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    Dear everyone, I hope this TAY finds you well and in good spirits. On this rather un-auspicious occasion, I come to you with news both exciting and terrifying, and a plea for assistance.

    First, the news. Some of you on Twitter may have read it already. I’m shooting for the big time: sending a comic proposal to Dark Horse this week. This is a Big Deal for me, could be the big break I’ve been hoping for since I was seven.

    So, the plea for assistance: I am looking for folks to read over my submission package, and provide feedback. Basically, I just want to know if it reads legibly and engagingly, but will gladly accept all kinds of feedback. Writing synopses is not my strength, so I particularly would like to know if the one I have written tracks well enough to follow the events. I will also need help to choose between the two loglines I’ve come up with. (Please.)

    I’ll also be sending you the script for issue #1, and if it takes your fancy, I would welcome any feedback on it as well... but this is a little more reading than the proposal, so I definitely won’t expect it.

    If you are keen to help, please let me know and I’ll email you the download link to the relevant documents. Shoot me an email (shane AT shanewsmith DOT com) or put your email address down here, and I’ll contact you.

    If you provide feedback and the series gets picked up, you can pretty much name your reward. I really want this to be perfect.

    Thanks, everyone, for indulging me one more time.

    I now return you to your regularly scheduled TAY.

      I'm more than happy to try and help out. Send whatever you please to trjnrabbit at gmail and I'll do what I can.

      Really hope this goes well, getting something signed to Dark Horse is a huge deal.



      /obscure joke

        I didn't even play that game and I get it. Worst obscure joke.

      Good luck man! I can help with the submission package if you want me to. What is it exactly :P? Email is tan(underscore)stylez at the hot mails etc. (BEST EMAIL)

        Thanks! Emailing.
        It's just two Word docs: a cover letter + synopsis and the issue #1 script.

          If it's alright I probably won't read the script (I assume it's pretty long) and I've never read a script for anything before so I doubt I'll be much help. Also got Uni and work stuff. I'll be happy to help reading over the proposal/other stuff though. Not sure how constructive my feedback will be though, but I'll do my best!

            No worries - this is a favour to me, so feel free to do as much or as little as you want/can! :)

      I will help if you want me too. Also, would you like Alpha to help as well?

        Thanks - I'm emailing you now! And definitely keen to get Alpha's input too :)

      I'm happy to help and good luck with your submission.

      email is masha2932 at yahoo

      Looks like you've got the help covered but if you need more, I'll try. :)

        Like Strange, if you need another person, hit me up. Alex-Pants of the hotmails.

      I'll gladly help out if you need it, mate :)

      jacksonwryan at gmail dot com

      Definitely willing to give it a once over man. Not only does it help you out, it provides me with a bit more of a chance to proofread work that isnt my own, thats a skill i need!

        E-class mail inbound. Thanks!

          FYI son: edited cover letter and synopsis in your electronic mail source. Hit me back when you can/if you feel the need to!

    Good morning TAY! :D I had a decent enough weekend, hope everybody else's was okay!

    Over the weekend, Greenius, Nova and I planned on doing a Nuzlocke run in Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver (for those that don't know, Nuzlocke is basically 'perma-death Pokemon'). Blaghs and CJ expressed interest, but if anybody else out there wants to join YOU CAN.

    These are the rules for the first Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver TAYlocke:
    1. Start a new game on either HeartGold or SoulSilver.
    2. Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released or put in a ‘Graveyard’ PC box.
    3. You can only catch the FIRST Pokémon encountered in each NEW area (as defined by the in-game map), and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.
    4. Rule #3 only applies once you have obtained your first set of Pokeballs! (So you can go back to Route 29/30 and catch the first thing in each).
    5. Give every Pokemon you capture a unique nickname!
    6. You cannot use the Pokewalker or any other form of obtaining Pokemon (trading, breeding, etc). Only in-game captures. (However you are allowed to trade-and-trade-back to evolve certain Pokemon eg. Alakazam, Golem, etc).
    7. Any Pokemon obtained as a result of the story are acceptable to keep (eg. Togepi egg, unavoidable legendaries, etc)

    We'll be comparing stories and such while we play, so it should be a lot of fun! (Just try not to spam TAY too much :P). It's not a race, just have fun!

      No legendaries, right?

        As long as they meet the rules, I don't see why not. You have to battle Lugia/Ho-oh/Suicune at some point, I think. It's up to you whether you want to risk them killing half your team in order to catch it ;D (I'm probably not going to use them unless I have to, though)

        Also, I'm theme-naming all of my guys after Dragonball characters. Goku the Totodile, go!

          Legendaries just seem over powered :P

          I never nickname my Pokemon so I'll just name them whatever crap I come up with at the time.

          Generally legendaries aren't the first monster encountered in a given area - you would also have to spend a lot on repels.

          The only "forced" capture to date is Reshiram/Zekrom in Black/White - capture is required to progress the story, although it can be released before the final showdown with N.

            I'd say since they're not forced you can't use them but feel free to capture them if you want, just like shinies or other rare things (you just can't use them).

            I'd feel weird killing legendaries :P

      Sounds cool.
      Shame I don't own said pokemons game :(

        Feel free to do it with another, same rules will still apply :)

        That's a shame :( You can still get involved with another version, if you really want. We just thought it'd be cool to all play the same one.

        (If you haven't ever played HG/SS though, I highly recommend them! My favourite of the series.)

          I have played one of them before I believe.
          Also, alternative means of playing have been procured :)

      I might go pick up a copy of HG / SS after I visit the doctor today. Count me in!

        Love it! We've got 5 confirmed so far. I should've set up a blog or something :P

      Tempting, but I don't think I have any games at the moment where I'd be okay with erasing my previous save...

        I had to trade away all my legendaries and things before I started. It wouldn't let me transfer the special spiky-ear Pichu though D: Oh well, I would've never used it anyway...

      Its surprising how many places you can find to catch pokemon when you're being restricted to one per area

        How do you define area? Route?

          This is a cool website for reference: Everything that has a different name is a new area. So: Route 29, Cherrygrove City, Route 30, Dark Cave, etc are all new areas.

      Whoooaaaaa... this sounds freakin hard...

      I'm in!

    So I decided on a whim to grab FTL on Sunday. I ended up putting in like 6 hours of gameplay.

    It's been a long time since I've had THIS much fun in a game, and I still have lots to do.

      FTL is so much fun. And I still haven't beaten the boss. Who is freaking hard.

      Bought that guy last night because of several people tweeting about it. Cracks was one. Keen to give it a go once I get through Mark of the Ninjago

    Mawt very graciously gifted me Pokemon White last week. So this week I'll have my first Pokemon experience. I'm scared! :P

    Also, I've just started playing 999. I'm loving it but urghhhh the read-y parts go soooo sloooooooooow.

      Ooh, exciting! Let me know how you go! (with 999, too! Loved that game!)

      I only started playing Pokemon a few years ago, and as a 29 year old adult let me officially tell you that Pokemon is bloody awesome. Under the hype and marketing and cute characters there is one hell of a solid turn-based RPG waiting to be discovered.

    What a weekend. Firstly, thanks to Trjn, Sughly, Freeze, Virus and Jimu for the bowling on Saturday! Even though I felt like shit, it was great to catch up with you all and was a lot of fun! :)
    Unfortunately, the rest of my weekend wasn't so great. Spent the rest of my time in bed and in hospital. :\
    Feeling better now thankfully, but still very weak and my back is sore from spending too much time lying down. Hopefully that's gonna be the end of it though. Really sick of being sick!
    Anyway, Super thanks to the guys again! Good times!

      I think you mean Trjn, Sug, Free, Viru and Kimu :p

      Good to see that you're over whatever the hell it was that was kicking your ass on Saturday. You looked pretty rough.


      Hospital? Yikes! *hugs*

      And again, I'm so sorry I forgot. We ended up doing family stuff on Friday instead of Saturday so I would have been able to go. Can't believe I missed Jimu, too. :(

      Well on the plus side, assembling new computer funs lie ahead!

    At bowelling on the weekend, it was decided that there shall be another board games meat at my place on Sunday. 3pm. Sug really wants to play more Ticket to Ride.


        I have Monday off work. I shall play a ridiculous amount of Borderlands then.

      You went bowelling? That sounds shitty :P

        Wait, I can do better. I want a do-over on that joke.

        Okay, attempt Number Two... (*facepalm*)
        Did you stink at bowelling?

          This line of thought went straight to the gutter, didn't it?

            More like the bowels of hell.

        Sounds better than disembowelling, though.

    So I keep seeing the picture down the bottom of the page for "Get the Look: Sass & Bide's Textured Ponytail At London Fashion Week".
    There's nothing about that look that I want.
    Their hair looks like mine when I do it in the morning without looking in the mirror (so, every day :P ), and their makeup makes them look either old and tired or beaten up, I can't decide which. Is this really what people want to look like and need an article on how to "get the look" for?!

      I imagine that crystal meth will help you achieve that look remarkably quickly.

      It's a conspiracy. Some people were sick of those kinds of people looking way better than them, so now they're making up new fashion trends that look bad so those people look bad so normal people can look better than them for a change. :P

    Ladies and gentlement - the giggle loop

    Man the amount of times i've been caught out by this...

      That show is ridiculously funny. First season was fantastic. Wife and I watched it almost five years ago, and we still quote it in everyday conversation.

        What show is it? lol

          "Coupling" - British sitcom of early 2000s I believe.

      I remember that show. Was rather hilarious at times.

    I watched The Hunger Games last night, and I'm pretty sure this is the only time you will ever hear me say this: the film is better than the book.

      Really? I was hoping so. Still haven't seen it yet. I thought the book dragged on :P

      I saw the movie without having read the book (and still haven't read it, to be honest). There were far too many moments throughout the movie where I was thinking "this probably makes a lot more sense if you've read the book."

      It felt to me like a lazy adaptation. One where it relies on people already having knowledge of the books to be able to really get what's going on.

      The Harry Potter movies had the same problems. At least the first three.

      It might be a good movie if you've read the book but I honestly don't believe that it stands on its own.

        Very valid points. I did have to get my wife to explain a couple of confusing points to me, but I just couldn't power through the book. I tried, but I just can't read anything written in present tense. I had the same problem with The Forest of Hands and Teeth.

      I haven't seen it, but gave the book 3.5 stars, with a caveat that I will not touch the sequels.

        I quite enjoyed the second one, but the third... Ugh. I think the author wrote herself into a corner and had no way out. Such a disappointing end to what could have been an amazing series

    If you guys haven't seen this try it out. The guys over at Gamesradar put up a 2min show trying to incorporate the names of the video games releasing this week into normal conversation. It's informative and funny

    Hi everybody, so I accidentally 10 hours+ of FTL on Saturday... such a fun and addicting game. Also, Engi rules the galaxy! \o/

      This does not surprise me.

      Why did this have to come out right before Borderlands 2?

      I'll probably have to pick it up once the hype dies down on that, can only handle so many rogue-likes. Especially now that I have enough magic find in Diablo 3 to start finding legendaries.

      Seriously, after over 100 hours of play, I had only found 1 legendary item. Now that I pumped my MF to ridiculous levels, I found two this weekend.

        And Torchlight 2! Bloody hell so many good games coming in such a small window it's ridiculous

    Sorry, old TAY, I don't know if you'll get this message but I'm leaving you for a new TAY.


      I like your old TAY better than your new TAY,
      I like your old TAY better than your new TAY,
      I like your old TAY better than your new TAY,
      I like your old TAY better than your new TAY,

        *cue guitars*

          THE GURGE \m/


            no one my age even knew who they were before I introduced them to the gurge.

            I thank my father's good taste in music for showing me them

    I had an awesome time last Friday night. Still on a bit of a high from it. Also, I'm mad jelly of one of my friends right now, because I found out he was the guy who drove Family Force 5 around Brisbane this weekend, and he got to hang out with them quite a bit, and also got to hear quite a lot from their new cd they're working on. So jelly. Apparently they're really quiet in real life which is a shock because they're so hypo on stage. Also, my friend had dared the drummer to do a handstand on his drumkit during the show, which he totally did. :D
    Also, I found out how not to introduce myself to a pretty girl. Mainly, it helps if I actually do it before she leaves... :(

      my tactic is to stare at them until they can't resist me

      it always works 1% of the time

    So just a reminder I'm still wanting a picture from a lot of people.

    For those wondering, I've asked for all TAYbies, past and present to send me a drawing of themselves (stick figures are fine, I have a lot of really cool stick figure drawings) or a drawing of something that represents themselves. But I'm not telling anybody why. :P
    So far I have 40ish which is an impressive number. Still missing an equally impressive number of people though. :P

      Oh yeah I forgot about that. I should have something for you this afternoon

      Bugger! I completely forgot!
      Sorry Strange!

      If the boss doesn't come in today, i'll try and get something to you asap!


    You should use your website as a blog thingie to show the progress we all make in our Pokemans quests!

      But that requires effort!

      I'll see what I can do. ;) Let me know if you have any suggestions.

        Actually, it's probably more work than I ant to put in at the moment. I'd rather just play the game! (Plus documenting everything will probably get really boring after a while :P)

    Friend called me on the weekend and advised me Fear Factory will be out here and playing in 2 weeks time... But i've recently spent quite a bit of money on 40k stuffs.... So conflicted on what to do.... :|


      Not only are they back, but I believe they're doing a live album thingy from the Australian tour.

    Morning all.
    So after waiting in line at centrelink for 15 minutes to apply for a payment, I get told that I have to call first and that they might then organise an interview.. GRRRRRRRRR.
    I then get told that that interview is next week :( I wanted to organise it today :(
    this no money thing sucks :(

      Ahhh good old centrelink.

      You should try pulling out a few teeth, wetting yourself and walking in there completely drunk and drop the F-bomb and C-bomb as many times as possible.

        Maybe not - That security guard could have snapped me with his little finger.

      Ha! Good ol’ Centrelink.

      My gf applied for study allowance + living away from home allowance. I was one of the referees. A month after applying she calls them and asks them where the application is at, they tell her its being rejected because they can’t contact the referees. I then recall that the day before I got 1 missed call that literally rang once and hung up and was from a private number and no voice message left. I then call them to give my reference but there is no dial tone and it goes straight to their voice mail. I leave a message for them to call me back. Two days pass and no calls. I call them again and same deal. I call them a third time and someone picks up, I then tell them the situation and they say they will take ask me questions about the reference. GF calls Centrelink again asking where the application is at, they say they still need my reference. Second time I call them I get to speak to someone and they say they have no record of my reference, so I do it again. A week later, GF gets a letter saying that her application has been declined with no reason. A week after that, Centrelink transfer her $5K. We think this might be back pay based on the dates we gave them that she moved out. A month later and she hasn’t received anything more so she calls them again asking if she should be getting a regular payment every fortnight. Centrelink then tell her they owe her another $2K (we have no idea what for). 2 days later she receives $3K. These are our tax dollars at work, people!


    also resident evil 6 demo, but mostly borderlands

    Howdy Tayberinos!

    I spent my weekend (Well, Saturday) finally doing some of the outside stuff that I've been putting off, so I now have a sweet hedge and mown lawns

    In honour of this, a monday morning question: What's the best "outside" in a video game? Which outdoors location is the best realised? I love wandering around the great outdoors in Red Dead Redemption, but my favourite ever is probably backwoods San Andreas

      I loved San Andreas. Exploring Mt.Chilliad was fun.

    Ser Greenius!

    Fear not, i have not forgotten to reply! I'm way worse than you:

    Hexagon: 44
    Hexagoner: 21
    Hexagonest: 6

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