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    My husband just attempted to turn our new PS3 on and got this message: "Cannot start. The appropriate system storage was not found." Eek!

      OH NO, Thats not good :| I lost all my data on my xbox hard drive like 2 months ago. I have no heart to play games on a console again :|

        I'm okay with it because it's only a few weeks old and therefore under warranty. And I have PS+ so all my saves are safe in the cloud. But Mr. Strange doesn't have PS+ and he's 75% through Sleeping Dogs. :(

          Mr strange is probably gonna get the delight of playing sleeping dogs again. Could just be a bad startup. Turn it off leave it for a bit. Try again. As a technician that fixes 90% of issues.

      Hard drive might be loose? That or could be a dead hard drive?

      Either way that does NOT sound good.

    @Alpeh, son why did you change your gravatar?! D=

      Everyone is changing theirs this week

      I shall stay resolute.

        I ain't changin' for nothin' apart from large sum cash bribes!

          Did someone say Change?

        Yep. No change for me. Took me ages to get mine the way it is.

      I kinda got sick of the blue and orange brainscanxraymagick.
      So I went for a crystal-ball instead :D

      I use my POP(08) avatar on a bunch of sites so changing it here means I'll have to change those as well and I can't be bothered :-)

    The Oar of Thorns shall return to its former glory!
    The Oar's dreadful power cannot be stifled!

      I don't believe it ever really existed. Just a cautionary tale to scare the new folk. I scoff at your Oar. :P


          Scoffing at the oar... that's a paddlin.

          Its true, i remember when miss Strange gave me a paddlin. I couldn't sit down for a week.

          Cause there was thorns

          in my bum

            That last part was entirely unrelated to the paddling though.
            Also, please stop telling us your fetishes.

        I would advise against scoffing.
        I scoffed once.
        It was awful.

          I scoff at your foreboding warnings. :P

            The Oar's bladed paddle clove the hooves of The Devil Himself!

    I went to Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum last night. It was pretty fun.
    I was very excited by the prospect of a "retro video games" section. I figured there might be some cool old arcade cabinets and/or Pac-man tabletops....

    No - "retro video games" means "GoldenEye on the N64". Also the building was crawling with hipsters. The exhibits were cool though; I was both saddened and amazed at some of the stuff that was exactly as I remember it from when I was a young boy.

      Seems odd that the definition of retro keeps shifting. Damn you time, why must you keep moving!

    Finally caught up on TAY from yesterday. I'm super busy today and probably tomorrow. How we all going? :D

    Welcome! Help yourself to the chips & dip.

      Not too bad, man. How are you?

        Pretty good, I have no work at my job so they asked me if I wanted to work as a labourer on a construction site. I went from drawing things to digging things, their similar, right ... RIGHT?!

          More or less, man. More or less. :P

      I saved some time and bought ranch chips, instead of chips and some ranch dip.
      Let me tell you, it tastes like no ranch I've ever tasted before. And I've liked the dirt at ranches, multiple ranches, so I know what a ranch tastes like.

        D: those jerks! That chip company is going to get a sternly worded letter from me.

        Liked, licked, words.

          Words, they hard.

            Its really hard for him, English is his second language.

        I was recently informed of caffeine-dusted 'energy' chips. This whole fascination/obsession with the 'energy' consumables is getting ridiculous, isn't it?

        Also Ranch dressing tastes nothing like a ranch. NOTHING.

          I'll laugh the day I see a packet of Boot Leather flavoured potato chips.

            It's called beef jerky.

              But jerky isn't crisp and crunchy.
              Smoky BBQ flavoured crisps are the closest to Boot Leather one can get.

                The jerky you get here is crisp and crunchy.
                It's... all kinds of wrong.

          I'll laugh the day I see a packet of Boot Leather flavoured potato chips in a store, on the shelf.

          I bought some out of curiosity a few weeks ago. They tasted awful and the coating had the texture of dirt. Actually, the flavour was mostly like cheese that fell in the dirt.

          ...I'm starting to think they just put dirt on CC's.

            Did it give you HUGE COCAINE ENERGY RUSHBOOST?!


              Felt a little like I'd eaten dirt though.

    Hey there Mikka. It's always nice to see a new face/avatar around here.

    In other news... I have no other news. I offer this picture as a consolation prize

      Honestly, I never found the appeal of baby seals. Adorable eyes, my ass. They're bottomless pits of pure evil that even a abyss wouldn't stare back at.

        Evil seal, you say?

    TAYbies, who wants Borderlands 2 on PC?
    *This offer is only open to those who have Steam.My apologies for those who do not have Steam, but would like Borderlands 2.

      ...what's the catch? We must do 5 hours of non-stop Gangnam Dancing first? :P


      I should start playing the first one, though.

        Yes, start now and you could have it and all the DLC finished by next week easy

          Do I really need to play it through that fast for 2? I'm slow-paced when it comes to games.

            Nah. It might be the same series but I don't think they'll be all that connected. The first one didn't really have a story so there's not that much to miss out on in that perspective.

            I'm going to say no and you probably don't need to play it at all to enjoy the 2nd. It's a good game though but there's no need to rush!

      I believe Aleph was interested in getting a share in a 4 pack a while ago. Perhaps he still is?

      Yeah, I'd love it! Are you looking at grabbing a 4-pack or something?

        Nah, I just have a spare copy lying around....

          we're gonna have to fight each other, are we? God damn, not one week goes by where I don't fight others to the death for things like these.

          Now where the hell did i put my gladiator gear.

    I realised I need to start harassing the EB I'm grabbing my Borderlands 2 from soon. I want to pick it up early as possible so I can install it ready for the unlock/play with awesome collector's stuff before Friday, cause I'm moving then.

      omg I just realised Borderlands 2 comes out when my week-long holiday starts. BEST TIMING

        I get 2 long weekends in a row, apparently, so it works out pretty well for me too.

      Where are you moving to?

        Different part of Canberra, to a nicer and bigger place.

          I think you mean "actually moving into Canberra." :P

      Some of it may go missing in the move....

      jus sayin....


        I have enough Nerf guns to keep you away from it...

        Also, I'll probably lock all of it up so I don't get distracted when trying to get stuff done :P

      One week to go, no?
      Or... do I live in the fabled land where I get games 2 (well, one and a bit due to time zones) days early????????????????
      Man, moving to Canada was the greatest decision, if just for this moment.

        Pretty sure NA gets it 3 days before us, for no reason.

        Ima curious. How does steam know where you are? internet connection? mystery solid gold satellite? australian steam?

          I think they just do it through IP?

            I dunno, my steam seems to be the seem ever since i arrived in oz.

          Steam actually uses several means to validate your location...

          1. IP Address

          2. Credit Cards actual billing address at the bank

          3. Country registered on Paypal...

          Only step 1 used to be used, however people used to use VPN's to gain access to cheaper pricing and restricted content, hence why they stepped up their game.

    First day of a diet. Every molecule of my body is screaming at me to get something nice. I will stay resolute. I will not crumble. I will n.. GODDAMN IT GUY IN SHOP NEXT TO ME DO YOU HAVE TO EAT THAT BACON AND EGG ROLL HERE!?

    Worst game I've played: Strangely enough, AssRev. I've played quite a number of terrible games to completion but AssRev gets turned off after 10 minutes every time.

    Best Game: Is that a trick question? The answer is obviously Dark Souls but it just seems too obvious. *Narrows eyes* I'm on to you. *points*

      *waits for epiphany filled write-up*


        I'm sorry but there's been a terrible mistake. The photos weren't uploaded last night and nothing was written as of yet. You see it's all Mrs Freeze's fault and under no circumstances will I deviate from that story.

      It's alright I'll take it off your hands :P

      *also waits for epiphany filled write-up*

        Oh that's right. I forgot about that. Send me your address (DM on tweetars works) and I'll send it off. I'll never play it again.

      Worst game I've played was Lunar: Dragon Song on DS.

      I especially liked how you couldn't select the target you wanted to attack and instead the game would randomly choose. And that running drained your hit points but your walk speed was glacial.

      Freeze! I was on the Gold Coast yesterday and I saw a Mister Minit and I looked to see if you were in it but then I remembered you were having a holiday and was all disappointed.

      By the way, why are you dieting? You looked pretty trim the last time I saw you.

    Catching up!

    @Mario Kart 7 conversation on the last page:
    It takes time to fine-tune your racing style! Try out as many different kart combinations as you can until you find something you like! It took me aaages to settle on the Gherkin with Slim wheels. It makes a difference! I focus on acceleration over top speed because I find myself stopping/starting so often :P (Using a MK7 calculator helps too

    Also, I cheat (not really).

    @The Cracks: GET PULLBLOX

    @Mikka: Hello!

    @Mawt: Jurassic Lounge sounds like my kind of place! Minus the hipsters. Also, how're you finding Picross E? I see you playing it!

      Weegee on Nostalgia. I get hit so often, then am suddenly at full pace again :P

      *gasp* using a calculator, WHAT A NERD. Only problem with that is if you find a combination that works but you don't have the parts :(

      I guess I haven't really experimented at all with kart types and weight classes of characters. I just play Luigi cause he's green (who'd a thunk!?)

        I play Diddy. Because he's a monkey! A monkey on a motor cycle! Oh, how I laughed! :P

          Obviously I'm talking about the Wii version. Disregard. I'm just an idiot.

        Actually this one is probably better because it lets you compare between different combos!

      It's not bad. At first I thought that it may not have been worth the purchase price since there seemed to be a very small number of puzzles, but now when I try and add them up in my head I think it's probably close to 150.
      The difficulty seems to be a bit off, either easy as pie or brain crunchingly hard - not much middle ground or "learning" puzzles to pick up new skills for working out where the dots go.

        Yeah that's pretty similar to how I feel. 150ish puzzles for $7.50 isn't too bad. If they ever end up offering more puzzle packs as DLC for a dollar or two I would probably be happy to buy into it (I doubt they will though). I just wish they included a level-editor like PullBlox! Oh well.

          Yeah I was curious about this as well. If they had user generated content or a sharing type thing it would've been an insta-purchase. Oh well!

          Oh man, YES. That would be the greatest.

          I'd also be pretty happy for them to released VVVVVV in Aus eShop please.

      Why on earth is there a calculator for a Mario Kart game? What the hell is wrong with this world?

        You think this game is meant to be fun!? Hah! Mario Kart is serious business.

    I really hope video game sites that show a lot of gameplay videos like Giant Bomb, Gamespot etc figure out a way to show the Wii U gamepad footage in addition to the gameplay on the TV.

    Maybe a picture-in-picture mode or something on the Wii U videos, with the TV footage on the larger section of the video and a small box with the Wii U gamepad.

    Anyway we'll see what they do in a few months.

    So it looks like Chris Roberts (Wing Commander, Privateer, Freelancer etc) has decided to get back into games and is doing a new space combat game.

    I AM EXCITE. It's past time for that genre to get resurrected IMO. Hopefully it's successful so that we can convince Lucasfarts to remake or do a sequel to TIE Fighter.

      Yes please!!!! Been waiting for ages for follow ups to x-wing alliance etc etc

        I know it's generally derided a lot, but I absolutely loved Wing Commander IV. Played it through so many times. That it came on Six CDs was amazing too. Might have helped that at the time I had a pretty high-end PC so I could max everything out.

          Oooohhhh wing commander prophecy! BEST GAME EVAH!

            Wing Commander IV was The Price of Freedom. It had insane amounts of FMV because that was all the rage at the time.

            Also the finale of the game involved you talking someone down infront of an audience. No epic boss battle or anything (though you did have to dogfight with one of the antagonists toward the end) you beat the final boss with epic conversation skills.

    Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy! GENESECT!

    My Bug type army will finally be complete once Pokemon White 2 rolls around.

      damn, I love genesect. He's a mantis with a freakin LASER BEAM. Might as well attach a tank cannon unto a panda bear or someting and call it a day.

      Bug and steel? That thing's just asking to be flamethrowered.

        Yes, BUT! It's signature move can be made Water type with a hold item!

          The only problem is it never gets STAB on his signature move.

        True, but Genesect WRECKS FACE with its huge attack stats, so you're kind of using it as flamethrower bait anyway. You should predict the fire attack and switch into Air Balloon Heatran or something like Chandelure, Heat Rotom or Volcarona that's just going to set up against Fire types.

          I understood this conversation right up until the point where you guys discussed a strategy that wasn't "Mash A." I am way out of my pokemon league here.

            Go back to the baby pool, Blaghman! You're in too deep!

            /pretends to know PokéStrategy

              Gladly, because you know what we have in the baby pool?

              Other kids urine.

              Uhhh, no, wait, that's not what I- Crap.

              PokeStrategy 501: An introduction to competitive battling in the 5th generation metagame.
              Chapter 1: Battle Techniques
              In this chapter we will review the basic techniques required to be successful in battles, relevant to the first half of the 5th Gen metagame, as defined by Pokemon Black & White (Black 2 & White 2 strategies will be covered in a later course).

              1. Predict ALL THE MOVES
              2. ???
              3. Victory!


        Yep, Shockwave.

    Has anyone else noticed the countdown and stuff that's going on on Obsidian's website?

    Only comes up first visit. Apparently they're working on a new top-secret not-announced-yet RPG project. They've got a page up with a countdown that has a Ouroborus (snake eating its tail) with a number inside. Yesterday it was a '4' and so speculation was Dungeon Siege 4, but today the number is a 3 so it looks like it's a countdown to something, maybe a reveal.

    A while back (like, 2010) the license for Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time fantasy novels was optioned by some random company and I recall that at the time Obsidian were named as being involved with creating a new game in the setting (there was a horribly compromised Unreal Engine shooter years ago which was clearly designed by people who had never read the books because it basically made no sense in that context, though it had really fun multiplayer). The snake-eating-its-tail is a symbol used heavily in that series. Thinking maybe that's what it is.

    Really hoping it's not another Dungeon Siege.

    Am I the only one super interested in this?

      No, I love Obsidian. I'll happily try any thing they make. They do have major flaws as a company, but Fallout: New Vegas and KotOR 2 have earnt them some serious street cred! Can't wait to see what this is!

      It's a countdown to their biggest reveal yet:

      Countdown Simulator Announcer, 2013!

      Set up countdowns to build hype for announcements of dates for other countdowns. Delay what you were going to announce, thus rendering the countdown useless. Hold a press conference, apologising for the delay on the announcement, and promise another countdown, with bigger numbers than before, that will lead into the announcement of possibly a game.

        Don't forget the Japan mode, where you set up countdowns for the announcement of a countdown for a teaser trailer.

          Damn, I knew I forgot something ridiculously insipid.

      I'm honestly hoping for a new IP.
      I'm basing this purely on the point of view that it's been between 24 and 48 hours and "the internet" hasn't worked it out yet. Stuff like "Dirge of Eir Glanfath" should suggest an existing world of some sort, and there'd be at least one fan out there who would have worked it out by now. If it was "playing in someone else's world" (a la New Vegas, KotOR 2, etc..) I'm sure we'd have seen a joint effort from the other company.

      Anyway, I am excited. I will get behind it, because it's Obsidian and they are one of the few devs that I want to keep getting behind so that they keep making highly enjoyable entertainment products for me to consume.

        Well it could still be a Wheel of Time game and be basically original. That's a huge setting and making a game that happens in the time period of the books would be extremely difficult. But there's heaps of room to do something that occurs in the massive and largely unexplored backstory of the setting, where there's only some really basic things known and heaps of room to move. A lot like how Knights of the Old Republic went back into the prehistory of the Star Wars setting in order to have enough freedom to work inside the license without being constrained by what happened in the 'current' part of the story.

          Oh also, have Obsidian ever done a game where they weren't working in an existing setting aside from Alpha Protocol? It seems like it's their thing.

          I don't mind admitting that the idea of Chris Avellonne writing a RPG set during the previous age in the Wheel of Time setting makes me moist. That would be a combination of many things I like. Like putting Chocolate and Peanuts together.

          Also Chrome's spell-checker wants me to rename him to Chris Cannelloni, which amuses me.

          ah yes. sorry, to clarify: I don't think that it's a sequel to an existing video game franchise. Certainly not a well known one. Someone would have deconstructed the term "Eir Glanfath" and worked out a list of possible franchises that use a similar naming structure for ancient heroes/civilisations/whatevers.

          I don't know enough about Wheel of Time to judge based on what little has been seen so far, but I do know that the Ouroboros is an appropriate symbol. The snippets of lore attached to the countdown also seem to sit somewhere astride High and Gothic fantasy (a wordless dirge, "crying out in mourning because it must", the unread/unwritten book; as well as the stuff from the source code on the page "Night Market" and "Godhammer Citadel") all seem fairly apt for the WoT universe.

            For what it's worth the timing is about right too - the final Wheel of Time book is due out January 2013. Obsidian were tapped to do a game in 2010, so a mid to late 2013 release would mean probably a 2 year dev cycle plus a year planning and pre-production.

            On the other hand at the start of the year they cancelled a game they had in production and laid off a lot of staff (which resulted in the South Park RPG being delayed). It's possible the cancelled game was the Aliens RPG that they were working on for Sega though.

            Also, apparently a while back they were shopping around a new IP. It'll be interesting to see what this turns out to be. Incidentally 'Eir Glanfath' looks kind of Wheel of Timey, but the more gothy stuff like the wordless dirge and so on doesn't strike me as particularly fitting (though to be fair, if they do delve into the pre-history of the setting there are some pretty dark periods where that might be fitting). 'Godhammer Citadel' strikes me as sounding extremely un-WoT. The usual M.O. for place names in the setting is to come up with some fantasy-sounding name and say that it means such-and-such in the 'Old Tongue' or whatever.

    Sughly, any Anna's Quest ETA? I'm getting restless! :P

      Well, I imagine he'll want to polish off the game based on feedback from testers, release that version to them again for testing(RC1, yo), and then fix anything that may be wrong from there.

      Also, he needs to play Theatrhythm.

        Oh, yeah. The whole Beta thing. Okay. Take your time. I'll be here. Waiting. :D

    Listening to Xena Warrier Princess OST in dark room. It's what all twenty something guys do, right? RIGHT? :P

      Completely normal. It would be weird if you weren't doing that.

    Man, you guys talking so much makes catching up really difficult. Can't you just, I dunno, only talk while I'm here?


    Oh, and before you go "HAHA, shoulda been up before noon, Blaghman," I'll have you know that I was, but there were people in my house, and they were making lots of noise, and so I stayed under my covers because I really didn't want to potentially have to deal with them.

    I'm an adult.

      I think we all assumed you were always here! Watching, biding your time.

      You simply did what we would've all done in your situation.

        The problem is that we have renovations going on at the moment, so there are people in my house EVERY DAY.

        It's just that these ones sounded like teenagers, and I think they were related to one of the builders, or something. I don't know. I locked the door to my room though, so I'm safe from the terrors outside.

          Haha! When my bathroom was getting renovated I locked myself in a room too. I don't think they knew I was there. Heard 'em bad mouthing us. :D

            I've had to talk to a couple of them on occasions.

            They're totally just normal builders(I worked as a labourer a year back, so I know all about builders). Doesn't stop me from being scared by them.

              Nah, I get that. Your home is supposed to be comfortable. If people make you uncomfortable, that ain't gonna work. :P

            But you have to watch them to make sure they don't steal nothing!

              Everything worth stealing is downstairs, near my room.

              I just had a listen, with my WIZARD EARS.

              Damn, that doesn't have the right ring to it. Back to the doodling board.

      Twitter's been going apeshit today.
      TAY's rather, well, TAYme by comparison.

        Yeah, but there was over a page that I needed to catch up on, and I get distracted easily while reading it...

      You need to say it all like: i'm an aduuuuuullllllllllllltttttttttttttttttttt!, lonely island style. Whilst throwing things to the ground.

    This class doesn't finish to 3.30, but the teacher didn't turn up cause he had a bad headache and the rest of the guys in my group for a project we're working on have already left. Think I might head home early.

    Lunchtime song for today:
    Bad Touch by Bloodhound Gang.

    Guild Wars 2 question here....

    Hmm.... so it would appear that crystal desert and sea of sorrows servers are full..... what other servers are you guys using?

      Keep trying, you can join the 'full' servers at certain times of the day, esp. after maintenance.

        yeah but doesnt that mean ill have the same problem every time im trying to join??

          Nah, what happens is that if the instance area thingy thing is full for your home server, it'll just chuck you into overflow, which has only happened occasionally to me lately.




        I think we are both suffering from the same crushing metaphysical crisis.

        Best song.

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