Teletrooper Is A Free RPG-Like Shoot 'Em Up And Love Letter To Star Fox 64

Star Fox 64 as a top-down shooter? Surely someone's had this idea before? If they have, they didn't go to the effort that Ben Claxton and Adam Butcher went to to create Teletrooper, which pairs a non-linear overhead map (similar to an old-school RPG) with the frenetic gameplay of a classic shoot 'em up. Brilliant, really and best of all, it's a free download.

According to IndieGames, the title has been in development for eight years. Clearly, it's a labour of love, with Claxton and Butcher happy to release it without charge.

The About page states Teletrooper was inspired by "the non-stop shoot-and-dodge excitement of Starfox 64" and the desire to bring it "into the world of the 2D pixel-precise arcade". Along with "nerve-wracking combat" and "overpowered weapons" it also features a "post-modern storyline*", something shoot 'em ups have been screaming for.

* That's the joke.

TeleTrooper pulls no punches, it's intentionally a difficult game. If you're feeling in the zone this weekend, why not give it a spin?

TeleTrooper [Official site, via IndieGames]


    Awesome! Thanks for posting this.

    This looks like a remake of Zone 66 more so anything to do with Starfox.

      That's exactly what I thought. Zone 66 without the Boomerang plane.

    Wow , Zone 66 looks fun! We'd never heard of it until now - but feel free to think of it as some kinda "reboot", with more variety and levels and everything.

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