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[So sorry about the delay. I'm sick and I have baby brain!]


    So Guild Wars 2, Torchlight 2 and Borderlands 2. So many things to play and so little time to play them.

    Mandatory Monday morning post

    *head desk*

      Morning Pixel.

        Mooooorning!... Apologies for the grumplies, but I'm pre-coffee and work has cancelled my leave for Saturday which means no meats for me T_T (still sorry Scree)

          NO NEED TO BE SORRY!
          This means next meat I will wear a dress and have a cake =D

            Wait a second... okay no, my legs look terrible in dresses


      Yeah, no. Obligatory Monday Morning complaint followed by statement of addiction that must be controlled lest withdrawals occur. Also work colleagues. Who needs 'em, anyway?

        *monday morning explosion five
        And what's up with *think of random topic* old people huh? Them and their walking sticks

    Had to take today off sick from work. Some rather epic stomach cramps. I'm going to blame Nobs pie. I knew there was a reason we never ate it :P

      Enjoy your sick day. Kick back and watch a video or something.

        Already did and sent link to a bunch of mates.

        You've made my second favourite type of movie after 80's action. :D


          The finished film won't actually look so... dated though. It'll be in crisp, ckear 1080p and look, hopefully, awesome.


      Must have been the pizza. Possibly Karma for screwing Sughly (and me) over repeatedly in Munchkin. =P

      /o\ Hope ya feel better soon man! Meanwhile that means you can steal ALL the things from that drive of mine!

          I've been threatening that Sughly character ima put Anna's Quest on The Pirate Bay, worked well in Munchkin, he never once screwed me over \o/

          I'd never do that to him though, i'm too kind.

    37 hours in Borderlands 2 and only level 39 -.- was sorta upset too since I was shooting for the All Done achievement and when the campaign is done a level 50 quest showed up :(

      Yeah, you can't get the "All Dont" achievement in the first run though. You have to do a second play through to get it.

    Hello New TAY!

    I had a dream last night that I was playing a Metroid/Metal Gear Solid crossover game. I was in a morph ball rolling around collecting claymore mines. Yeah, I don't know either...

    Also, I watched Cabin in the Woods the other night as well. It was excellent! Makes you think, you know? It also gave me strong Scooby Doo vibes in a weird way, which was awesome.

    Anyway, hope you all had a good weekend. If you weren't around (and are interested), a bunch of us have new TAYlocke stories up!

    Man, dat Borderlands 2.

    Got an orange drop yesterday. An assault rifle that shoots rockets. Rockets which drop a grenade after exploding. Best. Game. Ever.


      Probably best to ignore me.

    Hi fronds!

    The meat was pretty epic, lots of Ticket to Ride and Munchkin was played (\o/). I won a game of ticket to ride (\o/) but didn't win by only one point (/o\). Eagle Boys actually got our order right (\o/) but they took like an hour to deliver it (/o\). My pie was eaten (\o/).

    Final tally:
    \o/ x 4
    /o\ x 2

      "Pics or it didn't happen.

        (Even though not related I may as well post here) Nice trailer man, enjoyed the whole VHS vibe on it.

    Oh btw guys, I played Spec ops the line on my PS3 and got through the whole demo with no Motion sickness.
    On the computer I lasted about 30 minutes


    Get it, and watch Doc What's video while it's downloading.

      Well you didn't even post a link. How are they supposed to watch the trailer?

      Is that old man Milhouse?

      I'm going with yes.

      Bought, but probably won't get a chance to play until after Borderlands 2! :D

        I'd play it today, but I have no moneys until Thursday. We're all opposite and stuff. :P

          Man, first Sughly on twitter and now you. Stop guilt tripping me for playing Borderlands, damn it. *sobs*


            I am going to enjoy watching all this Borderlands 2 discussion slowly turn into Anna's Quest discussions #Sughly'sImaginaryWorld

    I just got up. School holidays are the best. Also, I'm one child down.

      You're celebrating the loss of a child? I...
      I don't know what to say.
      You've changed, Strange. You used to be cool.

        She's not lost, she's at camp..ALL WEEK. It's like half a holiday for me this week. :D


      You're the "BEST"

        I had to do do research to learn how to make a link like that, it's my first!
        I did that for you, and because your trailer made my morning (even though your spelling of the word lurks horrified me :P ).

          I know it may sound like a fake excuse for bad spelling, but lurcks was spelled wrong deliberately. I thought it added to the cheesiness.

          I too was loath to spell it like that, and everytime I watched it I was worried people would think I couldn't spell "lurks".

            I had a feeling it was something like that. (That or you got Rockets to do the wordy bits :P )
            Like I horrified me. Good for a horror movie, right? ;)

    FRONDS! I have finally started doing this "Twit" things the kids are talking about. Not quite sure how the whole thing works but I have started following some of you (NOT CREEPY!).

      But... you haven't followed me! D:

        I haven't actually gone through TAYnames yet. Just adding the random ones that appear at the side of the screen.

      Well it's about time! :P

        Hey, don't judge me too harshly. I'm an old man and old peo....

        Hold on a sec I think I hear kids on my lawn, gotta go yell at them.

          You mean like this?

            HEY MAN! Thos clouds are evil, like the moving pictures!

              or the automatronic-mobiles

    Torchlight 2 - lots of fun, feels so much more open than 1, and I'm enjoying bashing monsters around with my massive hammer as my engineer :)
    Dragon Age Origins - was forced to put the game on easy to progress, cuz I suck pretty much, and the game crashes often too :(
    LoL - Haven't played for over 10 days and it was like I never left. Dominated both games last night, thanks for the fun gents :)
    FTL - OMFG GAHHH I thought I won the game, then I found out there's multiple phases to the last boss and got torn to shreds in round two... I cried afterwards cuz I got so far :'(

    That's my weekend :)

      DA:O tip: Forcefield Spell.
      Also same thing happened to me in FTL :(

        I'm a rogue, how do I get said spell?

          It is a mage spell: makes target invincible but cannot do anything, should be able to get any mages in your party to learn it.
          You can win pretty much any fight by letting your tank get aggro, heal him, FF him and then laugh as the enemies continue to flail at his invincible self.
          Nuke, rinse and repeat. Have two mages with FF for best results.
          Another mage tip: don't use the Storm Of The Century spell combo indoors :|

            That really sounds cheap haha :P. I just always love being the dodging dual wielding choppy choppy angel of death against the humans. I've never seen a game where I can be an elf being so brutal towards the human overlords. I'm enjoying it so far.

            I guess you need a warrior to do that right? Rogues can't?

              The spell can be used on anyone but keep in mind that during the spell the target cannot do or be affected by anything and when it wears off peeps are still going to be hitting you in the face if you had aggro.
              I would recommend a tanky warrior for that role and keep your Rogue as dps while the foes are thus distracted.
              And yeah, pretty cheap but some fights I just don't know how they could be done any other way.

                Yeah but my only warrior can't take a lot of aggro either, he gets ripped to pieces in less than a minute too, as if it were me. It just keeps feeling like I'm way UP and underlevelled.

                  I found crowd control so very important in that game. You really do need a mage or two to heal and keep your party from being mobbed. Also pause and micromanage your party, prioritise targets set up orders ect.
                  Another useful thing is have a mage cast Glyph of Paralysis and then Glyph of Repulsion on top of that - causes a big explosion that paralyses people in a wide area.

      Torchlight 2 is freaking brilliant so far (only a few hours in).

      as far as DA:O is concerned, until you get a healer in your party, you're gonna die. a whole bunch. I found the best setup for me was two tanks, a healere & a rogue to do the hurty bits.

        yeah best I can do is go choppy choppy with my longsword/dagger combo. Am I doing it wrong or..? I hate dying, cuz you get the death penalties that you need a kit to heal, only to die again in the next fight... so frustrating to be so weak.

          until you've got a healer, playing as a rogue is all about three options :
          - getting your opponent stunned so you get auto crits. use low blow etc, circle round & get the backstab bonus too.
          - use a bow with pinning shot. slow them down while your tanks whittle their health away.

          either way, its much much easier with a healer.

            also, manage your AI. make sure they're healing at the right time & helping each other out.
            & dont hesitate to take control of your party members if they're in trouble or doing something stupid.

            oh & that 3rd option that disappointingly disappeared was to have your tanks use taunt to generate aggro while you flank & backstab the hell outta your opponents.

            I'm melee focused in this playthrough, using dual striking to maximise my damage which sounds like a bad idea with what you're telling me. I got a few abilities that stun like dirty fighting and riposte but not a lot.

    @Doc What

    Are you really going to get rid of the whole 80's VHS vibe from it? It makes everything at least 67.38% more awesome. There's something about the way the old style looks that always makes all the gore and violence a touch more disturbing to. Not sure why but that's what I've found.

      It was my intention....

      I might run the finished film through the VHS anyway and see what happend. Or try and replicate the colour bleed and what not.

      I'm honestly not sure. the cheesy trailer was just supposed to be silly.

    Hows stuff?
    I hear there's a trailer you should all be watching or something.
    Also, gaming. Borderlands2, I'm pretty sure its been said, is awesome. I will also say this. I'll also say it about Torchlight 2. Coz that's awesome too.
    that is all.

    So for those not in twitterland, my game Anna's Quest finally has volume 1 out TODAY! Woo!

    If you can spread the word anywhere and everywhere it would be GREATLY greatly appreciated! I need all the support I can get :D


      That's old news.

      Also, congrats! And I bought it already

        ALSO, sell me a season pass. I will buy it

          Haha, nawww thanks so much Shane, you're awesome! *emphatic thumbs up*

        Did you see the person complaining about the pacing in the game.
        How impatient must you be, I bet they skip all the cut scenes in games as well ;)

    So I've been playing EU3 all weekend... God the game is massive.

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