Tell Us Dammit: Borderlands 2 Edition

Alright today is Borderlands 2 day. You know it, I know it. So I want to dedicate today's Tell Us Dammit to any and all Borderlands 2 discussion. Who's got it, who's getting it? What do you think so far? Are you too busy playing it to bother coming in to this post? I want to hear it all!

I should have my copy by today and, despite the fact I didn't really bother with the first game, I feel as though I should really give this one a red hot go.

Anyway — thoughts on Borderlands 2! GO!


    My copy is waiting at JB Hi-Fi for me after work... Really looking forward to split-screen online, being able to play alongside my buddy on the couch, and our other buddy in Bathurst at the same time... Good stuff! :D.

      Can you do this? It was a limitation of B1, you couldn't take split-screen online, would have been great if you could.

        Looks like you can, from all the sources I've seen. Which is AWESOME.

    Got it Tuesday, loving it

    Playing through first as Maya, the Phaselock skill I'm finding pretty good for targeting that annoying enemy.

    I have noticed the difficulty spike that reviewers have noted.

      Yeah, I'm finding myself dying a lot more than in BL1, hit a miniboss as part of a quest this morning that I just couldn't do despite being the same level. Definitely seems like there's a push towards getting people to co-op.

    Still waiting on my delivery from NZ. The single biggest drawback to online shopping for a gamer = possibility of not getting something day one.

    FYI, I got it from Mighty Ape cos I also bought a copy of Syndicate. Looking forward to playing that, too.

    Got my copy via steam and found it ready to play this morning.... damn had to go to work :-(

      My feelings exactly....but thinking about Borderlands makes the day go faster!

    It's been sitting on my hard drive for a few days. Once I get home, I fully expect to joy puke.

    My loot chest is waiting at EB for me after work - worked extra over the last week so I can leave early today. Looking forward to spending several hours tonight on it, starting with Zer0. Not looking forward to Sydney trains at rush hour (which I normally avoid by virtue of working late)... especially carrying a large box. Might be worth grabbing a cab...

      the box isn't THAT big, if it's anything compared to Melbourne trains, you should be okay, just keep it close by and maybe off the floor

        From what I've seen, the box is about as big as my bag, which is hard enough during rush hour; between the box and my bag, I doubt it'll be easy. Last time I was on a rush hour train, there was barely standing room - it was like a clown car, which is why I normally avoid them like the plague.

    Grabbing a copy over the weekend in preparation for some sessions next week, getting together with two friends for a three-way lan game.

    Ordered my copy from ozgameshop, $39.99 because I had a voucher to use thanks to their rewards points. The wait would kill me if it wasn't for Torchlight 2 being there to keep me busy this weekend.

    No love for Torchlight 2? ;_;

    I didn't really enjoy the first one much, but I'm told that's because I played Solo, rather than Coop (I have other lesser complaints, like loot being TOO randomised), but I'm still considering getting this.

      I loved torchlight, and have preordered 2.
      It's a very bad time to launch, same time as Borderlands 2, and after Diablo 3.
      I hope it still does well.

        I personally think launching TL2 the same time as BL2 was a bad mistake.

        TL was definitely good, and I have high expectations for the first, but they're gambling on people picking one game over the other - and the TL2 audience will be very similar to the BL2 one.

    Picked up my Ultimate edition this morning from EB. Stuck at work, but I have to wait for my co-op buddies anyway.

    absolutely loving it, playing as zero and i think i've lucked out on some pretty good loot drops (shotgun that shoots 10 explosive rounds each shot? yes please)

    the one thing i've really noticed though is that there are a lot of meme references in the game, half of the challenges are memes, and i saw a toilet with a sign "no fapping" on it.

    still though, the games story is much better than the first, well... because the first barely had a story. handsome jack is pretty funny, and it's nice seeing the old borderlands characters with some personality.

    overall i can't wait to finish it, just so i can play it again as a different character :)

    Picking mine up tonight for split screen action. My willy will cry tears of joy when I get home.

    Picking up my Loot Chest after work, then I shall play until my eyeballs fall out of my head.
    Or my girlfriend cracks it at me. Whichever comes first.

    It is waiting for me at home. I'll be looking for a posse on Xbox tonight! Will either be playing as a ninja or chunky guy.

    This comment has been deemed inappropriate and has been deleted.

      I'm going to be into Borderlands so deep that whoever pulls me out will be crowned King of England...

    Email from EB advising shipped earlier in the week.

    Checking AusPosts website advises it is on route for today.

    I woke up at midnight to play this following the launch on Steam - having a blast so far (at level 11 currently). Was a huge fan of BL1 and this feels like it's a step up from the original. Definitely noticed the difficulty increase as RA noted.
    Completely in love with the writing - a lot of it is laugh out loud funny. The AI feels like it's had a much needed tweak and the humanoid opponents are much quicker to dodge and leap away now. So happy that I'm not spending most of my time in arid deserts like the first. I've gone with the gunzerker (because guns) and at least from his standpoint the action skills feel a lot better implemented than the first.
    Got tomorrow off work so it's 3 days of Borderlanding. Can't wait.

      Oh gods, those psychos have had a movement boost.

        I've had marauders leap over boxes. Like, right over boxes.

        'ok I'm just going to duck over here while my shields recha-fuckfuckfuckfuck'


    This is an interesting point. . .

    Sorry, I wasn’t talking about the article, I was literally practicing pointin’ at people in a fashion becoming of man such as myself. But I have seen what was written here . . . and I like it. Something written with a purpose and drive. A detour from perhaps what it is you may have come to expect. For that, I like it very much. Like Joe Frazier. It happened in Manilla. But he surprised the world that day, and Muhammad Ali would come to remember his name and the folly of betrayal seen clear and present with every warm benefit of that old chestnut called hindsight. A cold realisation is what it was.

    How long is too long to point at someone? It’s been just playing on my mind like the kind of torment you would not believe. Say, a casual passer-by, going about their day-to-day business? To identify that person? What do you do? That’s right. You know it like I already told you. You need to point at them as a general courtesy. I mean, to recognise their efforts. To applaud them in a gentle fashion that puts them at a certain sense of ease. Pointin’ is the answer. Nobody points at anyone no more. I see it as something of a downfall. I'm not goin’ to talk about it again, let's just leave it at that and maybe think of things just as they come to mind and the like.

    What about the points made in this story? What are they then pointin’ at. Pointin’ at things. . . Pointin’ at things like that I can’t see, that’s for damn sure. Are you to believe them? Are you to trust in them as one would a simple truth untangled from life’s mysteries and secrets? Or is your motivation propelled by something - in turn - more forensic? Do you check behind the fingernails for the greater context and the beating heart of what it all might come to mean? Or do you - with a measure of distrust - tap coldly the hot ash from the brightly burning end of your cigarette? Do you fold one-hand neatly behind your waistcoat and look somewhere into the greater middle distance like 1000-yard stares are so want to do?

    Maybe the sun sets and you remember calling back good men from certain stampedes on the high wheat plains far beyond the valley and its quiet shadows endless. Like dreams where you’re falling. Like scar tissue written into your stomach by elk trapped frightened in wires barbed and jagged. These dreams that drown brave men in seas of sailors lost.

    The scar tissue that your hand returns to when - in quieter moments - you think in soft and gentle memories of the off-tune piano playing at the speakeasy, three-clicks to the north of the old pier where the sea-breeze speaks in whispers of better summers now long lost unto chasm and void.

    The scar tissue that your hand returns to when you think of the majestic elk so far from the man that you became inside a tyranny and misdeed. But in bad there is good and the opposite is true also in most cases.

    And when I see points - both metaphorical and of real world consideration, like clues lost in the nature of all things, my mind is a ramble of lost days and missin’ pieces all now beset by a conscience torn and frayed.

    But in blue skies, and clouds in shapes of all creation, there are memories of a summer sea breeze rattlin’ at the window of that speakeasy where visions of the great elk are seen like prophecies of a vast wilderness inside empty bottles and the quiet reflection of all things.

    And later that night, in stars seen only at the very precipice of the city limits, where Highway 89 turns hard and sudden into Oakland Boulevard. Far away from city lights too garish. Where headlights streak like vapor-trails onto the interstate. Here, the Desert Inn Motel. Room 17. The Home Shopping Network and it’s desperate promise of a better tomorrow.

    A poolside sun-bed far from the old pier. A solitary Lucky Strike alone in an ashtray. The man with the pencil-moustache motors into the now empty parking lot of the old Peach Tree Drive-In. You watch him. And, more than anything, you think about the man with the pencil-moustache and how he reminds you of men in the matinee picture shows at the Twin Star Cinema. Like an outlaw of a most villainous predisposition.

    Earlier that same day, the man with the pencil-moustache swam in the dead leaves and mysterious flotsam of the motel swimming pool. Take what’s left of the last Lucky Strike out the ashtray. A match strikes to life. Room 17. And a hand that tremors in the quiet memory of it all.

    Picked up my loot chest this morning before work. It's currently sitting at home waiting for me to return. Can't wait to get home! 5 more hours of work...

    Got it at Midnight, played till 4am, about 3hrs of playtime. Yeah two of our team screwed around that much. But once we started it was awesome. And even in Multiplayer you pick your character after the intro which is nice. BL1 you needed to pick before you started for Multiplayer.

    I'm going Maya as a Healer, Loving the Phaselock makes Sniping them so much easier. I'm thinking of going Zero for Solo play.

    I picked up TL2 with pretty much the same group, but we pre-ordered 4 copies for $60 and we're putting it away for now. Infact I'm pre-loading it now. But we're probably not playing it till we've done the main BL2 Campaign, we also took advantage of the cheap Season Pass at EB.

      Cheap season pass at Eb?

        EB had an offer that if you paid right than they'd sell you 2400 MS points for $30. 2400 points is a Season Pass for X-Box Live games.

        Limit of 1 per a Customer or I would have grabbed extra points.

        Borderlands 2 being one of the few games I'd pay for the Season Pass it seemed like a good idea at the time. I hit the DLC pretty hard on the original Borderlands even though I purchased the GOTY Edition I greatly enjoy my excursions into that world.

    Looking forward to picking up the loot chest after work today from EB going to jump right into it on my 360 when I get home.

    Dying to leave work and go get my loot chest. Maya action, with a Zer0 and Axton co-op buddies waiting for me.

    First world problem... can't decide if i want to go home and play GW2, or B2... :(

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