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    Secound time as supervising/managing staff member today and first time closing and having to do money without anyone to help me if I F it up.

    I THINK I did it all alright. Ill find out tomorrow morning I guess =.=;

      Hooray for responsibility! Haha! Hope you're not feeling as tired as last week, though. (And don't give Blaghman ideas for a race to 4000 posts. :P)

        Don't be stupid, I'd never do anything like spam to a milestone. Ha ha ha. You so silly, D.C. So silly.

      Congratulations. The responsibility might be harder but I guess it's rewarding. Hopefully you did everything right. :-)


    Glad your sister's okay. I'm feeling nauseous now imagining someone losing that much blood.

      You and me both, Mr. Wolf. You and me both.

      And thanks. :)

      (was going to reply on the previous page but I'll say it here)

      Good to hear she's okay now but hopefully she recovers quickly :(. Scary indeed.

      Yeah that's scary having a family member lose that much blood, been there so I know how you'd be feeling. But good to hear she's alright!

      So long as Mum and Baby are healthy now. Glad to hear all parties involved are OK.

      Also, CONGRATULATIONS to Aunty Strange and family \o/

    Every time I turn on my Vita with the intention to play something else, I end up finding myself playing Lumines instead :(

    Making hashbrown melt thingy again! Good eatin'... (Won't use six this time, maybe just two. :P)


        Didn't collapse under its own weight this time too, always good! :D Good eatin', man!

      Not using six?

        I know, man. If it makes it any better, I literally only had two left. :P

    Pokemon White 2 ordered online!

    In the process of maybe getting SoulSilver/HeartGold, woooo! I'm thinking a Grass/Green theme and a Nuzlocke run for the other. I've never done a themed run before though :O.

    I wonder if Blaghman or someone else will reach 4000. It was interesting reading his thoughts :P. Again out of pure selfishness I hope there's a bunch of comments or people are commenting in the morning as it'll give me something to do on the bus.

      I imagine people save their best material for the new TAY. :P

        Yeah there's not much point talking about anything important on a sunday night.

        Luckily I don't have anything important to say!

          Do you like stuff? I like stuff.

            Eh, stuff is okay... I'm really into things at the moment though.

              I'm really into moments at the moment! Things are alright too, though. Moments are made up of things!


      An all-green team would be a cool idea! Meganium, Xatu, Politoed, Tyranitar, Scyther. Lots of good'ns!

      (Oh and go ahead and start the Nuzlocke if you really want to. Don't feel you have to wait for me!)

        2nd Gen is my favourite too and I don't actually mind Chikorita and its evolutions. Ooo a green run sounds like fun!

        I have to acquire the games first! I'll start them as soon as I get it :). I used to love playing DS games before bed. Kind of hard with 3DS now with the 3D and everything and also the stupid CPP (currently playing Resident Evil: Revelations which is better with both).

        You completely wipe your saves when you do a themed run don't you? That's what I don't like so trying to get spares from a friend :P

          Well, if you want to start over you'll have to wipe your save :P I always make sure to transfer over all my good Pokemon before doing that though. It just takes me a long time because I trade over A LOT of probably useless guys but I think that I might want them again later on...

            Ah yeah I meant completely wipe without transferring. I guess it's ok if you transfer your legendaries and whatnot over. Which is your main, storage game then?

            I get attached to them even though I never name them and they're generic Pokemon, so I don't want to lose my save/Pokefriends :'(

      I would recommend either a themed run OR a Nuzlocke. If you try and combine them, you can back yourself into a corner. Lets say you do a green nuzlocke, then if the first pokemon you see isn't green then you can't catch it and could potentially have to play the whole game with just your starter. Unless you relax the rules and say none of your encounter matter until you see you first green pokemon and thats the one that matters.... That could work I guess

        Oh no no no, I'm trying to get SoulSilver and HeartGold off a friend. So one would be a green one and one would be a Nuzlocke :).

        I see where the confusion came from though and I'd fail miserably if I tried combining them :P.

          I kinda want to do another run on HG, but thats where I've got a properly EV trained team that I don't want to delete :(

            I think SS has my most gametime since Silver is one of my favourite games of all time (I'm still sad my save file is gone on the original cart :'( ). Good thing I have friends who don't really have interest in Pokemon yet bought the game anyway :P

      Screw it. You guys have convinced me. I'm gonna go start a HG Nuzlocke

        Not yet! Save the EV trained team!

        (and wait for me to start)

          Oh you guys are doing it now! I want to do it too! D:

          Maybe I'll be finished by the time White 2 comes out... I just want to compare stories! :P

            Do it Powalen. Join ussssss

              OK! Let me write up some rules for us to follow! (Just normal Nuzlocke rules but I've gotta make it official for tomorrow TAY! :D)

                NICKNAME ALL THE THINGS \o/

                  OK, rules:

                  1. Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released or put in a 'Graveyard' PC box.
                  2. You can only catch the FIRST Pokémon encountered in each NEW area (as defined by the in-game map), and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.
                  3. Give every Pokemon you capture a unique nickname!
                  4. You cannot use the Pokewalker or any other form of obtaining Pokemon (trading, breeding, etc). Only in-game captures. (However you are allowed to trade-and-trade-back to evolve certain Pokemon eg. Alakazam, Golem, etc)

                  Anything else? I think that's it. Don't want to make it too hard for my first one :P

                Serious question this time - Pokewalker Pokemon? Allowed, not allowed?

                  Hah, that's mostly why I wanted to write our rules. I think it's too hard to judge if we include Pokewalker guys, but we can figure something out if you want to include them.

          Its ok, I'm working a lot, you'll catch up in no time

            But I have Uni and other games to play :P. I think I'll only play at night before bed/when I'm bored.

            Random Q: do you guys play DS games on a DS or your 3DS?

              I only have my 3ds now. Traded the old one in

                Oh that's right you went from DS to 3DSXL, not bad, not bad! :D

                I like using my DSi XL for DS games since the bigger screens are awesome. I'd like to use the touch screen except I've never touched the touch screen with my fingers for any of my previous DSs :/. I finally caved in and now I use my fingers for my 3DS but it's covered in finger prints... However, it does make things a lot easier than having to use my nail or pop out the stylus :D.

              That's pretty much when I'll be playing too, Green! Don't worry!

              I'm not starting right now anyway, I've got so much to transfer out of this save file! So many cool things! Shiny Suicune, Entei and Raikou! Pikachu-coloured Pichu! Spiky-eared Pichu! Shiny Gyarados! Shiny Pidgey that I stole from my brother! Caterpie!

      Interesting is a word you can use... #LateReply #HashTagsForHarli

      Haha! I thought her burn was better than his comeback though!

      Am I the only one who finds stand up comedians excruciating? :P

        Have you ever been to one? (Not trying to sound condescending or anything here, just asking :P). I was surprised how much funnier stand up comedians are when you're actually sitting there. A lot funnier. I was laughing at things I probably wouldn't have before just because of the atmosphere of the crowd.

        It's pretty weird when you think about it.

          Haven't been to one, so you might have a point. Never underestimate good atmosphere! :D Still, the reason I haven't been to one is because it seems so damn excruicating to watch on TV. :P

            The worst part though is if the comedian starts picking on people in the crowd. I've never been to one that's actually done that (thank god :P) but whenever I see it on TV I always feel so nervous for the people for some reason.

              Oh man I'd totally hate that D:

                Part of the reason I think they're all douches. Targeting innocent victim. Making them a laughing stock.

                  Louie CK doesn't do that! He makes fun of himself and other annoying people in his life :P

                  In this case I don't think he targeted an innocent victim, the female heckler interrupted his show, so he got back at her.

                  I like stand up. Most of the comedians are not very good but a select few are hilarious.

          One of my favourite comedians came to Melbourne last year. I was in hermit mode so I didn't even consider going :P.

          But I guess there's that atmosphere and 'pressure' of having everyone else around you laugh so you gotta laugh too. But then it could get awkward if they crack a racist/sexist/bad taste joke depending on the people around you :P

        DC, you and I are so alike. I thought I was the only one who felt that way!

    My cat ran away today. Fifteen weeks ago she discovered she could jump massive distances. Fifteen weeks spent trying to foil her escapes and fortify the yard, but she kept on finding new ways. It sounds so stupid, but as the weeks have passed I've begun to resent her more and more. I hope she comes back, but part of me is ready to accept the inevitable. :( I've been so over protective of this critter ever since my previous cat was hit by a car. I pet her as she died at the vets. I carried her on my lap (crying) as my bro drove us home. Worst day ever. Today, though. I feel... *shrug*

    Light hearted Sunday posts are the best. :P

      Aww man :'(

      How long have you had her? Hopefully she's alright and finds her way home.

        Since 2007, but I haven't allowed her to explore the neighbourhood. All she knows is this yard. Probably the reason she wanted out so bad, but also the reason she won't be able to find her way home. Not microchipped either. :( It's disconcerting how apathetic I feel about it, though. Perhaps I really am dead inside now.

        (Lighten up, D.C. Lighten up. :P)

          Tomorrow or the next day, start calling the RSPCA shelters. Even if you're *shrug* about it, would be better to retrieve cat than to have her destroyed. Good luck finding her!

            I sound like an arse. :( Don't mean to be so cold about it. Believe me, I care for the critter. I want to find her.

            Thanks for the advice, though. :)

    Sorry for bringing down the mood.

    Commence new found light hearted discussion in 3... 2... 1...

      No! You can't tell me what to do! :P

      I spent the last 10 mins or so trying to find a Louis CK clip to show you but I'm not sure what type of humour you like :/. Also the first one I clicked on, after saying "Louis CK doesn't insult people in the audience" he kind of did, twice :P, but it wasn't anything too extreme though.

      Look him up D.C.! You'll love it! (Shane you too :D)

        You wouldn't know it from my posts but I'm an optimist at heart (or I used to be any way, it might come back... SEE OPTIMISM! :P)... I find almost every comedian thrives on spite and cynicism.

          Fuck, I just killed my light hearted discussion reboot. :P

            Commence new, new found light hearted dicussion in 3... 2... 1...

          Because humour at its heart is a defense mechanism. No need for a defense when nothing is threatening you.

            Good point, Freeze. Man, you always know how to defuse my rants. :D

          You're right about the spite and cynicism. If that's your main problem with stand-up comedians, then Louis CK is probably not for you.

          Perhaps Steven Wright would be more up your alley? More surreal than anything else, and no blue language that I can recall.

    Been watching the Indiana Jones blu-ray boxset. It's an amazingly great restoration, the only problem is now all the matte paintings look incredibly fake. The actual film can be slightly grainy at times, but it could almost pass for something shot recently!

      (No out of place screams added either, for what it's worth. I'm looking at you Star Wars boxset.)

      Hnnggggg.... If only I had money....

        Fortune and glory!

          I have neither!
          (╯'□')╯︵ ┻━┻

            Sounds like you need to go on an adventure. I suggest Pankott Palace. Maybe Jordan. I hear Petra might be hiding something VERY valuable. :P

    Ha ha ha, thanks C.J. Thanks to you I've just spent the last 20 min watching stand up comics on YouTube. A good laugh before bed is always encouraged.

    Also all the thanks go to The Cracks on twitter for what I'm dubbing a new motto

    'THE TAY MARKETING MACHINE-It's diabolically effective.'

    (Man I wish I was good at photoshop so I could make the above statement into a Pokemon cartoon like this one
    (Image thanks to greenius)
    (So many brackets)
    (Ahem, they are called parentheses)
    (Smiley face)

    For those who have played Uncharted 2;


      Fb yvggyr fperra gvzr, ohg gung fprar ernyyl znqr zr fnq. Unun!

      V ybirq gung ragver frdhrapr jvgu gur fgbez, enva ehaavat qbja gur fgrcf.

      I'm sure most of us have played it but spoilers scree :P

      Uncharted 2 is such a good game. You're making me want to go back and play it. I should probaby play Uncharted 1 and Uncharted 3 before I do that though.

        I only got my PS3 in 2010 and I've played through all the Uncharted games three times a-piece. I regret nothing.

          I loved 2 so much I played it 3 and a half times within 2 weeks of getting it :D. I pretty much NEVER replay games, let alone replay them immediately after.

          >:/ DAMNIT TAY now I want to play Uncharteds again!

          Uncharted 2 was the first PS3 game I ever played. Best way to get into the system.

            I got the Uncharted 2 bundle as well. Picked up the platinum release of the first game too. First three games I played on the console (Uncharted, Uncharted 2 and Heavy Rain) are probably in the top ten of this generation alone for me. :D

              In terms of exclusives, I think PS3 has easily won this generation. Uncharted, God of War, inFamous, Demon's Souls, Heavy Rain. It's just such a great console filled with great games. I sort of regret waiting so long to pick one up, though on the upside, by the time I got one they'd pretty much tripled the amount of memory on it.

                Yeah, you're right. I still buy the multiplatform games on the Xbox, but there's no question for me that Sony's done something right this gen on the game front.

        You never played them? It's hard to get into them after the masterpiece that is 2 :(

          Yeah, I'm sort of worried when/if I play Uncharted 1 it's not going to be all awesome because of Uncharted 2.

            Not so cut and dry on which is the better game with the first two, I think there's a lot to like in both. Different structure, different tone. First one has a huge, singular location too. They're all good, though.

              I found 1 and 3 have more annoying gun fights. Ya know the type that make you restart at the check points a lot after fighting wave and wave of enemies only to die right at the end. It gets kind of frustrating having to repeat the same section over and over again but it's my only complaint I guess.

              I think I didn't like the water ski stuff either, or maybe I did? Too long to tell :P

                Wait, which of the games has water skiing? Does Nathan wear boardshorts? Does he jump over a shark?

                I loved the jet ski. Wasn't intuitive driving and aiming at the same time, but so damn fun. :P

    Evening all!
    Just got home. Working late is fun!

      Sounds like it! Hope life's treating you good, otherwise!

        Pretty good mate.

        Sorry to read about your cat - hope she comes home soon.

    Alright, final rules for the first Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver TAYlocke. (I'll post these tomorrow as well in case anybody else wants to join)

    1. Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released or put in a ‘Graveyard’ PC box.
    2. You can only catch the FIRST Pokémon encountered in each NEW area (as defined by the in-game map), and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.
    3. Give every Pokemon you capture a unique nickname!
    4. You cannot use the Pokewalker or any other form of obtaining Pokemon (trading, breeding, etc). Only in-game captures. (However you are allowed to trade-and-trade-back to evolve certain Pokemon eg. Alakazam, Golem, etc).
    5. Any Pokemon obtained as a result of the story are acceptable to keep (eg. Togepi egg, unavoidable legendaries, etc)
    6. No cheating! We'll know!

      Hmm, it's tempting to see if I can get a copy of one of those two, just to do this...

      Im in for the Nuzlock, when is the start date/time?

        Anytime you want, really. We're flexible. I'll be starting tomorrow or soon after.

        It's not a race or anything, just have fun (and share your stories!). Remember it's Heart Gold or Soul Silver only!

        Whenever. I've just started now. Picked Kaiser the cyndaquil. Freaking modest nature \o/

      No turning back now, I've just erased my save file! D:

      I'll see you guys tomorrow!

          Btw Pow which starter Poke are you going? I'll probably go Totodile. I usually go Cyndaquil so that's not an option and Chikorita is for my green run :P. What version are you guys using? I guess I'll use SoulSilver so I can go through and collect the exclusives on HeartGold later during my 'green' run : D

            I always choose Cyndaquil, so I'll probably go with Totodile. Just hope I can catch a geodude or pidgey/hoothoot/zubat before Bugsy's Scyther D: Chikorita is too risky for the first two gyms.

        I hate erasing or overwritting my save files for Pokemon games. I've only ever done it once with Pokemon Saphire after transfering all my Pokemon onto my Diamond game. I really wish they'd let us have multiple save files, though I guess that would probably take up too much room.

          Yeah, this is why I don't do theme runs. I really hoped by 4th gen they'd have another save slot. HOPEFULLY by 6th/3DS gen they'll let us do it, or save to the SD card or something. That would be so great!

          I'm actually re-buying SoulSilver/HeartGold just so I can do this. I don't want to delete my save :P

    How great is Super Hexagon!

    Anyone?... no?...


    Terry Cavanagh is awesome :D.

      I don't know what either of those things are. :P

        Terry Cavanagh - indie game developer who has made games such as VVVVVV (OMFG! :D), ChatChat (some weird cat game - fun while it lasted!) and Super Hexagon.

        It's one of those crazy 'pick up and play' iOS games where you try to beat your high score but it's extremely friggen hard. I wouldn't of known about it if it wasn't featured on Kotaku a couple of times the past few week or so.

          I see. Thanks. Now I won't have to nod and smile when someone mentions it. :P I've gone off iOS games. My iPad is almost used exclusively for mobile internet now. :D



        I've rarely played but
        Hexagon - 62.58
        Hexagoner - 31.21
        Hexagonest - 10.37
        Hexagon Hyper Mode - 19.33

    I stumbled onto this list today. Heard some of these before, haven't heard others. I've been giving most of them a listen through the magic of youtube. I really have to dispute some of the songs in that top 10 list. I really don't think "A Pub with no Beer" should be there, it's not a very good song, and it's an absolute travisty Paul Kelly isn't in the top 10 and that only one of his songs made the top 30 list.

      No Flame Trees? No Looking Forward, Looking Back? :'(

        Remember, it's a list of "top," not best. Flame Trees is a better song than Khe Sanh(in my opinion), but Khe Sanh is the more well known one, the more "quintessential" Australian song.

          True enough. Both songs I listed has personal significance to me too. I guess everyone who compiled the list had their own reasons. :P

            I like Flame Trees because it was easier to understand what Jimmy was saying when compared to Khe Sanh. >.>

              Heard the childrens choir version from Little Fish? Always brings goosebumps.

                I will listen to it now. Meant to watch that movie for a while, looks way too depressing though.

                (Not that I'm into them, but there's a suspicious lack of The Seekers too.)

              They both sound equally coherent to me.

                The line "And the legal pads were yellow, hours long, pay packets lean," was utterly incomprehensible to me the first time I actually listened to the song.

                  You like the children's choir version of Flame Trees. Some might call it hauntingly beautiful. :P

      I agree that Paul Kelly not making the top 10 is a disappointment. I'm pleasantly surprised (and perhaps showing my age) to see The Reels in there, but really Paul Kelly should have bumbed them down the list.

      Great to see The Go-Betweens, The Triffids and Nick Cave made the 30.

      Also - who no Joe Dolce? Is he not Aussie enough? Got no respect. Shaddap you face!

    Holy crap, we're almost at 4000 with no spam! :O

      I doubt we'll get there before midnight, but it'd still a highly admirable effort. :)

      Oh, there's been plenty of spam just not necessarily at the end to reach the 'goal' :)

        Yeah, you should know by now that everything that I send is complete spam.

        Oh, yeah. The infamous Monday night gravatar incident. Will become the thing of legends some day. :P

    Is anyone here?
    Or have you all fled in terror due to my appearance?
    ... I just want to talk to somebody... :`(

      Hey, buddy. Hope this day finds you well? Need a hug? :P


          Good luck with that. I don't like physical contact. :D *runs in terror*

            I'll give you a hug, Cthulhu! Just don't mind the gropage!


                Stop trying to steal my hugs, you insufferable pest!
                Just kidding.
                Group hug!

                  Oh, man. Who am I to turn down hugs. I need all I can get. Room for one more?

    Who can finally play Diablo III?

    This guy! All thanks to a generous donation of a video card by Welbot. Thanks dood.

      A man for the ages, that Welbot! Though he doesn't come on TAY much these days. :(

    I think I'm out of practice for nuzlocking. A couple of close calls already. Need to pay more attention. Ignore TAY, focus on the Pokemon

      Your best bet is to now just spend 6 hours grinding. I mean, that's what I do when I'm playing normally, but that's because I'm REALLY bad at Pokemon.

      I don't think I'd ever be able to do the nuzlocke challenge. To me it just sounds like it would involve heaps of grinding on wild Pokemon.

      Man, I'm excited to try but also scared :P

      Not really looking forward to the grinding but I guess I can do it while derping around in front of the computer :)

    Alright fellas, we hit 4000.

    Who wants to join me in spamming to 5000?

    What, why did you all leave? Guys? Girls? Anyone?


      1000 comments in 8 and a half hours?

      I'll be up on Catwatch 2012. Could happen.

        After my last effort, I know that I don't have the stamina for it. that 170 odd comments nearly killed me.



          Can I have Boobman Boobigans?

            Yes. It doesn't have DRM, anyway, so you should buy it yourself.

      Here's something to get you through the night:

    Looks at clock

    Well, time for me to go lay in bed for an hour or two before falling asleep.

      :D Try not to let those thoughts creep in. You know... the thoughts.

      Good night, man.

      Here's something to keep you awake:

    I was in primary school when Pokemon started airing here, yet some how I've missed the craze in entirety. I don't get it either. What's the deal? :P

      I like the games, they are ridiculously complex RPGs with a very addictive gather mechanism. I played the crap out of them on emulators over the years, what with my 3DS being my first handheld console.

      The show and related things though? I got nothing, as I wasn't allowed to watch TV in the mornings before School.

        I think it was because we were an Agro family damn it. If I recall correctly Cheez TV was the Pokemon one?

          I do believe so.

            Cheez TV was the enemy, Blaghman. THE ENEMY.

              My morning TV show was Saturday Disney. So I only got stuff once a week. I had no enemies, only those who had not been embraced by the mouse.

              CheeZ TV had Digimon, as well.
              For a ten year old, it was heaven before school started.

      Yeah, I'm the same.
      I honestly haven't played any of the pokemon games or watched any of the anime for at least a good decade.

        To be honest, even as a kid, I think the western aesthetic just appealed to me more. With the exception of Samarai Pizza Cats all the Japanese stuff seems batshit crazy. :D

          I like that Samurai Pizza Cats, the show where the writers were making up what characters were saying based on whatever they felt like, was the least crazy.

            Haha! I phrased that wrong. That was the only batshit crazy thing that I got into. :P

    Too tired. Will have to go to sleep. Hope my cat finds the way back home tomorrow. If not, hope she finds some happiness out there in the world. Someone that'll treat her kindly, feed her. Good night, folks. :(

      Good luck with the cat thing. Have a nice rest. I won't be watching you through a hidden camera.


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