!

      Me and Cracks had a brief discussion on it a few pages back. I ordered the album online from them so it still hasn't arrived but it's been on Soundcloud/Torrents for a while. It's great but I still prefer I and II over it. My least favourite track is probably Swallowed Up By the Ocean

    Alright kiddies, musical associations. We all do it. There will be a band, an album, a song that whenever you hear you start to think of something else.

    Probably the most gaming related one I can think of is Bond. You know that string quartet that tries to look sexy while strumming away? I can't hear their music without thinking of Ragnarok Online. After hours of grinding away in that game, I finally got sick of hearing the BGM and decided to listen to Bond instead.

    One song in particular, I can't remember which, has a sound effect in it that sounds remarkably similar to a Yoyo being nearby. Damned monkeys.

    Another more recent one is Hanson's Shout it Out album. Was just listening to it while grabbing my lunch. Makes me think of a certain midget doctor who refuses to listen to it.

      Nobody cares that you think Hanson are good, for god's sake.
      You just need to deal with it, understand that you will convince no one and move on.

        They're touring!

          Okay, I'm convinced.

            Australia, not Canada. Poor Bishfrond.

              Oh, I see how it is.
              All the exciting stuff happens when I'm gone.

                That's right, I'm sulking so much that my mouth has disappeared.

                  That's a mighty powerful sulk you've got there.

              My friend met them at the airport in Halifax the other week, there is hope for Bish!

      Britney Spears Toxic always makes me think of Bond. It just really sounds like one of the songs you'd hear during the opening of the film.

        Oddly enough, Sonata Arctica's Black Pearl White Oceans makes me think of Pocahontas (the Disney version). Can't work out that one.

      Bleeding Love by Leona Lewis makes me think of London in 2007. Song was every where. No escaping it for weeks. WEEEEEEEEKS. That Umbrella song too. :S

        I keep bleeding. Keep, keep bleeding love. I keep bleeding. Keep, keep bleeding love.


          It's draining all on me. Though they find it hard to believe. I'll be wearing these scars for everyone to see.

          So much disturbing imagery. :S

        Hahaha, that umbrella song. I had a friend at uni called Ella I always sang it to haha, so I guess it reminds me of her. She hated that so much, it was great.

          Haha! Too cruel. I take it she severed all ties after uni. :P

      Gangnam Style - Trjn's love of Gangnam Style

        Gangnam Style - Shiggy's loathing of Gangnam Style :p

        I listened to Gangnam style for the first time yesterday. It was... interesting.

          I think you mean amazing!

          Scree listened to it too for the first time today. I wonder what she thought :P

          Two words: Elevator scene


            Remember that show Amazing? Good times. Strupid kids could never find the keys and win the game boy, and they sucked balls at the games.

              No :(

              Sounds like one of those Australian game shows for kids. Those were the worst.

                Oh, best kid show evah!1! My cousin went on that once. :P

                  My cousin did too! He ended up winning a gameboy (original fat version). I think came with battletoads and something else.

            If there is one life lesson to take from the Gangnam style video it's, 'Always be smiling like the elevator guy.' I always love it when I see that part and the the guy in the green shirt is beaming,

              Ever since signing up to Twitter, I like to think that's what Aleph-Null looks like. :D

                Mama always told me, that life is like an elevator.

       soon as a door opens, thrust and smile, baby!
                THRUST. AND. SMILE.

                You never saw his first person adventure videos around Angurugururururur? They were quite cool :D

                  I did, but he was in frame for half a second I think.

      Justin Hunter's Honey Keys album reminds me of Oblivion, because it was the soundtrack to my daughter's first three months, which meant I had to play games muted.

      The Rasmus' Hide From The Sun album makes me want to do some writing, because one my current projects was inspired by the song "Keep Your Heart Broken"

        Let There Be Love by Oasis reminds me of a writing assignment at Uni. Had the song on loop for three hours. Indelibly etched into my brain. :S

      I always associate Fear Factory's Demanufacture and Obsolete albums with Mechwarrior 2, good times :)

      For me, I can't hear Jeremy Soule's Elder Scrolls music and not think of the LOTR movies, and vice versa.

      The Tron Legacy OST reminds me of Tron Legacy :P

      I can't help but think of Pirates of The Caribbean whenever I hear the main menu music for Oblivion...

      I have a strong association between Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells and Ragnarok Online.

      Guess what I was listening to while farming smokies for weeks trying to get the goddamn cat ears (which never dropped) so I could be super cute.

        Cat ears? Amateur!

        Everyone knows Bunny Luv was where it's at. Spent so damned long farming for that four leaf clover. I actually had quite a few cat ears in the early days when they were worth something. Smokies and Yoyos were great for grinding levels and gave decent loot while doing it.

          So apparently it was called the Bunny Band (and Kitty Band for the cat ears). Bunny Luv is what the bunny ears are called on Gaia Online.

          The Bunny Band was made from the Kitty Band.

          Four-leaf clover was easier, highest drop rate was from the... uh... Lunatic Rabbit? It was a low-level boss version of the rabbit mobs, twice the normal size. I got one about the second or third time I killed it.

            Indeed it was. I hunted Lunatics and Eclipse for a long time trying to get my four leaf clover. This was back in the day of open iRO beta, where you had to walk uphill both ways and blah blah blah.

            The drop rate was very low and what was worse was this is before the LUK stat was even implemented.

              I was playing on iRO as well. Private servers that sort of stuff was easy to get but the drop rates on everything on the real servers were insane. :(

                Once the game went pay to play, I went to the private servers.

                Increased drop rates made the game so much better. Ended up playing on high rate servers because I wanted to just focus on the good bits of the game, not grinding out a few hundred hours killing whatever the flavour of the month monster was.

                That game got so broken with an increased level cap and increased max stats. When every caster can insta-cast, suddenly things just get silly. Having 190 attack speed was pretty fun too.

    So basically if you have a white WiiU and people come around to your house, then you look like a stingey bastard

      Dats RACIST!

      Are we also getting the whole White - Basic Edition, Black - Deluxe Edition thing?

      I don't get why they're doing that, they should have basic/deluxe in both colours in case someone wants one or the other. My Wii accessories and consoles are already a whole range of colours :P

        I would honestly prefer the white one just for the color. Black shows all the dust and fingerprints. :(

      Once you go black, you don't go back.

          I should have check the video first. Damn you, Rize.

    Stay away from that trap door. (You're a fool if you dare.) Stay away from that trap door. Cause there's something down there. #90sNostalgia

      Now this I remember!

      True story: I started watching Art Attack again a few days ago. Watched so much in bed before sleeping and before getting out that I actually used a crapload of my monthly data allowance on my phone :P

        True story, the Art Attack guy (Buchanan (sp?)) followed me on Twitter.

      After seeing you guys talking about that old kids game show I spent about an hour going through the intros to old TV shows I watched as a kid.

        And sometimes, outros.

          Holy crap, man. That show freaked me out then, it freaks me out now.

          Lift Off fueled my nightmares. I was slightly out of the target age, so didn't see it often, but it still got to me.

        Remember The Raggy Dolls? Almost two decades later and it's etched in my brain pan still. :P

          Widget the World Watcher! Ducktales! Rocko's Modern Life! Ren & Stimpy!

    My elementalist is ~lvl 29 ish. But I think he's on a different server. They don't have the cross-server stuff implemented yet, do they?

      Good question, we should probably look into that.

      I think server transfers are still free, should we all try and get on one or is that too much effort?

        No idea. Shouldn't be too hard. When were we planning this for?

          Whenever we can get everyone together I guess.
          Hang on, taynames says you are on Crystal Desert with us anyway...

            Changed to play with HindenLagen, who couldn't get onto Crystal Desert. Forgot to update TAYnames.

        I'm thinking I should transfer, just to be with all the TAYbies on Crsytal Desert.

          Would be good to have you, not that we do a lot of playing together so far...

    @Dire Wolf

    I love Monster Hunter Tri on the Wii. Almost no story to speak of, but it's the gameplay that hooked me. It's kind of like Demon's Soul and Dark Souls in that it's largely very fair, and the mechanics largely don't change at all - rather, you improve as a player. The new armour and weapons are shiny, but it's more about personal improvement.
    And then there's the multiplayer. It becomes so much more fun tag-teaming a monster with a friend. And it gets a bit more frantic, too ^_^


    Did you see this? :D

    DO IT.
    Will post server deets on Twitter when good to go.

      If I'm on the Wii tonight I'll harass ya on twitter.
      Some huntin' sounds like fun :D

        Well y'know, if the online works.
        Thus half the hype of Monster Hunter 3 HD anyways :P

    So, here's the trailer for Insomniac's Fuse.


    Personally my judgement will have to wait until I see some more solid gameplay and details on how the co-op all works, but it is a shame they changed the art style to be more realistic and gritty. I really dig the incredibles-esque cartoony style they had going on when the game was Overstrike.
    I guess they wanted distance from TF2's art style or they wanted a more serious art style, oh well .

      Aww man, of course I'll wait to see more but my initial impressions are not very good. I liked the initial concept like you. It had more personality and looked like it would have been a fun cheesy story. This doesn't scream Insomniac to me, it just looks really generic. In previews the developers said the initial trailer was more concept than game but I would have preferred it if they went with that version and tried to flesh it out. Even the exaggerated character faces have been changed :-( the characters just look average now.

      Like all insomniac games post Ratchet and clank on the PS2, I know this game will have inventive weapons but for now this trailer does nothing for me.

      Time to petition them to go back to making Overstrike? I liked the look of that so much more. This just looks a little generic. Here's hoping it's kept its comedy. Would make up for the change in art style.

    This video just sent me on a massive nostalgia trip. So many good memories.


      OMG you just nostalgia'd the shit out of me!!!! the video did miss Captain PLanet, Widget, & Superted!

      I know I've posted this video a lot but I used to love this show when I was younger.

    Aaaaargggggggghhhhhhhh 3 days of owning GW2 and havent played more than 10 minutes..... my damn modem/router has gone cactus on me.....ill add it to my pile of dead networking hardware.... i did some counting... 8 modems, 5 wireless routers, 7 wireless modem routers.... not counting 3 which were successfully returned.... in my defence, this is a 10 year stockpile!!!! .. and a few were inherited.... ... and some are crapy ISP provided things...

    anyway, ordered me a brand new Billion 7800VDPX for about $200, should arrive to my work office in about half an hour so i can get my gaming freak on over the weekend... WINRAR!!!!

    Also, anyone else looking for an awesome ADSL2+ modem router these things are beasts.... you can even manually adjust the SNR manually which makes this one of the best Broadcom based modems around...

      I don't like that i understood what manually adjusting SNR is. Stupid work.

      Man I hate networking, despite doing all sorts of research to figure out NAT issues and all that it still seems like it is all powered by some strange voodoo.

      Router not working? Well open your windows half way and place an egg sitting inside a bowl of lukewarm milk by your doorway for three days BOOM, it's working all of a sudden.

        Exactly why i hate working with radio modems and shit. Its my job to troubleshoot them and you go into a big ass long rant about how certain firmwares don't play nice nice with certain radios and then the person is ike. Oh shit haven't plugged in the cable. Works now thanks.

        Networking is your friend :)

        in all seriousness though, if anyone deals with networking on a day to day basis, go through the Cisco CCNA material.... even if you dont want the certification, either grab the books or grab a video training set... you will NEVER be stumped with a networking issue again....

          See that's what I'm talking about.
          You say Cisco CCNA Certification and I picture someone shaking a stick with bottlecaps nailed to it at the router :P

      I ditched my Billion 7300N for a Fritz Box and have not looked back since. I sync a bit slower but much more stable connection given the incredible amount of noise on the line (which can't be isolated and fixed because no one knows where the hell our pit is to check it, it's been buried or may not exist at all)

        i had a fritz box, had constant dropouts on the wireless however.... sad days....

    To celebrate the one week anniversary of eating eight profiteroles, I've just consumed an entire Sara Lee cake.

      Wow thats food. Are you bish?

        Food stockpiles have been growing uncontrollably since he left. Just doing my part. :P

      Jesus, and that’s on the back of SIX hash browns yesterday. Dude, are you trying to kill yourself? Though, to be fair, that’s one of the ways I want to go.

        Haha! I kind of resemble slender man in real life, so it's probably good for me.

        You want to die multiple times?

        If that's your plan, can you take my death? I'd much prefer zero deaths over one. :p

      Haha! Was it one of those frozen cheesecakes? Those are the best. I would always eat them while they're still frozen. They're better that way.

      Also, very slightly related: While getting lunch today, I gazed longingly at the various cream buns and cakes in the bakery. Unfortunately I'm not adventurous enough to eat dessert for lunch. If I didn't have a long-ish hot car trip home, I would've bought one or five!

      And then I found 10 Streetpass. -- the chocolate one. I regret (almost) nothing.

        Should've bought one, Pow. You'll be a wake tonight, staring at the roof full of remorse. (Not cake.)

      You really need to document these epic exploits with photos, that would make my friday afternoons :)

        Haha! Stop enabling me, damn it. :P

    We might make it to Sexy Page 18 for the first time in months.

      Weekend slows down like crazy, though. Sometimes less than half a page a day. :'(

      Hmm, it's not so sexy if you have to work hard for it :P

      I'm not sure if I regret coming back now.

        Hey, you’re back!! Thanks for Dark Souls man. I think it’s the best thing EVAR! Hope you feel the same about The Lesser Evil... .... ..... yeah, I got the better end of the deal :P

    I can't decide whether I should stick to Sea of Sorrows, the unofficial Oceanic servre, or try and transfer over to Crystal Desert so I'm with most of the TAYbie GW2 players. What's the community like on that server? Are you any decent in world pvp (Sea of Sorrows sucks at it)?

    Also, apparently Crystal Desert is the unofficial LGBT server. Not that it matters, it's just that I just learned that when I was looking up Crystal Desert to see what it was like.

      Thus far in WvW, Crystal Desert has been winning quite convincingly. Will be interesting to see how that changes when it starts up properly.

      I have not really noticed the community, the majority of my interactions with randoms are resurrecting people, and being res'd.

      Wow, I didn't know such a thing existed. I'm trying to say this tactfully, but... isn't that kind of segrating themselves off from the world at large?

        Er, I'm sort of against it for the same reason I'm against Pride Parades and the whole gaymer thing, the segregation, but at the same time I don't have to experience the sort of harassment they're normally subjected too and I can certainly understand wanting to be part of a community of like minded people where you don't have to hide who you are. I mean, that's basically what TAY is.

        Also, this sort of thing is pretty common with MMOs. Proudmoore's been the LGBT server on WoW for years.

      I haven't even touched the pvp yet, getting too engrossed in the PvE right now, so much to see and explore :)

      The community seems pretty decent.
      Sometimes peeps in lions arch spamming gold services and I seem to often encounter high level human players running around the lower areas nuking everything in sight, which is kinda annoying.
      But map chat is generally polite and helpful and can usually find or join a group to take down an elite mob.
      And the one time I played WvW we seemed to kick ass.

    Just doing my bit to push us over to page 18.
    Also, Hi TAY!
    Day off today, looking after my son.
    Who has now learned to climb the furniture. So it's all hands to action stations. The little bugger is part monkey I swear.

      Uh oh. If you're not careful he's going to start beating you at 'The Floor is Made of Lava'!

        Not there yet. It's cushion forts today.
        The best part about having a son?
        Being a little kid again :)

          Yeah *awkward shuffle* yeah def-... Definitely need a kid to do that * nervous laugh* ignore all that LEGO and the couch fort... That's a preemptive strike so that I'm ready for a kid... It's not like I play with them everyday... That'd be childish

    so who has the teamspeak server details? may jump on tonight!

      Quite a lot of people. Email me at trjnrabbit - circular a symbol thingy - gmail - etc and I'll pass them on.

    referencing guiles theme goes with anything in an essay = somewhat enjoyable essay

    How am I going to celebrate? By playing shit games for 24 hours straight.

    Wait that's not how that's supposed to work...

      No that seems about right.

      Haha, It'll make you appreciate how good Borderlands is in contrast though, I bet.

    This weekend I think I might dig out and finish Corpse Party. I got to the end of the 2nd chapter and then stopped because of reasons.

    I was going to play Xenoblade this weekend.
    Then Mum stole the extension cord for the oven.
    =( No power to my wii.

    Man, was that a nap. 1.5 hours long =P

      You should put your Wii in your microwave when not in use to save on space.

        ha ha, the comments on that article were awesome and funny.

          The author didn't think so, but I loved it!

            Haha! With the exception of Serrels, most Allure editors seem kind of unapproachable. :S

        I can't play it then. D=

    Dear CyberConnect2,
    After seeing your JoJo's Bizarre Adventure trailer I have one request.
    Once that game is done, please, PLEASE make a game based off of one of the following properties:

    Fullmetal Alchemist
    Ninja Scroll
    Gurren Lagann

    Thanks you.

      I would love a Hellsing game.

      I have no idea how it would work, but it would be awesome.

        Yeah the whole 'not dying' thing would kinda affect gameplay a bit :P

      Dear Mr. PuppyLicks,
      We regret to inform you that we here at CyberConnect2 prefer cats to dogs and as a result we cannot process your request. A change of name to KittyLicks might help with future negotiations.

      Thank you and we appreciate the request.


      Wasn't that just a HD Remake of the old JoJo's Bizzare Adventure games that have been around forever (you may remember the WRYYYYYYYYYYY meme from a while back that it spawned).

      However I don't disagree with your suggestion.

        Check the link, I thought the same thing too but apparently there's the HD remix of the Capcom game AND a totally new game being developed by CyberConnect2.

          also don't forget that they are remaking the anime as well.

          i'm pretty sure that's why all these games are coming out now to raise hype

        no, the one that got a HD remake was the capcom made one from a long time ago.

        this appears to be a brand new game.

      I think Baccano! would make an amazing game if done right :D

        You'd have to make that something more like an adventure game I think, what with the constantly shifting perspective and inter-related timelines.

          Yeah I was thinking adventure game. Works well since there's so many different characters and perspectives and they all come together in the end.


        I would rather a Baccano movie over a game, I think. Though maybe an ensemble cast could work in a game... No idea! That's why I'm not a game designer :P (I don't have to go into how much I love things that have ensemble casts again, do I? Because it's a lot)

    For anyone who has read the books, who would love to see a Wraith Squadron game? I was thinking about it over the last couple of days. You've got all the space combat missions a la Rogue Squadron, X-wing, TIE fighter etc, but you could also have various ground missions that the Wraiths were selected for. Mix it up and have the ground missions change depending on which squadron member you decided to play as. If you want to be the sniper, its your job to scout enemy positions, provide cover fire. If you're the comms specialist you have to moniter enemy signals, disrupt them, transmit info to team members. Demolitions has to sabotage enemy vehicles and buildings to aid in the escape. There's any number of things you could do. Damn, I'm really excited about a game that doesn't even exist. Who's got LucasArts' email?

      I'd settle for a resurrection of the X-Wing / TIE Fighter series. Prefer TIE Fighter but X-Wing would be ok.

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